With her busy touring schedule, it’s often hard to keep in touch with family and friends. Currently on the road with Gavin DeGraw and Andy Grammer, Colbie Caillat filled CBS Local in on 5 people she likes to follow on Twitter.

Andy Grammer

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Even though she sees him every night on tour Colbie says she enjoys learning Andy’s perspective on life on the road.

“He’s on tour so he’s always tweeting something exciting. Pictures of where he’s at, talking about the shows that he played,” she said. “He’s a good friend of mine.”

Constantly interacting with his fans and giving away backstage passes on Twitter, who knows what you’ll come across.

Jason Reeves

A fellow singer-songwriter, Jason is frequently Colbie’s co-writing partner. She has only praises to say of her colleague.

“He’s very poetic and this peaceful, sweet young man with great music,” Colbie said. “There’s always cool videos he’s posting and poems. He’s a really great photographer so there’s always amazing pictures that I can’t wait to look at.”

Whether it’s photos or tidbits of inspirational quotes you’re looking for, Jason Reeves has it all.

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Justin Young

Colbie’s former tourmate (and boyfriend), she was all smiles when talking about Justin.

“He is touring right now with Trevor Hall and he’s an interesting one to follow as well,” she said.

Bar Refaeli and Natasha Beddingfield

Sometimes you just have to follow your girlfriends’ adventures.

“I like to follow some girls in the industry,” Colbie admits. “They’re always traveling [so] to see what they’re up to it’s cool. To see where they’re going, where they’re at, if they’re Tweeting a picture of Europe or a tropical island. I get excited to see that stuff.”

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-Annie Reuter, CBS Local