Definitely Not Decaf with Ira Pickett

When Bill Maher recently announced that he was ‘parting’ with $1 million to make a donation to help re-elect President Obama, I thought to myself that I’d never need to write a follow-up story about it.  Surely there would be no way that President Barack Obama, a married man,  father of 2 lovely young daughters and the President Of The United States would keep and use money from such a vile, misogynistic pig.   Particularly with the well documented history of berating women that Bill Maher has, there is no way that this President,  or ANY President for that matter, would accept a campaign donation from him, right? Wrong.  

Regardless of whether you consider yourself  liberal, independent, conservative, or a some type of combination of each, if you are an American, you should be absolutely outraged that our top elected official, commander-in-chief and President Of The United States is willing to say the right things, but as it appears, is unwilling to do the right thing. 


President Obama recently took the time to thrust himself into the national conversation regarding Rush Limbaugh’s over the top comments about Sandra Fluke, by condemning the discourse, and then personally calling Sandra Fluke to show his support for her.  He mentioned that, as a parent, he wouldn’t want his daughters being ‘attacked’ for their beliefs, views or for standing up for what they thought was right. Even going back to 2008, I recall Obama’s famous request to the media and political pundits to leave the children and families of the candidates ‘off limits’ during the Presidential campaign.  On the surface, in these statements it appears that Obama recognizes that he needs to say the right things, either because he has been told to or because he recognizes that it is what the average American expects to hear from a  top elected official.  On the flip side, however, it’s clear that he is unwilling to stand up for what is right when campaign contributions are involved.


So if President Obama really believes that Rush Limbaugh should not have used inappropriate words to describe Sandra Fluke, and that the media and others should not personally attack the children and families of political figures or others, then why does President Obama feel that it is ok to accept $1 million in campaign funding from a man who has built his career on insulting women and children?  How does Barack as a father explain to his daughters that what Rush Limbaugh has said is ‘wrong’ but the horrible words that Bill Maher regularly uses to describe women are ‘ok’?  

Obviously President Obama, the Democratic party and their political advisors do not care if you and I know that he is knowingly taking and using money from Bill Maher to attempt to get re-elected.  He clearly believes that either we as voters are not smart enough to understand or live with such disregard for values and integrity that we simply don’t care.  Well, I for one DO care,  and I am disgusted with his hypocritical behavior and I am ashamed for him as a father for the message that it sends to his children and all of the children of America.

By not rejecting the $1 million contribution Maher made to Obama’s Super PAC, Obama outwardly endorsed hate speech directed toward anyone with whom they do not agree and set a disappointing precedent for generations to come.

If you aren’t familiar with Bill Maher, you might want to take a look at this video.  Before clicking PLAY however, you may want to first make sure your children aren’t within listening distance.

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