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Following protests in the capital of Egypt this week, the deadly attack on the U.S. Embassy in Benghazi, Libya that took the life of four Americans yesterday, and the latest aggressive protests at the U.S. Embassy in Yemen’s capital that are occurring today, President Barack Obama needs to stay in Washington, D.C., suspend campaigning, and address the threats against Americans in the Middle East.

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The attacks on Americans and the Embassies now count to three, but are anticipated to spread to other countries including Afghanistan.

It is no time for kind or sympathetic words regarding the religions offended. It is time for Obama to stand up to these protesters with the stark realization that the inappropriately-directed anger at all Americans for the actions of a few is not at all acceptable.

A handful of people were involved with the movie that has upset a widespread community in the Middle East. “Innocence of Muslims” was not produced, obviously, by all Americans. In America, there is free speech which means the United States has had many avenues for people to speak critically of many religions from that said-freedom. Unfortunately, besides the film that has offended the Muslim religion, there have been presentations against Christians, Jews, and atheists. The makers of such anti-religious material are responsible for the current discontent – not all of America and not all Americans.

President Obama needs to stand strong without any sense of apology or religiously-tinged explanations regarding the current hate being spewed against innocent Americans in foreign lands.

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Continued campaigning for a second term as president should be out of the realm of possibilities for the president during this crisis. He needs to do his job by addressing the severe threat to our people – a threat that has already been proven to be of deadly proportions by the hateful killers who committed the deaths yesterday at the U.S. Embassy in Benghazi, Libya. Four innocent lives have been taken already, including U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens.

It is no time whatsoever for prepared, political-sounding and politicized speeches that come across as insincere in tone, as many interpreted the speeches given yesterday across America’s airwaves. It is no time for pandering comments about religion. It is time to protect Americans and America against the hate that is suddenly turned upon us again for the actions of so very, very few.

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