Tampa Bay Buccaneers defensive tackle Brian Price can’t seem to get on level ground. Whether it be injuries, family issues or problems with teammates, Price has endured an entire lifetime of problems in just 23 short years of life.

With the recent death of his sister, Price has been away from football to mourn with family and friends. Upon his arrival back to the team, Price had a short exchange with teammate Mark Barron, which ended in Price delivering a punch to Barron’s then bloodied face.

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Tuesday on The Commish, Justin Pawlowski discussed Price’s mindset. “You already know the mental state of him,” Justin said. “It’s not good right now. It’s not. It can’t be.”

The short exchange went along the lines of Barron sitting in Price’s seat at a team meeting, and when Price asked Barron to move, Barron essentially told him that he wouldn’t get up. Then, Price’s fist met Barron’s face with enough force to make his face bleed.

“If you let people walk all over you early on in your career, they’re going to walk all over you period. He was trying to defend himself,” Justin said. “I think Mark Barron was trying to set the tone.”

In a sarcastic tone, Justin then said “Brian Price is a bad guy now? We need to write a big story about it? He’s a loose-cannon?”

Justin went on to defend Brian Price, saying he took heat last year for his weight and was called a lot of names because of that weight

Pawlowski added “This guy saw relatives killed in front of him growing up. He fought hard and had a very successful career at UCLA. He comes to the Buccaneers — you know about the injury. It is tough to run and stay in tip top shape when they did what they did to his hamstrings. Then somebody that he was very close to died in a car accident.”

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This situation does not call for the blame game, either.

“I’m not going to blame Mark Barron for this,” Justin said. “In an NFL meeting room as a rookie you do have to stand up for yourself.”

This kind of thing happens on football teams. Barron was defending himself and caught Price on the wrong day.

Justin said “To me it’s such a non story and people want to make it a story. When you start to think about everything that he’s gone through — wouldn’t you snap?”

There was an article that tried to paint negative light onto the situation and Justin was not having any of it.

Justin said “That’s bad taste — a non story. It doesn’t affect my opinion of Brian Price or Mark Barron.”

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He continued on, saying “They fight. It’s an aggressive sport full of aggressive men. If I had to go through what he went through, it wouldn’t take even somebody sitting in my chair to set me off. I completely understand where he’s coming from.”