Barbara Ann Kelley,

Owning a reptile comes with a different set of responsibilities, separate from dogs and cats. First time reptile owners can attest to the differences – crickets, not kibble – and to the calming effect these creatures have on their owners. Here’s our list of experts that have everything reptile lovers new and old need to keep their cold-blooded critters going.

Animal House, Inc.
8444 W. Hillsborough Ave., Tampa, FL 33615
(813) 882-4494

This friendly family owned store on West Hillsborough Avenue stocks a large number of reptiles and amphibians. They frequently have bearded dragons, iguanas, water dragons, ball pythons, corn snakes, rat snakes, aquatic turtles and sulcata tortoises.


Southeast Reptiles Exchange
4413 W. Alva Street, Tampa FL 33614
(813) 875-3126

If you are a serious collector Joe Fauci, the founder of Southeast Reptile Exchange, Inc., is a great choice for you. Joe has been involved with reptile collecting, importation, research, breeding and husbandry since 1972.


Herp Hobby Shop Reptile Breeding Center
485 Douglas Rd E., Oldsmar, FL 34677
(813) 925-0041

From snakes and lizards to geckos and iguanas Herp Hobby Shop offers the largest selection of exotic reptiles and reptile supplies. They are a recognized professional reptile breeder and buy most of their reptiles breeder-direct. They also can help you sell and trade your reptiles.


White Hot Dragons‎
6880 66th Street North, Pinellas Park, FL 33781
(727) 422-4457

White Hot Dragons‎
6880 66th Street North, Pinellas Park, FL 33781
(727) 422-4457

White Hot Dragons is a bearded dragon specialty store. They breed their dragons for the rich colors sought after by breeders and collectors. They sell lighting, tanks, cage furniture, and food for the dragons.


Pets Unlimited
1888 Drew St., Clearwater, FL 33765
(727) 442-2197

Pets Unlimited is a family owned business and very helpful to first time reptile owners. They carry all the little extras that will help you set up the best environment for your new cold-blooded family member. They are also a full line pet store.


If we missed your favorite reptile store let us know in the comment section below.  CBS Tampa values your opinions and comments.

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  1. Animal House is NOT a good example for how to keep reptiles, especially bearded dragons!
    They kept one in the same space as multiple Iguanas (they have TOTALLY different habitat requirements) and it was practically dying when someone bought it just to rescue it. FWC has been called on them more than once due to their horrid animal husbandry. Iguanas, Tortoises, and Bearded Dragons should NEVER (ever) be kept in the same enclosure. There’s simply no excuse at all for doing this. We have picture proof of them being kept this way & of the beardie that someone else rescued.

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