While promoting her first movie Sparkle, American Idol alum Jordin Sparks visited B96/Chicago and revealed her thoughts on Mariah Carey as an American Idol judge and her relationship with Jason Derulo.

Being a previous American Idol winner herself, Jordin had some insight for how Mariah Carey will do as a judge.

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“I actually think she’s going to do really well. Mariah’s grown in the industry,” Jordin admitted. “She’s lived everything; ups and downs, different management, everything. I feel like she has the advice for the young kids starting out. She can talk to the young adults. She can also talk to people on the older end of the spectrum.”

As far as some insider info, Jordin filled us in.

“I have a feeling that she’s probably going to perform, so I’m excited,” she said. “I’ve been a fan of Mariah since I was in my mom’s stomach.”

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When it comes to her boyfriend of one year, fellow performer Jason Derulo, Jordin gets really excited.

“I get so giddy and I feel like such an idiot when I talk about him, but I can’t help it,” she gushed. “He’s great, and he’d be saying hello right now if he could, but he’s over in Australia on a dance show with Kelly Rowland.”

Jason gave her diamond earrings for their one year anniversary, and she hasn’t taken them out yet. So, will they ever take it to the next level?

“It’s something that we talk about,” she revealed. “Going through the tragedies we both went through; him breaking his neck, and then I lost Whitney. Your priorities really shift when stuff like that happens. It’s a conversation that we’ve had, but with so much stuff going on, not anytime soon. It will probably be eventual.”

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-Danielle Clasing, B96 Chicago