will.i.am thought he was going to steal the scene last night while he was in Hollywood celebrating the release of his #willpower album. But according to his Twitter feed, someone stole his car instead.

What started as a fun evening with friends soon turned into a search mission for his car. He reportedly left the Avalon at around 2:00 am when he apparently discovered his ride was gone. The Black Eyed Peas frontman turned to Twitter for answers.

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“My car was stolen…what the f***…” will.i.am tweeted at around 3am PST. After a short time, he followed-up with another tweet that added credibility to his lost car tirade.

“Where is my f***ing car…???,” he tweeted, “This isn’t funny anymore.”

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As the night–and tweets–went on, will.i.am continued to question if he was the victim of a sick joke. Although there have been no new developments since he went on his Twitter quest to find his car, will.i.am seemed unclear if his car was indeed stolen hours later. 

But after the prayer he quickly added another tweet that didn’t seem so optimistic. 

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-Ashley Quadros, 102.5 KSFM/Sacramento