Congrats to the hottest new couple out of Canada! Avril Lavigne and Nickeback frontman Chad Kroeger are engaged after a six-month courtship, People magazine confirms.

The mag details that Kroeger popped the question back on August 8, giving Lavigne a 14-carat diamond ring. The two have kept their blossoming romance quiet for the last six months — so quiet no one appears to have even known they were dating.

CBS Local caught up with the singer in March of 2012 and she spilled some details of writing and recording with her soon-to-be love.

“I’ve just spent 17 days working with Chad Kroeger and David Hodges [formerly of Evanescence]. And the three of us have been writing a lot of songs together. A lot. And recording and having a really good time, having a really great time. They’re very talented musicians and it feels good for me to be around people like that. Music is my life, it’s my world and to be back in the studio, it feels really good.”

There you have it — the magic between Kroeger and Lavigne was clear from the start. The singer went on to detail that the two were having so much fun that they were spending some pretty long days together.

“I’m having a lot of fun. Actually I just got home from tour and just hanging out in the studio and getting a lot of work done, like 12-16 hour work days — nothing else really exists in my life right now, other than music. It’s awesome.”

Turns out something besides work did exist for Lavigne. And perhaps this new romantic and creative partnership was a source of inspiration, as Lavigne confided she was already almost completely done, with enough material for a new album.

“I’m pretty far [into the album]. Almost done. But for me I’m not really thinking about when I want to put it out and hurry up. I’m taking my time and while I’m in that mood and in that mode to create and to write and to record I’m just going to keep doing it because I have the energy for that right now. And it feels good right now. It’s what I’m supposed to be doing and I’m having a good time.”

Lavigne Tweeted out a photo of herself and Kroeger “bro’ing out” together in the studio back in February and the Tweets kept on coming through August 19 — a week and a half after the two got engaged! Now that’s keeping a lid on things.

-Courtney E. Smith, CBS Local