British sensation Rita Ora is a fashion maven. She’s been featured in Vogue, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, MTV Style, Glamour and many others. The singer sat down with CBS Local to talk style, starting with her sneaker collection.

We often see Ora mixing up high fashion and sneakers, so we wondered how she makes the call between a good sneaker and a pair of heels.

“Sneakers and heels are so different,” Ora started. “I feel like that helps right there. If there’s two hot sneakers then I would be struggling. If there was two pairs of really good pairs of sneakers. But, I don’t know. I would always pick sneakers if it was just me but then sometimes you have to say, ‘Aright, heels.’ But I’m definitely a sneaker and a flat person. I’ve always been.”

One place you’ll never catch Ora in heels is on the stage.

“I never perform in heels. I’m saying that now. Maybe a few years down the line I will. But right now I will never perform in heels because I think people can tell when you’re uncomfortable on stage. I think that’s the worst thing, when you’re uncomfortable on stage. It’s kind of easy, like today it’s raining. It’s not a nice day. So I put sneakers on.”

On the day of our interview, Ora is wearing a cream mini-dress with Minnie Mouse on the front, a pair of sneakers. Her arms, neck and fingers are loaded down with jewelry — a mix of gold and silver pieces. With a simple outfit it is easy to layer jewelry as the centerpiece of your look. We asked Ora what her key starting pieces of jewelry are for everyday wear.

“Yeah my rings. I have this ring that my mum gave me when I was young, well when I turned 18…I never take that off. I have a few items I never take off. And these watches. This watch was an amazing gift from a very good friend of mine.”

That amazing watch was reportedly a gift from her good friend Drake, who she gave a ring to in return.

-Courtney E. Smith, CBS Local