Just last month Gwen Stefani hosted a visit from First Lady Michelle Obama at her Beverly Hills home. The $2,500-per-family fundraiser was dubbed a “playdate” by Gwen on Twitter and the No Doubt frontwoman shared with CBS Local how the day came together.

“They came to me and they asked me if I wanted to host something. I was shocked and I said, ‘Sure. Let’s make it happen,'” Gwen recalled. “That was a surreal moment. That was a milestone. To just be asked I just felt so honored.”

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The event was all about families and being a mother and Gwen says the whole day “was really amazing” as she praised the First Lady.

“There’s a reason why certain people rise to the top and she really showed us why she was the First Lady. She was just so gracious and calm. She made everybody there feel important,” Gwen said.

Despite the hot day, Michelle Obama made it a point to introduce herself to every person who attended.

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“She went around, she didn’t need to and she wasn’t expected to, but she went around to every single person,” Gwen said. “It was probably 103 degrees in my backyard and she made sure she talked to everyone. It was incredible there were 400 people there.”

As Gwen’s event came to a close the First Lady was off to her next appearance, but the day will remain a memorable one for the whole band.

“Watching Gwen, watching our bandmate, host the First Lady at her house and then introduce her and give this incredible speech, it was just such an amazing thing,” bandmate Tony Kanal said.

“This was just one of those moments where you sit back and you’re going, ‘Wow this is our bandmate hosting the First Lady at her house and introducing her.’ It was one of those really big milestones in this band’s history.”

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-Annie Reuter, CBS Local