Best Of Tampa Bay Restaurant Review by Chef Donna Hearn, Special correspondent,

Café Vienna
5625 4th St N  / St. Petersburg, FL 33703
(727) 527-6404 / Website:

Does this sound familiar:  You don’t want to cook but you want a meal that makes you feel it is home cooked.  You just need to go where somebody knows your name?

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Thankfully, I know just the place, and for me it is Cafe Vienna on Fourth Street North in St Pete. You don’t have to be German or Austrian to feel the warm hug that engulfs you at that first bite.

After you have been to Café Vienna a time or two, Bette will welcome you with open arms and a kiss on each cheek. You’ll recall gathering around your family table and tasting the same quality, home cooked foods that your mother or grandmother so lovingly prepared. You’ll wonder, “Why did I wait so long to try this place?”

How you can make a plate of sautéed veal or pork enrobed in a velvety gravy with mushrooms and wine taste anything BUT heavy? It’s beyond me, but they pull it off. Pair that entrée with their homemade speatzle, their fresh homemade light and brothy soups, and their mixed salad and you have a meal fit for a baron, or baroness. But, this feast is just for you!

My “go to” dish is the Jaeger Schnitzel.  The menu describes it as “center cut sliced pork, lightly sautéed then cooked with red wine, button mushrooms, hint of Worcestershire sauce, finished off with a hint of heavy cream. Served with spaetzle, lingonberry and vegetable of the day. If that doesn’t make you smile you probably don’t like warm chocolate chip cookies either.

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Another dish prepared in a similar fashion is the Badener.  How does this sound, “Thin slices of veal, sautéed then cooked with white wine, fresh sliced button mushrooms, finished off with crème fraiche. Served with gnocchi and vegetable of the day.”  Yeah, gnocchi! Getting hungry?

One more dish, to confirm that Café Vienna is not only about Brats and Kraut. Consider the Agramer – “Tenderized pork center cut, filled with prosciutto ham & swiss cheese, rolled and breaded, pan fried to a golden brown, served with lyonaisse potatoes and vegetable of the day.

If you were lucky enough to find Café Vienna when they were located on Snell Isle, like we were, you would even have a German wine glass or beer stein with your name on it. But, if you didn’t, they will make you feel just as welcome.

PricesAppetizers – $2.90 – $7.90 / Lunch – $6.90 – $9.90 / Dinner – $12.90 – $49.90 for Chateaubriand a la “Vienna”

Hours: Monday – Closed / Tuesday – Friday 11:30am – 9pm / Saturday 4pm – 9pm / Sunday 4pm – 8pm / Early Bird:  4pm – 6pm

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