Definitely Not Decaf with Ira Pickett

While many news media organizations and protest-hungry activists have had a feeding frenzy the past several weeks over the details regarding  Trayvon Martin’s death at the hands of George Zimmerman, nothing to date stands to silence the lynch mobs more than a new photograph released today by ABC News showing the bloodied head of George Zimmerman taken on an iphone apparently 3 minutes after the alleged shooting death. 

The picture shows at least 2 large gashes on the rear of Zimmerman’s head along with blood dripping down toward his neck, supporting his original claim that the larger Martin had attacked and beaten him and had repeatedly slammed his head into the curb.  Take a look at the picture of Zimmerman’s head and decide for yourself if his injuries look like he was attacked.

What this photograph doesn’t tell us, are the words that were exchanged between Martin and Zimmerman, or how the alleged physical altercation was started.  Nor does it make Trayvon’s death any less tragic.  What it does tell us is that there is clearly more to the story, that some type of fight ensued, and that Zimmerman did take some amount of beating. 

If there is one true story to be learned from this newly released photograph, it is that the news media and the public at large needs to be patient and allow justice to work as it was designed to work – in a court of law, not in the court of public opinion. 

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