You’d be amazed at the number of couples who get together after meeting up at the VMAs. And of course how many couples reveal their relationships there, doing it Britney & Justin style (although hopefully not in matching denim outfits).

With the show tonight looming, here are some predictions, speculations and out and out rumors about who might show up together, hook up or fall in love at tonight’s VMAs.


Katy Perry & John Mayer

It seems like they’re trying to hide the relationship, with all the fake break up rumors and ducking paparazzi. And Katy Perry is currently scheduled to be seated next to her BFF Rihanna for the show with no loose seats in between. It would be a big surprise if they show up as a couple.

Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez

Of course they’ll show up together. Would be awesome if he leaves with Taylor Swift and she leaves with Harry Styles from One Direction though. Just saying.

(Christopher Polk/Getty Images for ESPN)

Jack Antonoff of fun. & Lena Dunham

The world has been abuzz that these two are a couple after Antonoff and his sister Rachel collaborated with Girls’ writer/director/creator/star Dunham. Don’t expect to see them walking a red carpet together, because fun. take that on like a band — it would be a shocker if they let girls invade. But…maybe she’ll occupy the seat next to him tonight?

Skrillex & Ellie Goulding

Unfortunately it’s probably not going to happen as Ellie is in the Germany promoting her new album the last time we checked. But…anything could happen, right?

Wiz Khalifa & Amber Rose

Could this couple stop Kanye & Kim from showing up to the show? Could it cause some kind of red carpet snub? Better yet, a brawl? Or a lady catwalk off? Fingers crossed.


Rihanna & Chris Brown

No way will they show up as dates, especially since Brown still has a girlfriend, but they’re known for sneaking off to hang out. Or hook up? One of the biggest questions of the night is swirling around if they’ll give the world an on-camera together moment.

Carly Rae Jepsen and Max from The Wanted

They’re both single and Max says she’s a sweetheart. Although we think Jepsen is more of a “I do not hook up!” kind of girl.

Calvin Harris and Rashida Jones

He’s performing all night so if they get together at all it will have to be at an after party. We dig the low-key pair-up. And they’re both really funny!


Niall Horan of One Direction & Demi Lovato

They swear they’re just friends. Friends who hang out and sometimes Tweet each other. Friends who just happen to both be performing at the VMAs. Time to make it more than friends?

Rihanna & Drake

JUST LET IT HAPPEN ALREADY. We wanna see RiRi back with Drake for some real life “Take Care.”

(Jeff Gross/Getty Images)

Nicki Minaj and Donald Gover of Childish Gambino

It would be a multi-colored make out and they both look like they smell really nice. They could totally be the next gen Jay-Z and Beyonce.

Avicii & Lana Del Rey

Think of the collaborations. The remixes. The perfect perfectness.

A$AP Rocky & Kreayshawn

Just because it would make so many blogs so angry.