Last night, Taylor Swift unveiled the video for her new hit single, “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.” And she did so via a high profile promotional event that was at once informal and casual, yet also carefully planned (in a pre-show introduction, she was shown watching the video premiere from a perch high above Times Square).

The video preview clip that made the rounds earlier this week showed Taylor and a bunch of friends in what looked like someone’s living room, smiling, dancing, and singing along to the words of her catchy new song. The full video brings that clip to life, and takes the happy, bouncy concept even further. There’s the bothersome ex-boyfriend, yes, but also rooms full of dancing hipsters–some playing guitars, others strumming autoharps, and more than a few in furry costumes. Taking more than a few cues from Michel Gondry, the video (like the song) turns a breakup into an empowerment party that oozes with cuteness.

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The video was shot in a single take with no edits–and it involved five costume changes–from flannel pajamas and nerdy glasses to snazzy party outfits. As Swift told CMT–who (along with MTV) premiered the video–“Literally the minute we wrapped the final take, we watched it back — and we knew what the video looked like! It was surreal.”

In an interview with MTV News’ Sway Calloway Taylor explained what happened behind-the-scenes on the video shoot. Dealing with five quick costume changes she expressed her initial hesitation.

“Behind the camera, when you don’t see me on film, when there’s a second where the camera goes off of me for a second, basically what was happening directly behind the camera was me just ripping clothes off, putting clothes on. Not caring who could see what. It was all modesty had to go out the window,” Swift said. “All my clothes were put together with Velcro and snaps so that I could have three different outfits layered on top of each other.”

Taylor admitted it was a hectic shoot.

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“It was a frantic scene behind the camera. At one point I had a breaking point where I was like, ‘I can’t do five costume changes! There’s not enough time.’ But we ended up actually being able to do it,” she said.

It turns out Taylor wasn’t the only one that had a brief breakdown. Her band who initially thought they would be in stylish outfits learned minutes before the shoot that that wouldn’t be the case.

“All of the sudden, they wheel in their costume rack, full of animal costumes, and they were so mad,” Swift recalled. “It was hilarious. They were so angry. It took a couple hours, but they finally embraced it. It ended up being absolutely hilarious; they are really funny in that video. They owned it.”

Watch “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” on MTV. Taylor Swift’s fourth album, Red, is due to hit stores October 22.

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– Kurt Wolff and Annie Reuter CBS Local