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As the most trusted media personality in the nation (2008, Zogby International poll),  Florida’s most powerful conservative voice,  Rush Limbaugh again became a liberal lightning rod this week after his commentary on Sandra Fluke’s testimony at the Hearing on women’s reproductive health and contraception before the House Democratic Steering and Policy Committee (Feb. 23, 2012) set off a media firestorm and emotional outrage from democrats including the democrat-in-chief, President Obama. Did Limbaugh’s comments go too far? Perhaps, however he pointed out what the rest of the media failed to mention. Sandra Fluke’s testimony was completely absurd.

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Fluke, a law student at Georgetown University Law School (a PRIVATE Jesuit Institution), told a well scripted tale of “dire circumstances“, and “suffering, emotionally, financially and medically” because of a lack of birth control coverage in the insurance plans of female students.  She stated that the cost of birth control can be “over $3,000 during law school. For a lot of students who, like me, are on public interest scholarships, that’s practically an entire summer’s salary.” Additionally, she asserted that “40% of the female students at Georgetown Law reported to us that they struggle financially as a result of this policy.” Later in her testimony, Fluke goes on to describe that “Just last week, a married female student told me that she had to stop using contraception because she and her husband just couldn’t fit it into their budget anymore…” and of another friend of her’s who “After months paying over $100 out-of-pocket, she just couldn’t afford her medication anymore, and she had to stop taking it.” 

While most of the media is focusing on the controversial comments of Rush Limbaugh’s response to Flukes testimony, what is more troubling is that Sandra Fluke actually believed that what she was saying was true.  It appears that she believes that despite the fact that she is receiving a scholarship to attend the prestigious Georgetown Law School, she is entitled to even more from the government and YOU as a taxpayer.  As though receiving a $40,000+ per year scholarship is not enough, having to pay for her own birth control is simply too much to ask for Sandra Fluke and her like-minded peers. 

The absurdity of her testimony is highlighted by her over-dramitizating the burden that having to pay for birth control causes in young women’s lives. By Fluke stating that birth control costs $3,000 during law school (apparently assuming a 3-year term), she fails to mention that the figure actually works out to only approximately $80 per month using the assumption that the birth control being discussed is a medical prescription. For those using other forms of birth control, however, such as condoms, the cost is far less than a tall cup of coffee twice a week at your favorite corner java house (a typical box of 12 condoms sells for less than $15).  Sticking to the $80-a-month assumption that Fluke describes as a ‘burden’, however, is a slap in the face to the rest of America when that figure is only $20 a week for someone who is attending a private law school whose tuition, fees, room and board combined are higher than the average American’s annual household income.  

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So, then why did Nancy Pelosi and the House Democratic Steering and Policy Committee invite a student from one of the most prestigious law schools in the nation to testify about the hardships she and her peers face for having to pay for birth control, when they could have just as easily invited a working-class lower income woman who lives in subsidized housing in a failing midwest city who TRULY cannot afford prescription costs? 

The answer is simple and transparent.  Sandra Flukes testimony illustrates the extreme nature of the liberal lefts desire for a socialist state; an imaginary utopia where the government provides and cares for its people from birth to death.  A state where housing, child care, education, food, health care, transportation and all facets of life are provided and regulated by the government which is controlled by a small, elite group of overly educated thinkers who have no regard for personal freedom, liberty or the Constitution of the United States.  Fluke believes that she is entitled to everything, but responsible for nothing.  She believes that someone ‘else’ should be responsible for paying her way, regardless of the cost or burden to others.

A frightening theme of Sandra Fluke’s testimony can be seen in an entire generation of Americans that have seemingly forgotten what their parents, grand parents and great-grandparents fought so hard to defend 70 years ago when communism and fascism reared its ugly head on the other side of the earth, and threatened the very way of life and freedoms that we enjoy today. 

My grandfather who defended our freedom in Normandy would be rolling over in his grave if he heard the testimony of Sandra Fluke this week, and this new brand of expectations created by the generation preceding her and demanded by her and her peers.  Surely he would ask, as I am today, how did this great nation get to the point where paying for ones own birth control is no longer the responsibility of the individual, but instead that of everyone else?

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Oh – and by the way, did I forget to mention that Sandra Fluke is actually 30 years old and has been a social activist for several years?  Read this story from The Blaze for another look at who Sandra Fluke REALLY is.