After his recent stint in the news, One Direction weigh in on Prince Harry’s Las Vegas adventure. Though they’re not old enough to visit the casinos themselves, the boy band took Prince Harry’s side while asserting, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.”

In an interview with E! Online Louis Tomlinson expressed his thoughts on the matter.

“I think he’s actually such a strong figure, because he’s real,” Louis said.

No strangers to life in the limelight, Zayn Malik understands what it’s like being in the spotlight.

“The only downside to it is you have to be aware of people’s opinions,” he said.

And being that he’s the Prince, Liam Payne asserted that it’s important for him to be a role model to others.

But, at the end of the day Niall Horan couldn’t blame him.

“He’s a 20-odd year-old guy just doing what he wants,” he said.

Although One Direction expressed their support for Prince Harry, their own Harry Styles asserted “No strip billiards” at the end of the interview.

One Direction performed last night on MTV’s Video Music Awards and beat out Justin Bieber on a few awards. Though Las Vegas is just a short plane ride away, the band will likely steer clear from the casino floor this weekend.

-Annie Reuter, CBS Local


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