During a recent trip to Las Vegas Matchbox Twenty’s Rob Thomas and Kyle Cook shed some light on Prince Harry’s visit to Sin City as well as revealed a secret behind their new music video “She’s So Mean.”

When asked if they’d be playing strip billiards while in town, alluding to Prince Harry’s recent stint in the headlines, Rob had a lot to say.

“Whatever happened with you guys and the whole ‘whatever happens in Vegas stays in Vegas?'” Rob asked Mix 94.1/Las Vegas while in town. “That is not true. I’ll say this if I was 27-years-old and I was a Prince and I was in Vegas I would be naked all the time.”

It turns out Prince Harry isn’t the only one who has had naked pictures float around the Internet. In fact, the woman in Matchbox Twenty’s new video “She’s So Mean” has something in common.

“Here’s a little secret for people out there that I found out. If you go and look her up on the Internet there’s just a whole bunch of naked pictures of her everywhere. She’s just nude all over the place,” Rob said of fashion model Stephanie Corneluissen who plays the “Mean” girl in their video. “I did not know this. This is not why we hired her but it’s a bonus.”

Kyle thought they should even change the title of the song.

“‘She’s So Naked’ it sounds like,” he said.

All jokes aside, Rob was happy with the way the video turned out.

“She was really great. We had this idea . . . I wanted the girl that we got for the video to be our version of Weird Science,” Rob admitted. “Like Kelly LeBrock in Weird Science. She just comes in and there’s sexy mayhem all over the place. And that’s what she was.”

In the video Stephanie wreaks havoc in the band’s practice space, literally starting a fire. So, did Matchbox Twenty get wounded during the shoot?

“Everybody did a little bit,” Rob revealed.

“I got a huge gash on my finger from the record flinging,” Kyle added.

Two of the members even suffered through flames.

“My hair caught on fire a little bit,” Rob said.

Luckily they made it through the video shoot without too many injuries. Matchbox Twenty’s new album North will be released September 4.

-Annie Reuter, CBS Local