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After the Supreme Court concluded that President Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act is constitutional, it seems unconscionable that so many Americans are claiming to be in favor of the new law which will take effect in 2014. After all, this is exactly what many Americans have feared – likely since the Declaration of Independence was signed.

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In recent years, such a governmental move has been increasingly feared and – until now –successfully avoided for the most part. That fear is none other than the horrendous overreach of “Big Brother”. Big Brother – the United States federal government – isn’t even sneaking in the back door with this new law. He is barging through the front door with American’s now-required welcome mat under his feet.

It’s like President Obama got Americans – and the Supreme Court – to look left, and then hit us with a sharp blow from the right. He has cleverly fooled many into thinking he’s doing good for the country while doing what the U.S. federal government has wanted to do for a long time.

Obama now has a Supreme Court-blessed, constitutional law that not only allows the federal government to reach into our personal data, but the law requires that the government look at all we’ve got to be seen. Everything!

Obama’s Affordable Care Act cannot possibly be functional without Big Brother knowing much more about each of us than is known about us now. Think about it. The government’s job is now to determine each American’s ability to pay for health insurance. Without hesitation, it now has the need and the constitutional right to learn what medical needs you have and how much money you’ve got so the federal government can now make you pay for it.

Prior to this, about all the federal government allegedly knew about you was where and when you were born, where you live now, and how much money you make so they can tax you annually. Now that the Affordable Care Act is in full swing, the government needs to know much more about you. Not only you, but the government needs to know all about everybody in your house.

Everything Americans have feared about Big Brother overreaching into our lives has now become the law of the land. Yet, people who haven’t figured this out yet are celebrating like the passage of Obama’s health care reform package is the greatest thing that ever happened to this nation. The truth is that this is terrible when one realizes the rights they’ve lost as an American citizen.

On the good side, Americans – including the celebrants of the new health care plan – who have been dishonest in filing their past tax bills with the IRS, will now be caught. When newly acquired information to conduct the nation’s health care bill business is obtained from a person’s formerly personal information, he’ll be severely dealt with if the information doesn’t match what he’s claimed in the past.

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An American who has cheated Uncle Sam in the past will now be caught – as he should be – if there is any contradictory data between what he’s told the IRS for years and what the government is going to find out as this law begins. Anyone who shows any discrepancy will most assuredly be audited, fined, and hopefully punished even worse for his past infractions against the IRS.

Remember, now that Obama’s health care reform is legal, the government can obtain any information it claims it needs to make the process work. As of last Thursday, it’s the law – and there isn’t a darn thing anybody can do about it. Americans have lost former freedoms with this law, just as the “right” has been trying to tell everyone that we would if Obamacare became law.

Naturally, Uncle Sam needs to know a great deal about you and your family – your family’s health and your family’s finances – to figure out how each of you is going to fit into the new system, including how much you and your family must contribute – or get taxed, as Chief Justice John Roberts calls it.

The bottom line is: quit celebrating. There’s absolutely nothing to celebrate. Like I said, Big Brother is walking right through your front door – uninvited and unwelcomed – not to celebrate but to find out all about you.

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