Gearing up for the release of his album The Midsummer Station, Owl City’s Adam Young revealed to CBS Local what it was like working with one of his musical heroes: blink-182’s Mark Hoppus.

“I’ve been a big fan of blink-182 for years, since junior high. I feel like everybody I know learned to play guitar and started learning early blink-182 songs. So that was me for sure,” he said.

Someone he’s looked up to, he confessed that he’s still in shock that Hoppus is featured on one of his songs off the new album.

“I have the final mastered version of my record in my CD player in my car still. I get in the car when I come home and I forget it’s in there and I just turn it on and it will just land on the song ‘Dementia’ and I hear Mark’s voice in Verse 2 and I’m like, ‘Which blink song is this again ‘cuz it’s cool?'” he said. “And then I’m like, ‘Wait a second. It’s my song and Mark is on my song!’ I can’t believe it because he’s a brilliant artist.”

Featured on “Dementia,” Adam recalled how his collaboration with Hoppus developed.

“Somehow my track made it’s way to his inbox and he liked it enough to come so we hung out in the studio and recorded his vocals and he’s exactly the way I thought he would be,” he said. “He’s so genuine and I never laughed that hard in a session because he’s so funny. He’s a good hang, good guy. I can’t believe he’s on my song.”

Scared to meet his idol, Adam admitted he that he fangirled out when first meeting Hoppus.

“You’re always afraid of meeting people you look up to or at least sometimes I am because you’re afraid they’re going to be different than you think they are based on their public persona and their personality.”

“I kind of fangirled everywhere. He comes in the studio and says hello and is greeting people and I know his voice, which is creepy,” he said. “I know the way he enunciates and I know the tone of his voice because I basically studied those guys’ records because I played them so much over the years. I was definitely starstruck in a way I don’t think I’ve ever been before.”

Owl City’s upcoming album The Midsummer Station will be released August 21.

-Annie Reuter, CBS Local