With the VMA’s just days away we take a look back into the most shockingly questionable attire, which begs the question: who will top our list this year for the most memorable outfit?

1. Lady Gaga

Mother Monster’s Meat Dress will forever go down in history as the most memorable outfit ever worn to any awards show. Literally dressed from head to toe in raw beef, Gaga took the 2010 VMA stage to gasps and changed all our visions on meat forever. What we’d like to know is what she did to keep the meat from getting stinky and attracting flies.

2. J.Lo

(Scott Gries/Getty Images)

We’re assuming this 2006 look on J Lo. was a nod to the Grace Kelly head scarf of the ’60s but it came out looking more like mix and match with a Liza Minnelli stage costume from the ’70s. With a sparkled head wrap that matched her long-sleeve getup Jenny from the Block looked like she was a cancer patient entering the hospital rather than presenting at the VMA’s. The leather boots push the whole ensemble over the top into “NO” territory.

3. Katy Perry

(Chris Polk/Getty Images)

Word to the wise: don’t paint a photo of your significant other on your nails. EVER. It’s better than a tattoo, but the pictures still live forever. In 2010 Katy Perry showed up to the VMA’s in a beautiful white and black laced gown only to show off her nail art: fiancé Russell Brand’s face. The year before they met at the VMA’s and a few months later were engaged. Their marriage lasted just 14 months. We hate to blame helpless nail art for this, but she couldn’t have just done a nice lace pattern to compliment the dress?

4. Nicki Minaj

(Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Nicki Minaj was channeling her inner Punky Brewster at last year’s VMAs by throwing on everything but the kitchen sink. With a neon yellow and red bouffant, her hairstyle was only the icing atop of her festive getup. Her metallic pink dress was complete with a pointy bra, ice cream necklace and surgical mask which she took off when accepting her first award. Not to mention her thigh-high socks over star tights and stuffed animal she brought up on stage during her acceptance speech for the Best Hip-Hop video.

5. Britney Spears

(Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

While Britney’s comeback performance at the 2007 VMA’s was much talked about as a disaster, in retrospect she really doesn’t look that bad. Sure, her sparkly black bikini revealed a little too much, her hair wasn’t done to perfection and her actual performance was lacking. But, in hindsight her costume wasn’t THAT bad in comparison to our previous picks. What do you think?

-Annie Reuter, CBS Local