Canadians are, as Hedley singer Jacob Hoggard confirms, “very stereotypically polite.” But everyone’s got a limit and it seems these Canadians are tired of being asked about the most famous Canadians in the pop world: Justin Bieber and Carly Rae Jepsen.

Even though Bieber gave Jepsen her first big push in the U.S., with his lip dub of “Call Me Maybe,” the two have been pitted head to head on the charts this summer. Many would say Jepsen has been the winner, earning her track the coveted Song of the Summer title. CBS Local asked Hedley who they thought was leading the battle of the Canadian pop powerhouses and Hoggard suggested they should take the battle off the charts and explore more a more physical confrontation.

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“I think that’s maybe where we need to take a situation like this because in a lot of ways it’s like, ‘Yeah you’re both really cute and can sing but why don’t we put a f****** broken pool cue in your hand and see who can really survive in a situation,” Hoggard jokingly said.

Bieber and Jepsen in a bar brawl? That would be a new and unique face off for the duo.

“I don’t know because Justin, I’d say he probably weighs as much as Carly and she’s got more of a reach on him thought so that’s a big kill move advantage,” Hoggard continued. “I don’t know. I feel like whether it’s pool cues or put roller blades on them and tape razor blades to their helmets or something, I don’t know. But I think there’s a way to solve this problem with violence.”

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At the very least, Hoggard may have come up with a great idea for a new singing reality show. Something involving a Thunderdome and a fight to the death with lots of glitter and microphones.

Despite the violent outburst, Hoggard and guitarist Dave Rosin also filled us in on their most Canadian moments — which included Rosin exposing that well-known Canadian politeness and thanking a man for letting him hold open a door.

Hedley have recently re-released their 2011 album Storms to include the ultra romantic new single “Kiss You Inside Out.

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-Courtney E. Smith, CBS Local