Jennifer Hudson joined Oprah on her couch last night (September 9) to talk about her fiancé, the tragic loss of her mom and her career. But she also revealed a few things about her body.

The Weight Watchers spokeswoman talked openly on Oprah’s Last Chapter about what it was like being called the “big girl” in Hollywood.

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“I was like, ‘who are they talking to?’ I literally looked around,” she said. “This is normal…where I come from it’s totally fine. I couldn’t understand.”

J Hud had started to change her eating habits by the time she was walking the red carpet for her 2006 movie, Dream Girls. She was exercising everyday and had whittled herself down to a size 12. 

But Jennifer was still being asked things like “Do you feel insecure being the big girl?” Something the American Idol alum just couldn’t wrap her head around.

“I’m like, ‘Why should I feel insecure?’” she said. “I remember saying, ‘I have the height of a model and lips that people pay for.’”

Jennifer even revealed that she knew her lips were ones people would spend good money for after seeing a plastic surgeon.

It isn’t what you’re thinking though, Jennifer just had a large crease in her bottom lip filled. Something she only did because it was affecting her work on Dream Girls.

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“I had to get my lip injected… it was effecting the lighting,” she explained.

The doctor even said he didn’t want to do it, but Jennifer had to have it done for the movie.

That little touch-up is the only work Jennifer has had done. Her smoking body? Well, that’s all a result of proper diet and fitness, along with a little assistance from Weight Watchers, which has helped her lose more than 80 pounds since she started back in 2011.

Jennifer has been showing off her rocking curves on Twitter. The red dress she’s sporting is even from her new fashion line, available through QVC.

Shannon Carlin, CBS Local


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