The peak summer festival season has arrived, and Lollapalooza has officially begun in Chicago’s Grant Park. The weekend isn’t just about the music; it’s also about large crowds, people-watching, and festival style. Concert-goers need to gear up for 3 days of 90 degree plus temperatures, while still managing to look good.

Form usually follows function when it comes to the Chicago hipster scene, but performers aren’t the only ones making a bold fashion statement in Grant Park. The entire crowd is an endless sea of neon, mostly orange, pink, green, and blue, and it’s represented on hats, bandanas, canvas sneakers, hair, body paint, sunglasses, and pretty much any accessory that exists — including suspenders.

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Nothing screams “function” more than the fanny pack. The handiness and ease of opening makes it a must-have to hold your money, cell phone and more. Apparently this trend didn’t die after the 90s.

Everyone’s gone totally tribal. The pattern can be seen on vests, high-waisted denim shorts, tube tops, backpacks and more.

Since the Olympics are taking place in London and Team USA is killing it, it’s no surprise to see the American flag represented on one out of every ten pairs of shorts. The stars and stripes aren’t the only pattern that’s in; there’s an abundance of floral print and colors on denim shorts.

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The bandana is an essential hipster accessory that doesn’t only add style to your hair, but also serves a purpose.

When you’re spending a weekend in the bright hot sun, it’s important to always wear a pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes and be able to watch the performances. Bright color rimmed sunglasses with polarized lenses are the most popular.

During the weekend, follow the Sights & Sounds Of Lollapalooza, and watch exclusive interviews and performances.

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-Danielle Clasing, B96/Chicago