MIAMI (CBS Tampa) – If imitation is the highest form of flattery, then Rudy Eugene, the Miami cannibal who chewed off a homeless man’s face while reportedly high on bath salts, has an admirer in his own neighborhood.

Brandon De Leon, 21, was arrested Saturday after getting into a fight at a local Boston Market and resisting arrest, but his threats of wanting to eat a Miami police officer followed by his attempt to bite the officer have raised more concern following the recent act of cannibalism in the Miami area that has made international headlines.

CBS News reports that North Miami Beach Police spotted De Leon arguing with Brian Yerdon, 33, outside a Boston Market on Saturday. The verbal fight reportedly blocked the entrance so no customers could enter or exit, according to police. WTVJ-TV reports that when police tried to break up the fight, De Leon gave them the middle finger, saying, “F— you,” in the process, according to police. De Leon and Yerdon were arrested at the scene, though De Leon was reportedly physically resisting arrest.

When he was finally detained by police, De Leon would repeatedly bang his head against the Plexiglas in the police car, yelling, “I’m going to eat you,” at a police officer, according to police reports. Media reports indicate that De Leon’s actions reached a level that police deemed it necessary to place the 21-year-old in a bite mask and leg restraints.

“Brandon growled and opened and closed his jaw,” the report said, “slamming his teeth like an animal would.”

Upon being arrested, police would find De Leon to be in possession of rum and a Four Loko. When he was transferred to the hospital for blood testing, it was discovered that De Leon was under the influence of “Cloud 9,” a type of bath salts. CBS News reports that his blood test also showed levels of Xanax and cannabis. The Daily Mail reports that De Leon’s blood-alcohol level was 0.29.

“I have no recollection of anything that happened that night,” De Leon said at his bond hearing Monday, according to CBS News.

The incident comes in the wake of the horrific incident in which Eugene, reportedly under the influence of bath salts, chewed off the face of a homeless man on the side of a Miami highway.

De Leon has been charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest with violence. He remains in custody on $5,500 bond. Yerdon has also been charged with disorderly conduct.

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