Definitely Not Decaf by Ira Pickett

Over the past several days, America’s eyes have been focused on the tar heel state as North Carolina voters went to the polls on Tuesday and ultimately with an overwhelming majority voted to strengthen their existing ban on same-sex marriage with a constitutional amendment.  

While North Carolina already had laws on the books banning such non-traditional marriages, this vote makes the law a more permanent decision as a part of the North Carolina state constitution and voids other types of domestic unions from having legal status.  North Carolina joins Florida (passed in 2008) and 29 other states with similar measures already on the books.

At the point that it became apparent that the vote in North Carolina was going to be a win for social conservatives seeking the amendment, Americans from around the nation took to websites, blogs, Facebook and twitter to offer support or voice opposition to North Carolina’s decision, creating a firestorm of heated debate that will surely not soon end.  While much of the oppositions commentary tends to be focused on bullying and slander of those in favor of the amendment, or that “religious” voters shouldn’t attempt to ‘force their beliefs on everyone else’,  North Carolina’s ban on same-sex marriage is truly a very positive affirmation of the strength and conviction of those Americans in support of the amendment whose values are typically labeled ‘conservative’ or ‘traditional’ by the progressive left. 

Clearly, as shown in this weeks  landslide victory in North Carolina, being labeled conservative is something a majority of North Carolina voters and other Americans are becoming more and more comfortable with, as they consider the current declining direction of the nation. 

For decades, progressives have sought to weaken America by creating a nanny state built on a foundation of marxist and socialist views that attempt to eliminate the individuals opportunity for success or failure, and strive to muddy the moral differences between right and wrong.  This can most readily be seen in how the news media, tv broadcasters and Hollywood films portray “traditional” family values as outdated and inconsequential, while more “progressive” themes are depicted as the new norm that should be accepted.  Well, apparently North Carolina voters along with 30 other states disagree.

Over the past 200+ years, the greatest nation in the history of the world has evolved thru the power of a unique document called the Constitution of the  United States, and yet has been subject to interpretation, scorn and outright disregard by liberals seeking to further their progressive cause. However, as highlighted in North Carolina’s vote on Tuesday,  independents and conservatives alike have taken notice.  

Many concerned Americans recognize that the agenda of a large,  corrupt centralized ultra-liberal national government not only weakens their individuals freedoms, but also is the same roadmap that ultimately caused the collapse and demise of history’s previous ‘greatest’ nations.   Looking around the globe even today, we have a living example of the destruction that liberalism can cause, simply by examining the near insolvent European nations of Greece and France.

While some may challenge the assertion  that a liberal social policy is intimately tied to liberal economic and domestic policies, all one has to do is look a little closer to home to see liberal policy in action by examining the most liberal local & state governments around the United States.   The city and state governments  that historically have had the most liberal social policies are also the same governments that have the highest tax rates, highest unemployment rate, uncontrolled massive debt, and stagnant economic growth. 

All public policy issues are tightly intertwined and Americans of every background are starting to recognize this reality and make their voices heard thru their most powerful democratic action, their vote. And ultimately this, for America is a good thing.

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