Gearing up for the VMA’s this week, Justin Bieber had a plan to entice fans to vote for him with a few shirtless pictures. Will it work? We’ll have to wait until Thursday to see how many moonmen he takes home.

The Biebs took to Twitter over the weekend talking of an “epic idea” he had before Tweeting out three topless photos of himself.

The next day he took to Twitter with his first photo.

Meanwhile, he shared his latest tattoo with fans.

In between Retweeting fans with the hashtag #votebieber, Bieber himself shared some love for his fans.

With his busy rehearsal schedule for his upcoming tour even Bieber struggles to get up in the morning.

Shortly after, he realized his constant shirtless pictures and decided to take a break, if only for a day, and “make it about the music.”

-Annie Reuter, CBS Local