When Alicia Keys asked her fans to send Instagram photos inspired by her new “New Day” song, her followers got the picture. The images taken by her fans now appear in the singer’s new video. 

The “New Day” video highlights inspirational snapshots from everyday life, such as a person basking in the sun; another joyously playing in water; a newborn baby sleeping; a young lady smiling in her graduation cap and gown; a married couple in loving embrace. (See video below). 

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In July, the singer reached out to her fans for their input and requested their photos for her project.

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“I love this song ‘New Day because it’s about new beginnings, fresh perspectives,” she said in the video announcement. “[It’s about] removing everything in your life that’s trying to take you down… Now I want to know what ‘New Day’ means to you.”

According to Keys, her fans came through with flying colors. 

“Thank you so much for sending in these gorgeous images!,” Keys wrote on her Facebook page, with a link to her the “New Day” video. “Your light is so powerful! Let’s fly!!”

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“New Day” is the first single from Keys’ upcoming album Girl On Fire.  —Keith Murphy, CBS Local