A hazy nightclub might seem worlds away from the inside of a voting booth, but President Obama’s latest campaign program targets young partiers with the help of DJs.

‘DJs for Obama’ was announced in a Tuesday web video, where jockeys like New York’s DJ Cassidy speak out in support of the incumbent’s reelection.

“I would never have imagined that my love for hip-hop, my love for music, would allow me to get involved like this,” DJ Cassidy told Rolling Stone. “It’s very surreal.”

The DJ already had a rapport with the President after spinning at his 2009 inauguration. Other acts involved in the program include DJ-Nice and DJ Rashida.

The trio promoted the effort in a Tuesday press conference call, where DJ Rashida explained why their voice is important to capturing young votes.

“Our platform is to a lot of young people,” she said. “Knowing myself as a young person, I didn’t really know what the power of my vote was. No one should underestimate the impact they can have.”

D-Nice added that his passion for the cause fuels his involvement in the campaign.

“Even if I wasn’t a DJ I would still be out here trying to get it done,” he said. “To spread the word, to get people registered. It’s my responsibility as an American to get out there.”

The move capitalizes on the popularity of dance music among young Americans. Acts like David Guetta, Avicii and Diplo are behind some of today’s hottest tracks, with festivals like Electric Daisy Carnival attracting tens-of-thousands of young people every year.

“DJs are in front of so many crowds every night of all ages, races, genders,” Cassidy said. “When you think about it, that’s what this election is all about.”

-Nee-Sa Lossing, CBS Local