Animal,” the lead single from Neon Trees‘ debut album Habits, has almost amassed 3 million downloads. And their latest single, “Everybody Talks,” from sophomore album Picture Show, recently surpassed the 1 million download mark. With all this success under their belts, what will they offer up next? Slow your roll — because they are planning to take it slow.

Speaking with MIX 105.1/Orlando, the band’s energetic frontman Tyler Glenn said, “We were nervous because ‘Animal’ was very big for us, our first breakthrough thing…you dream but to actually live it is humbling so we’re very happy. The fact that ‘Everybody Talks’ has success now and is called a hit, I think we pay attention to it because we recognize the value of having radio singles and we’re not afraid of being a pop band but we have a lot of integrity and I think we’ve been able to hold onto that. We’re very thoughtful about the songs that we put on our albums.”

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And while they are keeping a lookout for specific songs that gain traction, Glenn doesn’t point to one specific song as the chosen one. “I feel like we have an album full of great songs, so hopefully another one catches on.”

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“Everybody Talks” has kept growing since it’s December 2011 release, earning a  powerful shot in the arm after it was placed in a Buick commercial in March of 2012. They are one of the rare bands who aren’t restricted by genre lines and have seen their singles cross from alternative to pop to adult.

“Queen, when they first started, had a single for each album and eventually caught on,” Glenn said. “And I like the path we’ve taken where it’s nice and slow and people are really surprised when they come to our shows. I don’t want everything all at once…I’m okay with taking our time.”

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-Brad Haynes, MIX 105.1/Orlando