In less than nine minutes, fans of The Script can listen to the band’s latest record, #3, through their album sampler.

The band’s aptly titled third release doesn’t stray too far from their past work mixing a little hip-hop with anthemic choruses like their song “Hall of Fame,” the album’s first single which features

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The album’s opening track, “Good Ol’ Days,” sounds like something that could have been on their 2011 album, Science & Faith, with its catchy chorus, pretty harmonies and foot-stomping beat.

On “Six Degrees of Separation” the guys countdown the steps to getting over a broken heart with a little help from a twinkly piano. But it’s not all about love lost, the band celebrates new love on “Kaleidoscope” and again on the feel-good “Give the Love Around,” which encourages fans to share their feelings with those they care about.

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The song, “If You Could See Me Now” is special dedication to singer Danny O’Donoghue’s dad who died in 2008, along with guitarist Mark Sheehan’s mom, who passed away that same year, according to The Guardian. With the bittersweet ballad O’Donoghue wonders what his dad would say if he could see how successful he is now.

But what do you think about The Script’s latest album so far?

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Shannon Carlin, CBS Local