Like Blue jeans, Camouflage, is always in style somewhere! The shape and style may change, but it’s still Camo. It’s amazing how many patterns are out there, you want to waste a day on your PC,,just go look up “List of Camouflage patterns” on Wikipedia,!

Photo:Braden Gunn

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Not to long ago, if a person saw you in Camo, they thought you were ether in the military or just a Redneck, but now Camo is such a part of our everyday lives that we hardly notice it anymore.

It’s on shorts, shoes, coffee cups, pen

s and even toilet paper. Every kid loves to wear it and every mom loves their kids in it! Because they can wear it all week and you wouldn’t even know it’s dirty (until they start to smell). Hunters believe it or not have a love/hate relationship with Camo. It’s a good thing to wear when hiding from game, but it’s a ba

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d thing when you drop your GPS, knife or binoculars that are

wrapped in camo..Those are the things you want in Blaze Orange or they’re lost forever!

Camo has saved countless lives in battle and put wild game on tables since man first put leaves in his hair,But for some it’s just something that’s fun (that’s a

term my wife uses) to wear because it’s just fun ( I don’t know why). When you think of the word camo, most think of a leafy splotchy pattern that looks like a bush, but when you really think about it, everyone wears some sort of camo to their work lives everyday. It may be a three piece suit, a pair of coveralls or even a swimsuit. Anyway you look at it, it’s all for the same reasons, to fit into the environment, put food on the table and survive.

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