Carrie Underwood and husband Mike Fisher have kept their love for each other burning strong and there is no indication this fire will go out anytime soon, even when they are apart.

In an interview with US Weekly, the star shared how the two lovebirds keep their relationship afloat.

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“Because we are so busy, we make our time together count,” said Underwood. “We go on dates and make sure to make that extra effort.”

Even though they married just two years ago in Georgia, the singer and NHL player act like they just started dating. When one of them is on the road or away, Underwood says, “We will text and tweet ‘I love you’ every day.”

They may not be newlyweds anymore, but the honeymoon hasn’t ended and Underwood couldn’t be happier with her husband.

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“I never thought guys like Mike actually existed!” said Underwood. “He loves me and all of my craziness!”

Just like the success of her new album, Carrie Underwood is still “Blown Away” by her husband.

It’s a good thing these two have figured out how to make their love last. Next month Underwood starts her 54 week tour, leaving behind her hubby in Music City to play for the Nashville Predators. To see where the star is headed first, click here.

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-Ashley Quadros, KNCI/105.1