Mariah Carey may be the only confirmed judge for the next season of American Idol, but it seems even she’s been kept out of the loop when it comes to who else will be joining the show.

Yesterday Us Weekly, reported that rapper Nicki Minaj was nearly “100% confirmed to judge American Idol.” Soon after rumors swirled that Mariah was none too happy about the younger pop star coming on board when it was believed she would be the only woman at the judges’ table.

Once the news of a possible hiring at American Idol broke, Mariah took to Twitter not to badmouth Nicki, but to question her bosses about what was really going on.

Of course, ever the diva, Mariah also had a suggestion of her own for who should take the remaining seat at the judge’s table and surprisingly, this person seems very open to the possibility.

The two not only knew each other as teens, but appeared in the 2009 movie, Precious, together.

Mariah has also worked with Nicki, enlisting the rapper’s multiple personalities for her 2010 song, “Up Out of My Face.” The two seem to play nice in the video so maybe they could also play nice in front of the TV cameras too, right?

Who do you think would make a better co-judge with Mariah: Nicki Minaj or Lenny Kravitz?

Maybe you’d prefer Enrique Iglesias, whose name has been added to the shortlist of possible judges. And let’s not forget Pharrell Williams and Nick Jonas, who confirmed he was in the running on Twitter.

Or at this point, are you wishing they’d just pick someone already?

-Shannon Carlin, CBS Local