Everyone’s favorite week kicks off today: Shark Week!

Here’s a list of fishy songs and shark facts to soundtrack your week. And remember: sharks can smell a drop of blood in an Olympic sized pool. Don’t tempt them.

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Karmin “Too Many Fish”

In the wise words of Karmin: there’s too many fish in the sea to miss one. Sharks love catching fish…TO EAT. For sharks, ladykillers and manhunters alike, all those fish are just bait.

Florence + The Machine “What The Water Gave Me”

Sharks need water to survive, so what the water gave them is the breath of life. They get their oxygen from water, which they push out of their gills. Humans need water too — we’re at least 50% made up of the stuff!

Alex Clare “Treading Water”

You’ve heard that sharks have to always keep swimming or they’ll die — but that’s not true for all sharks. Angel and Nurse sharks can happily stay still. Other sharks have to ram water into their mouths constantly to keep breathing, like Great Whites who are obligate ram breathers. So, in effect, they’re always treading water.

Norah Jones “Chasing Pirates”

In a battle of sharks vs. pirates, who do you think would win? Some Somali pirates fished for sharks in 2010 — with rocket launchers and assault rifles. Hardly seems fair.

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Jack Johnson “To The Sea”

Jack Johnson sings about waiting so long for his love. Sharks can wait ages to attack. But the Shark-O-Nator from the Discover Channel has some good news. If you’re ever in dangerous waters with a shark, punching it in the nose or poking its eyes out can fend it off during an attack.

Dave Matthews Band “Big Eyed Fish”

Did you know there’s an official drinking game for Shark Week? The Bro Bible presents their hilarious rules, but the best one is:

“Drink every time some one mentions Jaws or if the Jaws theme music plays then say ‘we are going to need a bigger boat.'”

Blue October “Into The Ocean”

Know how to swim? 21% of Americans told the American Red Cross that they were fair, poor or bad swimmers. Sharks rejoyced at the good news.

Mike Posner “Cooler Than Me”

Everyone knows sharks think they’re so cool. They are. Sharks are cold-blooded mammals whose body temperature matches the water they live in. A Great White is regularly only 64-70 degrees — definitely cooler than you.

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-Courtney E. Smith, CBS Local