DELAND, Fla. (CBS Tampa) — Deland authorities say a teenager shot himself in the head to wake up from a magic-mushroom induced nightmare.

The Daytona Beach News-Journal reports that 17-year-old Steve Tilbury consumed several mushrooms, then drank a tea made from them, while with friends in his home.

He told investigators that he fell asleep not long after his friends left. But when he awoke from his nap, he reportedly thought he was still stuck in his nightmare.

“Tilbury said he woke up and it felt like it wasn’t real,” the deputy’s report states, adding that he felt trapped in his own home. “[He] said he thought if he shot himself he would wake up from the bad dream.”

Police say the confused teen then buried a .22-caliber bullet into his forehead. He miraculously survived, but still felt as though he was in a living dream.

The paper learned that Tilbury reportedly tried to clean his blood off the floor, before going outside and happening upon a stranger, who took him to Florida Hospital Deland.

Deputies asked him if he was attempting suicide.

“No, I just wanted to wake up from the bad nightmare,” he reportedly replied. “I am happy and I love my life.”

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