Most of the concert-goers at Chicago’s Lollapalooza headed over to the Bud Light stage just to see Florence and The Machine perform live on Sunday night, resulting in a record-breaking crowd for any Lolla show ever performed at that stage or that side of the festival. An entire city block of fans filled the field, and once the band graced the stage, Florence commanded the audience like an enchantress. Florence yelled, “Hello Chicago, you, me, you. We are part of the machine,” inviting her fans to be part of the show.

During their 75 minute set, they performed “Only If For The Night” and “Heartlines” flawlessly, despite Florence’s recent vocal problems. She had the crowd under her spell as they bounced beach balls from hand to hand, sitting on top of each others’ shoulders. All the cell phones came out once the first notes of “Shake It Out” could be recognized, and they put a unique spin on the song by transitioning it into a dance remix. Florence sang, “Bounce, bounce, bounce,” and everyone started bouncing up and down rapidly in unison to the fast beats.

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All the hands started clapping when they started “The Dog Days Are Over,” and Florence ran back and forth across the stage, waving her arms in her long red dress with kimono sleeves, channeling a young Stevie Nicks. Once the song ended, she summoned the crowd. “If we could do something together. This time has to be the best. There’s only one move, and it goes like this. 1, 2, 3, jump straight up, and shout ‘Lollapalooza’ as loud and hard as you can.”

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They rounded up the set with “Leave My Body,” “Never Let Me Go” and “What The Water Gave Me,” but the biggest highlight of the show was a once in a lifetime experience. The group chose the Lollapalooza stage to premiere their newest single from the Snow White and the Huntsman soundtrack, “Breath of Life.”

“We’re going to do something special for you guys,” Flo said, “Something that’s never been done before. This is the first time, just for you.” The song and the entire performance ended the three day festival on a high note.

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-Danielle Clasing, B96/Chicago