His fans may #Beliebe like crazy, but President Obama officially has more Klout than Justin Bieber.

Klout is a service that measures a person’s influence across social networks including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Wikipedia, foursquare and K+ marks for expertise given on Klout.

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Previously, Bieber had a perfect 100 on the Klout scorecard but after they adjusted the site’s algorithms he finds himself bumped down to a 92 while President Obama earns a 99. One change that probably greatly influenced Bieber’s slide is his job title on LinkedIn. It’s awfully difficult to beat “President of the United States of America,” even for a global pop star.

Another factor increasing Obama’s Klout score is the Google PageRank of his Wikipedia page vs. Justin Bieber’s. The President likely has more Google clout from Wikipedia, giving him the advantage.

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Klout scores are known to be a bit wonky, as they’re based on how many people subscribe to/follow your posts and then interact with them. Users can give K+ on any topic they choose, lending the system of what becomes associated with anyone’s name to be easily gamed.

For example, Klout shows Bieber to be highly influential about music, celebrities, family, religion & spirituality and charities. It also marks prostitution high among his areas of expertise along with a few other sketchy topics due to Klout members giving him joking K+’s on things like the holocaust and Japanese Adult Video Awards.

President Obama is said by Klout to be an expert in debt, government, politics, college, and media. Amazingly enough, his expertise on the Republican Party is very high while the Democratic Party doesn’t even make the list.

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-Courtney E. Smith, CBS Local