It seems like Madonna has been making headlines since they day she was born. Even now, at 54, she’s still catching the media’s attention with her over the top antics. On her recent MDNA tour alone we’ve seen her flaunt her nipple in Turkey, speak out against the Russian government and defend herself over an abrupt end to a show in Paris. And she hasn’t even started her tour in the States yet.

In honor of her birthday, we here at CBS Local are reminiscing about her younger days when she was like a virgin and expressing herself without any mention of Lady Gaga.

To celebrate her big 5-4, we have her five best videos. That fifth one is for good luck, of course.

“Like a Prayer” from 1989

The Vatican condemned the controversial video for the single off her fourth studio album of the same name and ended her contract with Pepsi.

“Borderline” from 1984

This video from her self-titled debut has been credited as helping break the taboo of interracial relationships.


“Lucky Star” from 1983

Madonna’s look in this video inspired many to go buy fingerless gloves, black rubber bracelets and start teasing their hair.


“Crazy For You” from 1985

This slow jam was from the movie, Vision Quest, a coming-of-age drama about a wrestler played by Matthew Modine, which also featured a cameo from the Material Girl herself. The song made it to number one, we can’t say the same about the film.  


“Open Your Heart” from 1986

The single off of her third studio album, True Blue, was originally written for Cyndi Lauper and was called “Follow Your Heart.”


Shannon Carlin, CBS Local


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