By Barbara Ann Kelley,

PLANT CITY, Fla. (CBS Tampa) A 60-year-old Plant City woman is lucky to be alive after the roof of her termite infested home collapsed on top of her.

Fire Rescue was called to the Turkey Creek and West Oliver Road mobile home at 5:30 p.m. on Friday. They discovered Bonnie Hopkins trapped beneath a steel beam from the collapsed roof. It took rescue crews close to an hour to free her from the flattened mobile home.

Hopkins was transported for precautionary measures to Brandon Regional Medical with minor cuts and bruises. Officials say she was lucky to be standing under the steel beam when the roof caved in. The beam, rescue crews say, kept the collapsed roof from crashing her to death.

Authorities believe that termites may have weakened the collapsed roof. It appears the mobile home had a bad termite problem for years.

Termites thrive in the warm, moist Florida weather. These destructive insects eat more than just wood. They have been known to consume paper asphalt, plaster, plastic and thin metal sheeting.

Many insurance policies do not include coverage against termites and the damage they cause. Pest control experts say close to 600,000 homes each year are infested by these hungry insects. The average repair cost will be close to $3,000 per victim.

For more information on termites and how to rid you home of them go to this link.


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