SATSUMA, Fla. (AP) — Authorities say a Putnam County man died when he jumped off a bridge and struck a boat.

A report by the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission says 22-year-old Matthew D. Holder of Satsuma died Saturday afternoon. He had landed in the boat after jumping from a bridge.

The Jacksonville Times-Union reports Holder’s friend who jumped with him also struck the boat but fell into the creek. He was not hurt.

The report says both men had been dropped off after being on a boat earlier in the day to get something at the store. They and a third man were on their way to meet the boat again when they stopped on the bridge and jumped.

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Comments (16)
  1. Tom says:

    Why does the story have a picture of a bungee jumper? Nobody in the story was bungee jumping, unless the reporter is completely incompetent and forgot to include that little tidbit.

  2. Emilio Portfolio says:

    Ha, the photo is from an ad for a bra. Implied cleavage.

  3. gene jonson says:

    why does this story say it took place in Florida. he’s hanging in front of the Grand Tetons?

  4. Derek Stutts says:

    Dear Tampa News:

    How can you possibly limit this story to the accidental jumping death when there is a 50 FOOT WOMAN WITH GIANT BAZONGAS ON THE LOOSE, danging helpless men between her cleavage!

    Please investigate this story further! She must be stopped! (And given my phone number!)

  5. Trey says:

    My gosh! Wonderbra has a serious problem if men are dying jumping off said location…

  6. John says:

    That is certainly the ultimate plunge.
    I would like to see more support for this story.
    Please don’t leave us wondering what happened to the other half of the pair.
    Hopefully the second wasn’t injured by the motorboat.

  7. billy g. says:

    You know, this remind me. I really should my call my Mom.

  8. Gale Collins says:

    This is a bungee bungle. Find the picture, or we will make you do a reenactment of this picture.

  9. joey g says:

    hmmmm i think i saw this happen as i was driving up tp toronto from buffalo … wishb i could have sprung into action to catch him on the rebound

  10. Arnold RImmer says:

    Wonderbra ultimate plunge certainly missed out on a photo op when the guy jumped, so instead here we have a pic of a re-enactment using a man in a pink romper suit. I still can’t figure out why the first guy who died was holding a satsuma, maybe if he’d had some larger fruit in nice spongy containers he’d have survived.. a lesson to us all there..

  11. sullivan smith says:

    Pink fullbody jumpsuit…. CHECK.

    Completely and utter indifference to gargantuan bazookas in his immediate vicinity… CHECK…

    I’m beginning to see a pattern… (not that there’s anything wrong with that!)

  12. Fred Lest says:

    There’s such a thing as “TOO BIG”.

    But these ain’t there yet.

  13. heidi says:


  14. Sir Lotalance says:

    Thank goodness there’s no such thing as TOO BIG TO FEEL.

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