There’s no denying that Coldplay is one of the biggest rock bands in the world. But heavy is the head that wears the crown, especially when there’s a snarky hipster in the vicinity. Never mind the untold riches, new home in L.A. with superstar actress wife Gwyneth Paltrow or double-dates with Jay-Z and Beyonce. Like Rodney Dangerfield and Matchbox 20 (apparently), the cool kids just don’t want to give Coldplay any respect.

The most recent round of Coldplay-inspired chuckles came when Aaron Sorkin’s much-debated HBO drama The Newsroom cued-up the band’s 2005 hit “Fix You” for a scene dramatizing the shooting of Arizona congresswoman Gabrielle Gifford. The exceeding earnestness coupled with Chris Martin’s croon earned the moment the show’s Number One “Most Cringe-Worthy Scene” of the entire first season by Warming Glow.

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While Coldplay’s music is nothing new to cinematic applications (their songs have been used in movies like Wedding Crashers and Garden State), Chris Martin himself has revealed that his band is also good for inspiring sexy time – in horses.

 During an interview with Contact Music, Martin explained how a British farmer couldn’t get a particular horse to breed – until he played the animal the soothing sounds of Coldplay.

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“He played ‘Fix You’ and sex took place,” Martin said. “Now he has the most expensive stud farm in Britain.”

It’s ironic, considering the 2011 survey by that found Coldplay fans to be the least likely to have sex on the first date. So rest easy, lovers of Coldplay. You can always take comfort in knowing you’re the least slutty person in any room.

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Scott T. Sterling, CBS Local