Here are the highlights you need to know about from Oprah’s extensive interview with Rihanna, which aired on her OWN network Sunday night, August 19.

1. They talked about Chris Brown. A lot.

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Rihanna called him the love of her life. She misses him, saying, “I am reminded by a lot of things…a lot of the memories we had. By the slightest things. Hotel rooms, tour, venues. Any little thing. Music, songs. And I do miss him at times.”

So if you hear the rumors about them hooking up on yachts in foreign countries and other clandestine meetings…well, reading between the lines, it seems like that’s not off the table. Even just as friends.

2. What Rihanna really wants is a “partner in crime.”

Not to get all Bonnie & Clyde about it, but when Oprah asked if she knows what she wants in a man the list went, in order:

* to be loved and cherised
* knows her value in order to value her
* knows her worth
* respects her
* gives her fun times
* gives her laughs

With that in mind, who would you set Rihanna up with?

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3. Brown wasn’t her first encounter with an abusive man.

The singer told Oprah her father was also a violent man. “Yes, he was,” Rihanna answered. “And my family broke up because of his addiction.”

The two have reconnected of late and he’s currently traveling with her according to her Twitter.

4. Speaking of Twitter, she uses it to send coded messages.

If you follow her, you and Oprah might notice a lot of drops of the F word — which RiRi now spells with a PH. She says, “I’m very free, when it comes to Twitter…I don’t want to paint the picture for people. I want them to read between the lines but I’ll give them what’s on my mind.”

4. She doesn’t think she’s the sexiest woman in the world.

You might remember that Esquire gave her that title in 2011. She told Oprah, “”It’s flattering. Inaccurate but flattering.”

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-Courtney E. Smith, CBS Local