Just two weeks before the new season, there are tons of Internet rumors on what’s really going down on X Factor. We uncover what’s true and what’s a lie.

Gossip: Justin Bieber Makes An Appearance.

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Verdict: Undetermined.

We know that Biebz was hanging out with judge L.A. Reid. They may or may not have taped an appearance on the show. That doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s been recruited to join the cast. We wouldn’t be entirely surprised if Bieber assisted L.A. Reid as a mentor. We’ll just have to see if he’ll be able to fit a guest spot into his busy touring schedule.

Gossip: Simon Cowell ordered Britney Spears to clean up her act.

Verdict: Likely.

Sources claim Cowell told Britney to dress better before she filmed the first episode of the show. Just by looking through the promo shots from the show it looks like Britney heeded that advice and is dressing in a more sophisticated manner. Only time can tell if she keeps up the act.

Gossip: Nick Jonas Paired With Demi Lovato.

Verdict: True.

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It seems Nick Jonas is giving up his hope of being a judge on American Idol and is instead lending his skills to X Factor. It was just confirmed Nick Jonas will act as a guest mentor for Demi Lovato. With rumors that Demi will take on mentoring solo singers age 12-16 it only makes sense that Nick will assist as he grew up in the limelight with his band the Jonas Brothers.

Gossip: Britney Takes Over Simon’s Role As Insult Slinger.

Verdict: False

While some promos are painting Britney Spears in a bad light, saying she has been extremely negative to the contestants we find that hard to believe. In one clip she tells an artist positively, “Your dance moves were right on” while in another she says, “You can wake me up in the morning singing.” L.A. Reid spoke out on her skills as a judge and while he said “she’s tough,” he later added “She tells you exactly what she feels and it’s pretty spot on. She has good taste.”

Meanwhile, Simon continues to dish the dirt. “I wouldn’t play that at my funeral because no one would turn up.”

Season 2 of X Factor airs Wednesday, September 12.

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-Annie Reuter, CBS Local