By Matthew L. Higgins

TAMPA (CBS Tampa) — Talk about pain at the pump! Some Florida drivers are spending nearly $6 a gallon to fill up their gas tanks.

According to, motorists are shelling out $5.89 for a gallon of regular gas at a Shell station in Lake Buena Vista, topping out at $5.99 a gallon for premium. It doesn’t get better at a Suncoast Energy station in Orlando, where drivers are paying $5.79 for a gallon of regular.

“Prices over in the Disney World area are much higher than any other place in Florida,” Jessica Brady, AAA spokeswoman, told CBS Tampa, adding that people regularly complain about gas prices in that area.

The Sunshine State is opening up its wallet, paying an average of $3.67 a gallon of unleaded gas, 12 cents more than the national average. And it’s only expected to go up.

“It doesn’t look like we will have relief at the pump anytime soon,” Brady told CBS Tampa. “I do think we will see prices surpass $4 a gallon. I think we will see that closer to spring time.”

One reason for the high prices is the conflict with Iran over the Strait of Hormuz. Iran has threatened to disrupt oil shipments through the waterway due to the European Union sanctions leveled against the country over its nuclear program, causing the price of crude to skyrocket. Trading on a barrel of crude today is a little over $106.

Another reason for the high gas prices: positive economic news. The drop in the unemployment rate and improved housing market numbers have caused gas and oil prices to rise.

“I know it frustrates quite a few consumers why positive news will lead to higher prices,” Brady told CBS Tampa. “It really just comes down to speculation.”

A third culprit behind the gas price boom is Greece. The EU’s bailout for the indebted country only adds to the global fuel demand.

And because of these reasons, Brady believes that Florida and the rest of the U.S. could see historic gas prices.

“I think this year we will see much higher highs.”

Believe it or not, those prices aren’t the highest in the nation. According to, motorists in Alaska are paying a whopping $6.34 for a gallon of regular at some gas stations. The cheapest gas can be found in Wyoming at $2.75 a gallon.

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  1. Eric says:

    To quote Barack Hussein Obama before his election… “Gas prices will necessarily skyrocket”.

    1. Clint says:

      Almost, this is what he said, “Energy prices will necessarily skyrocket.” Look for these types of increases to eventually impact every source of energy you use…electricity, natural gas, etc…

      1. Eric says:

        I was using Energy as a ‘put your own word here’. Coal, Gas, Electricity, etc…

      2. Stev says:

        Its all part of it for sure.

        Gogle/Yahoo: Layoffs 2011 or 2012
        This time around the energy prices are going to hurt that much more.

      3. thomas hunt says:

        Natural gas is at a historical low level, under 3 dollars per millioon BTU.

      4. Lawrence says:

        Clint: You are correct. Obama promised he would redistribute our wealth and create higher gas and electric bills. The fools who voted for him did not understand plain english he spoke. America is headed to total failure and will become another Greece. Obama is killing off what others died trying.

      5. erv says:

        But Clint, the article listed three reasons why the price of gas is up. I did not see any mention of Obama and his energy policies. You need to get back in line before you are reported.

        Four years ago the media was all over the President when gas prices spiked. Now that we have just been through last year with the highest anual average gas price and started this year with even higher prices we do not hear anything from the media abut the President being at fault.

      6. joe says:

        Even more important, higher energy prices will cause FOOD prices to go up.

        Bin Laden and his friends thank you, Øbowmao, for further destroying America.

      7. LeakingTheTruth says:

        No one is paying $6 for gas in America. Just another made up story to take attention away from the truth leaking out.

        The next election is shaping up to be as big of a sham as the last. Do you know why Sarah Palin’s bus tour was really canceled? Do you know why she stayed 30 miles away from the second debate and chose the death of Steve Jobs to announce that she’s not running? Know what leaked out? Sarah Palin and Cain aren’t in the race for the same reason, the truth leaked out.

      8. DJM# says:

        Barry needs to have other types of energy so he can bring his buddies and donors “green” technology. Does anyone realize that “big oil” pays 40% in taxes? The Government makes 6 times the money that the “big oil” companies make because of taxes. Let me ask you, what company paid 40% tax on 7 billion in profit and what company paid NO TAXES on 142 BILLION??
        Answer, ALL OIL COMPANIES paid and GE paid NOTHING

      9. republicrat says:

        Clint, you can’t reason with the unreasonable. Global economics, domestic economics, finite resources crucial to the way the world works…all these factors will not meet intelligent argument so long as Matt Drudge posts it. All Drudge’s minions know how to do is blame Obama. Tell them we have the most inexpensive energy in the developed world and they will argue that it is Obama’s fault that we are not making as much money as we should for it and then blame Obama that it is too expensive. Arguing things of this nature with these people will lower your IQ.

      10. Prof. Carroll Quigley says:

        Gas prices would not be that bad, if Americans bothered to read their income tax law.

        Ignorance of the law is no excuse.

      11. teaisstronger says:


        Very soon there will be Gas Stamps for Blacks and Tans so they will not suffer over gas prices.

      12. teaisstronger says:


        Red means they don’t have any gas for sale and green means they have gas. Yellow flags mean 4 gallon limit.

      13. Marlene Klim says:

        There is just one good thing about $5 or $6 a gallon gas. The higher that price goes, the better the odds that the Kenyan traitor gets tossed out of The White House come November. It’s probably the best indicator at the moment. Congress has done anything to charge him with crimes. SCOTUS hasn’t stepped up. DOJ is on his knees, with his head in the crotch.

        It’s better than making a donation to any political campaign. Every time I pay for gas nowadays, I tell myself this should take out the #1 enemy within the country.

    2. OBAMA FAILED E-VERIFY... google it! says:

    3. Bill says:

      Who really believes that the “economy getting better” is the reason for higher gas prices. Do a little more investingating and look at Saudi Arabia is reducing oil production because of less need. OPEC wants more moeny, so they are going to reduce production to keep prices higher.

      1. Seriously! says:

        Thank gawd gas prices are so high. Being such a great indicator of how well our economy is doing. Unfortunately, the “recovering” economy has not put any extra dollars into my pocket to pay for the high gas prices.

        I’ve got to go back to school because I don’t see how high gas prices means a great economy. Seems counter-intuitive to me

      2. DJM# says:

        We are producing more gas now than ever. The problem is that Obama and the regime taxes theoil companies for any gas they sell in the US over a certain amount.

      3. Blue says:

        See this article, “Saudi Arabia Will Not Let Oil Go Above $100; Prince”

      4. Byron Winw says:

        There are solutions to high gas prices. Visit

    4. SerfCityHereWeCome says:

      Actually Ohio is the state to watch out for. Of all the red states McQuisling gave away in ’08, that one will probably be the least easy one to win back. Of course picking off PA, MI and/or WI if/when Mugabenomics hits full stride this summer won’t hurt either.

    5. J.D. says:

      I really dislike Odrama but get the facts straight next time. What he said was “Under my plan of a cap and trade system, electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket.” — Not GAS prices.

      Not that I don’t blame him for that, too, but when you “quote” someone you ought to at least get the quote right.

      1. A. Levy says:

        Actually he said, “energy prices”. Pay closer attention.

      2. djm159 says:

        Let’s not nitpick. Since Obama and the other Marxists in our government when Obama was a senator blamed Bush for cronyism and raising the prices to benefit his friends in the oil industry instead of the truth that the same situation of unrest in the middle east, Iraq and Iran, caused the problem. When does Obama, the Marxist in Chief start getting the blame – the question is rhetorical, I already know the answer. When the state run Media of NBC. CBS and ABC start telling the truth. The unrest in the middle east can be laid squarely at the feet of B. Hussein Obama, the community organizer extraordinaire who instigated the Arab Spring in Egypt which by the way is now controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood which was Obama’s ultimate goal.. His purpose is to destroy America and our way of life. If we are dependent upon the government for everything he can be dictator for life, another goal of his. This guy could have taught Hitler who was a novice in comparison to the current occupant of the White House.

      3. Allhaildagreatleader says:

        Only a Republican would worry about such minor details as “TRUTH” and “FACTS” to make a point. Liberals just make Sh1t up at will.

      4. Jon says:

        It was Obama’s Secretary of Energy Steven Chu that said they wanted gas prices to resemble those in Europe, which at the time was $8-10 a gallon.

      5. obozosux says:

        His energy secretary, Steven Chu, DID say exactly that. He wants gas prices at European levels, which are right now at 9.00 a gallon. This man is in charge of regulatory policy and his views are obviously shared by Obama, otherwise he would not have assigned him to that position. Open your eyes for Gods’ sake. You, and those like you who refuse to see what is happening right before your eyes will be the death of this nation. I found the story on the left leaning site the Politico.

      6. erv says:

        In another interview around the same time he stated that gas prices need to increase but not at the right they have been.

      7. livininalabama says:

        If you recall during his primary race when gas soared in July he also said”I dont mind that gas prices went up so high,,,,,I just don’t like that they went up so fast”
        Obama is diggin this……they are gonna bring it down

      8. Marlene Klim says:

        What do you think produces electric. Oil. The same thing that produces gas. This is not rocket science.

        Think though. Just which aircraft runs on something other gas, I am thinking fighter aircraft. Also, military jeeps, trucks, APCs, refrig. vans, all the equipment that would be necessary to defend ourselvs in a combat situation. Add to that how much fueld 0 burns each month just flitting around the country. AND, HE WON’T DRILL ANYWHERE.

    6. Stev says:

      Welcome to the recovery… Gas Prices rising is just going to be another hit to the economy.

      1. obozosux says:

        Welcome to Obamaville.

    7. Chris says:

      Ha ha.
      Here’s the funny part for all the greeniacs. When you spend a bazillion dollars buying your insanely overpriced Chevy Volt, minus the huge taxpayer-funded subsidy you take for the privelege of buying one, remember this.
      Most plug-in hybrids get their electricity from COAL!

      1. K. Hjorth says:

        Your point being?

        The reason for using electric cars is not that they don’t pollute, it’s that they don’t pollute in the big cities.
        In my tiny country we have hundreds die every year in the big cities because of pollution.
        In your country, where the big cities are 10-20 times as big as ours, I can only imagine that number being in the thousands.

      2. K. Hjorth says:

        Bah, that was for Chris further up.

    8. kjmta says:

      What he will do now is push the “green energy like a crack addict also on meth”. starting again with California. In fact old moonbeam is meeting with him on this issue soon. which will cost you billions. What they leave out is the HSR is being built in a area that basically consist of cows and getto (fresno). Which he also leaves out is his team has been meeting with CSR and GE in Fresno off and on now for some months. You seriously do not think if he could he could push the saudi mores? Of course he could. Basically he is tanking us (no pun intended) into a deep pit for his own agendas.

    9. Jeff says:

      Actually that quote is false. Look it up.

      The President has no power over gas prices. The US believes that free markets should determine prices. We do not have a nationalized oil industry like most of the world. So you pay whatever the market will bear. You don’t have to drive. It’s your choice.

      1. barney fife says:

        Sorry, but the Dimocrats set the ground rules by blaming Bush for high gas prices. His Majesty has the blame on this one.

      2. Sick of this carp says:

        RU kidding??? He will blame Bush for this you watch!

    10. Brian says:

      If you are going to quote some get it right. He said “energy prices will necessarily skyrocket.” That entails a whole lot more than just gas prices.

      1. Allhaildagreatleader says:

        True, but Gas is a part of it, and what difference does it make in any case? All energy is essential, and paying more for any of it affects the way of life and freedom of every American. Which is exactly what this dude is all about.

      2. Blue says:

        Anyone with a brain would say that “energy prices will necessarily skyrocket”.
        Developing nations are gobbling up more oil than before, the world population is growing, Indians are buying cars…

        Oil, gas, any kind of energy, will of course rise due to simple supply and demand, regardless of who the president happens to be. At least he didn’t lie and claim he could control it.

      3. Bud says:

        You miss the point Blue… what the President did was explicitly state on many occasions that Evil Republicans (Bush) controlled prices to enrich their Oil buddies… It was a common line in the media and from the left that has magically ceased now that Obama is in office. Coincidence? Classic Obama politics: act like the other guys control the prices when they have the power but now that he is in charge… somehow he is powerless (more excuses). Obama is just another politician and because of the environmental extremists in his camp is spending Billions as a Venture Capitalist to enrich his Green Energy buddies while at the same time stifling domestic energy. He: Rejected XL pipeline, impeded drilling in the gulf and on the coasts, all but killed drilling in ANWAR, and decreased by 75% the amount of Federal land available for Shale Oil development. He has also massively increased regulations on coal power – the inexpensive and primary energy source in this country. Now with gas prices skyrocketing again all should recognize the politically effective but disingenuous pack of lies this president espoused in the last campaign.

    11. A. Levy says:

      And i’ll bet, the gas station is owned by someone with a middle eastern accent.. Here in NYC, we’re already well above $4., (AND IT’S ONLY FEB.!) and you can’t buy gas from someone (who doesn’t) have that same accent. Just how did that happen? Apparently, we the only people in the world who don’t realize how weak and stupid we are.

      1. Marlene Klim says:

        You are aware those station owners with middle eastern accents don’t pay income taxes to the US. They are taxfree for 7 years. Then they sell the station to a relative and are good for another 7.

        If I run short and have to buy enough to get to an American station, it is $1 worth. It does tick them off.

    12. bumpkin says:

      Hm. He was actually HONEST??? Gee. He also said that about electricity prices, IF I recall correctly. His point: One simply CANNOT destroy the USA without destroying her economy! Bring on those virgins!

    13. kjmta says:

      Actually Jeff the president does have a lot to say with the saudi (And it had already been proven in the past when presidents have pressure them on production. And yes people do work (Not all live on welfare) and have to drive. And you might be surprised by this but food production also requires fuel, including trucks.

    14. tim says:

      You got it. He’s delivering on his promise. Home heating is next.

    15. SPB says:

      @Jeff – How kind – would have been nice if “W” had received such sentiment instead of the “It’s his fault – he’s in bed with the Saudis” – what a difference a few years make – 😉

    16. Jeff lies says:

      Jeff, bzzzzzt wrong…

      Who sets standards? EPA. Who leads the EPA? Odumber appointment.

      1984 called, they said you are doing great.

    17. Wil says:

      Please don’t forget to mention that he also mentioned under his system of a “Cap and Trade System”, which by the way is another scheme to redistribute wealth from the USA to other countries who have it so bad.

    18. Common Sense says:

      Jeff –
      “The President has no power over gas prices. ”
      Supply and demand can determine this and the president is doing a good job of keeping supply low. He is trying to force the demand to go down…doesn’t work that way in a free society
      He can stop blocking the oil permits in the gulf and get them going again. He can approve the keystone pipeline and get some oil from Canada

    19. Cookie Monster says:

      I like cookies

    20. Jon says:

      @Jeff No, that quote is real. Search youtube for: Energy prices will necessarily skyrocket. You apparently didn’t look hard enough when ‘looking it up’.

      As for nations with nationalized oil industries their prices per gallon are even higher than ours in most cases. And, no, most people don’t drive as a choice. They have no choice otherwise they wouldn’t be able to get to work, do grocery shopping and other needed traveling. Not everyone lives in a city and have a short enough commute to afford taxi fares.

    21. joe says:

      in this case we can fix stupid we can vote him out and drill baby drill.

      1. tiredofrepublicans says:

        Drill where? Alaska? There’s only enough oil in Alaska to keep up our habits for a year. Gulf of Mexico/Florida. We see how well that worked out with BP.

      2. Damon F. says:

        Oil drilling has quadrupled under Obama. No need to let facts get in the way, though.

      3. SD1 says:

        @tiredofrepublicans – If you define “a year” as 365 days times 300, then you’d be right. There is an estimated 300 years of oil in Alaska alone.

        @Damon F. – US oil drilling has not increased by a factor of 4 under Obama. Offshore drilling may have, but then the question is, who is doing the drilling? US rigs? No. Brazillian and Chinese? Yep.

      4. Marlene Klim says:

        As Boone Pickins said, “drill here, drill now, drill everywhere’. He pushed for natural gas and got handouts for that as well.

    22. Allhaildagreatleader says:

      Why yes! Gas Prices must indeed go up, but not too quickly. Once prices are in the 10-15 dollar a gallon range, only the Liberal elite, and those living on the taxpayer’s money will be able to afford to drive. Then we riff-raff types will be off the roads, and our leader or his bride can head out on another taxpayer funded vacation and not have to deal with a bunch of cretins clogging up the traffic in front of them. As the economy tanks because of fuel prices, the Democrats will promise bigger and better food stamps and win every election. Then Pelosi can commandeer another luxury tax payer funded jet for her and her friends to gallivant around the world drinking from a taxpayer funded full bar.

    23. mathwiz says:

      That’s a funny picture. $58.74 is a lot for gas, but it’s only $3.74 a gallon for 15.71 gallons – a little less than the $6.00 headline.

      1. Landowner says:

        Better check the link offered in the story. There are 2 stations charging what the story said they were. Does no one follow the links for evidence?

      2. mathwiz says:

        @ landowner

        I’m sure people are charging $6.00 for gas, I didn’t read the story, but I was disputing it. I just thought a picture of a gas pump w/ $3.74 was funny for an article talking about $6.00 gas.

      3. orlandoresident says:


        Do you live in Florida? I do. There are two asshats near Orlando International that are routinely $2+ over whatever the actual price of gas is at the time, and I believe they have a hand in the Lake Buena Vista station. They have been protested against to the point legislative action has been considered for price gouging.

        This same story has been used for years about these same stations. Don’t get me wrong, I hate high gas prices, but jesus this is lazy reporting.

      4. sherri says:

        There is one link in the story … goes to That link shows that, of the highest prices in the entire state of Florida, there are three stations above $5/gl., 10 or so in the $4+/gl. range, and the rest are below $4/gl. Followed the link (singular). Just because 3 stations in the entire state of Florida are charging above $5/gl. doesn’t make it an across-the-board deal. And don’t get me wrong, I think we’ll all be paying, or close thereto, by summer. And insofar as stock pictures that the media uses, they should check the pictures more closely before they utilize them, because usually they use them to make their point.

    24. NoFear says:

      meanwhile he and his entourage are driving around in an armor plated “Beast” that gets a whopping 6 miler per gallon.

      What a total hypocrit and a liar.

      Senator Wilson was right. Obama Lies and nobody calls him on it.

    25. RadioRoberto says:

      I am at Disney World right now….$3.63 a gallon on property. It was over $3.70 on the Florida turnpike on Friday……AAA is incorrect!!!

      1. astralweeks says:

        At one gas station in Lake Buena Vista today it was 5.86 a gallon and 5.99 for premium.

    26. StopSpreadingLies says:

      More made up news?

      Unelected officials have taken over Washington and are orchestrating the daily news. Most of the comments and replies you’re reading online are government created too. With many stories the COMMENTS ARE CREATED BEFORE THE STORY IS REPORTED. They are designed to generate a response to engage “dangerous people” in real time.

      The oldest, first, highest, best, and most popular rated comments are almost all government propaganda. They are conducting Psy-ops (psychological operations) for domestic spying. They have 1000s of user names and are determined to bury the truth or ATTACK anyone leaking it.

      Our next election is shaping up to be as big of a sham as the last. Do you know why Sarah Palin’s bus tour was really canceled? Do you know why she stayed 30 miles away from the second debate and chose the death of Steve Jobs to announce that she’s not running? Know what leaked out? Sarah Palin and Cain aren’t in the race for the same reason, the truth leaked out.

      The biggest cover up starts here

    27. Phill says:

      Not exact quote but not far from the facts.

    28. Jeff says:

      Obviously many of your are in some way brain damaged. The quote says electricity prices, not energy prices and applied to coal under a proposed cap and trade system that was never implemented. If you want to stretch the truth into a lie go ahead.

      Obama does not say energy prices, he says electricity.

      1. Me says:

        Obama is a low life liar and destroyer of middle-class America. Those that still support that worthless clown are useful idiots in the true Stalinist sense of the phrase.

    29. MadCharles says:

      How’s that Hope and Change Yes We Can working out ?
      Had enough yet ?

    30. roger says:

      Prices are going up but this story is leaving out so much it’s scary. The “Suncoast Energy” prices in Orlando have been up over $5 for years. They’re a last-resort station near the airport and the prices are intentionally high, so much so that they’ve been battling new sign regulations for quite awhile. Everybody that knows about those stations goes somewhere else, and their prices hardly reflect extreme prices in Orlando or the state.

    31. Maria-Erlinda says:

      This if from Obama’s own words: “So if somebody wants to build a coal-powered plant, they can; it’s just that it will bankrupt them because they’re going to be charged a huge sum for all that greenhouse gas that’s being emitted.”

      And electric cars get more than 60% of their electricity from coal-powered plants.

      Understand it once and for all, it isn’t about the environment; the hardcore-Left –i.e., Obama and the Democrats– uses environmentalism to smoother –as if possible, destroy– free-enterpreneurism, to push America further toward socialism –no matter in which form– a failed ideology…as evidenced by the monumental collapse of the Soviet Empire (i.e., the Soviet Union and its satellites) and the dire situation that Europe –epitomized by Greece, Portugal, Spain, Italy and Ireland– is facing now.

      Obama has inflicted –purposely and maliciously– inordinate destruction on America; he must be voted out of office this coming November.

    32. rick says:

      To quote Eric:

      “I am a racist Republican.”

      1. Robert M says:

        The only thing worse than racism is accusations of racism based on no evidence. Isn’t basing a charge of racism solely on someone’s political leanings a great example of the same prejudice that fuels actual racism?

        Be careful: Hating someone inevitably turns you into that which you hate.

    33. NOT BOB says:

      Gotta Love a guy who keeps his promise

    34. Gibbs Bentley says:

      “No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public.” ~ H. L. Mencken

      1. BDDD says:

        Hi nut! New nick name same old B S on your site! You make the REAL whistle-blowers look insane!

      2. Gibbs Bentley says:

        Thanks for sending the hits … from a mental deficient room temperature IQ, low grade moron as you, I can only expect more. BDDD, 3 d’s for being extra degenerate.

    35. JimS says:

      Argg… I don’t like the man, but please stop posting stuff like the video above. IT IS FAKE, FALSE, ETC.

    36. CHUCK says:

      Republicans are a set of loosers, aren’t you guys suppose to love the free market, and capitalism and all the good and bad it produces? Well this is one of them. If you read and studied the markets you would know that there are lots of things that contribute to the spike in gas prices. One such thing is the threat of going to war with Iran. Now what’s your policy on this? Most of the Rpubs want to go to war with Iran. I guess this might lower gas prices tremendously, we just take their oil, wonderful isn’t it?? Imperialist!! It’s the blame Obama crowd, the hate crowd.. my wife left me blame Obama..

      1. Baja Bert says:

        Actually if she left you, she’d probably be doing you a favor.

      2. Loser Republican says:

        Dear Chuck,

        You misspelled “looser.”

        A Loser

    37. Leigh says:

      Yes I remember him saying that, specifically about 7 to 8 dollar gallons….but this story up above is so biased in stating, “Another reason for the high gas prices: positive economic news. The drop in the unemployment rate and improved housing market numbers have caused gas and oil prices to rise.” This could be no more honest than Madoff!!!!!! The reason WHY gas is so high is that AMERICA’S NUMBER ONE EXPORT IS REFINED OIL!!!! WE ARE SELLING THE MAJORITY OF OUR OIL PRODUCTS OVERSEAS, TO PLACES LIKE ASIA, SOUTH AMERICA, EUROPE…..Everyone sends us their Crude to refine and we send it back to them because we have the refining capacity!!! The reason why exports of oil products are so great is that AMERICAN DEMAND IS THE LOWEST IT HAS BEEN IN YEARS!!!! Why? Because 20% of our population is unemployed or underemployed and they don’t have the money to drive all over the place…..they are self rationing…..because demand is so low, the oil companies are selling most oil products overseas to make money, which is fine…..the problem is that they are exporting too much, and it is affecting what is left for Americans to divvy up amongst ourselves…..we need a little more oil to stay home so prices will go down….Exporting refined oil is not a crime and the speculators are driving up prices because they know what america is using and what the middle east is doing and they are driving up the prices on purpose…..I DON’T BLAME THE OIL COMPANIES FOR TAKING SO MUCH SUPPLY OUT OF AMERICA….LET THE PRICES GO UP SO OBAMA GETS THE BLAME. THEY DON’T WANT HIM TO BE PRESIDENT AS HE HAS BEEN AT WAR WITH THE OIL COMPANIES SINCE HE TOOK OFFICE….HIS BUNGLED HANDLING OF THE BP OIL SPILL IS A PRIMARY REASON…..NUMEROUS OIL RIGS HAVE LEFT THE GULF OF MEXICO AND THAT IS ALSO AFFECTING OUR SUPPLY…..Wake up CBS and quit making excuses for Obama…..he is a joke.

      1. Dredd says:

        B. Hussein is not only a joke, he is a threat to the security of this nationi AND my family! He has purposely done away with any programs that wold actually produce jobs, as in the pipeline and oil drillng, while EXPORTING more gasoline than EVER! And yet, we have cBS and the other state-run media trotting out BS like this blaming the gasoline price gouging on their own pathetic lies! Unemployment has NOT gone down, but cBS is actually tyring to tie gas prices to it?! WTH?!! The American voter is NOT as ignorant as the state-run media thinks they are and this will all end come November. But by then, it may be too late. The Donks are DOOMED.

    38. SetTheRecordStraight says:

      As an Orlando resident, I can tell you these particular stations are notorious for hoping unsuspecting tourists don’t notice their high prices. They have been battling with the city of Orlando on whether they should have to post prices on signs as most stations do. If regular gas elsewhere in Orlando is $3.50 a gallon, you can guarantee these stations in the tourist areas will be $2 a gallon more. It has nothing to do with Obama. The stations have been the subject of several TV and newspaper exposes.

      1. stace says:

        correct, if you are to get ensnared by these cretins as a tourist near MCO, go into the bathroom and take a dump on the floor or in the toilet tank…if they store cleaning supplies like many do in the bathroom, urinate all over them…I did that at a Chevron Station in GA on 95 that was 1.20 higher in a location htat was at least 10 miles from another exit, after buying 2 gallons to get me somewhere else…makes you feel better

      2. 2012RonPaul2012 says:

        Yes, you are correct. Those two are notorious for charging way more than average for this area.

    39. JustAGuy says:

      Welcome to the Obama Economy. Now grease up because it’s going to get worse!

    40. Jim Smith says:

      LOLOL…there’s that guy peddling his anti-Palin website again who says all the comments on these boards come from computers! LOLOL…what a nutjob.

      *beep* *beep* *beep* I’m a robot. LOL…idiot!

    41. RonniBlueEyes says:


      I am at Disney World right now….$3.63 a gallon on property. It was over $3.70 on the Florida turnpike on Friday……AAA is incorrect!!!

      I work for Disney, Roberto. There are no Shell stations on property here at Disney, only Hess stations and that is the price you’re talking about. The Shell station and the Citgo (at the 7-Eleven on 535) are probably the gas stations they’re referring to. They ALWAYS charge at least a dollar a gallon more than the 3 Hess stations on property.

    42. Jim says:

      Gas prices aren’t skyrocketing. This is a case of extreme demand in a very popular vacation area.

      1. Marlene Klim says:

        Gas prices are double what they were when 0 took office. That qualifies as skyrocketing.

    43. Yep. He sure made good on that. And yet the sheeple still deny while the evidence continues to fly in their faces. Oh well, we get what we deserve.

    44. passerby says:

      Well there goes the media again. Look at the picture. Shows $3 and some change on the gas pump not $6.


      1. Robert M says:

        File photo. You’re probably one of those people who think fast food burgers should look exactly like they do on the menu pictures, or think the models in Maxim/FHM aren’t airbrushed and photoshopped.
        Had the story claimed the photo as evidence to back up their story, then I would take issue with it’s use, but it’s rather clear that whoever formatted this story for web publication said something like “A story about gas prices. I better google a pic of a gas pump so casual readers will know this is a story about gas prices.”
        It’s really no different than the evening news reporting a shooting with a box in the upper corner showing the silhouette of a Glock handgun…should you cry media bias if that shooting was perpetrated with a Colt instead of a Glock?

    45. DeusVult says:

      You’re DAMN right!
      Whoever runs againest “resident”(thats NOT a typo!) obama CAN DEFEAT the SOB using his own words/soundbites…take the damn gloves off and SAVE THE REPUBLIC in 2012!
      2012 ABO= “ANYBODY” but obama! (for the LOVE of GOD!)

      1. Blue says:

        None of the republicans running will be able to defeat president Obama.
        The GOP is more corrupt than people know.
        “Big govt intruding into our lives?” – hard to beat the vaginal ultrasounds MANDATED in Virginia. The definition of rape is “penetration without consent”, so in effect, the State govt of V would be raping women.
        Romney flip flops every day and can’t be believed.
        Santorum wants to merge church and state.
        Gingrich is only in it because Adelson keeps throwing money at him to keep Santorum from gaining even more on Romney.
        And Ron Paul hasn’t a chance because he’s too radical.
        They’ve taken they’re gloves off, and they’re making a hell of a mess of themselves.
        Not only is it entertaining, but we’re seeing how evil they really are, and how THEY will push big govt right up all our ***es.
        You pick – either you can have Obama redistributing the wealth to average Americans, who drive the economy, OR you can have a republican redistributing the wealth to corporations that are already wealthy, and don’t drive the economy.
        It’s not rocket science.

      2. max says:

        Hope all americans feel the same and can see the total destruction of our country and our freedoms if this marxist gets in again.

      3. maroonvee says:

        Blue … a fetus is a person.. sorry you think the possibility that a woman would decide not to kill her child.. is evil. Liberalism .. a mental illness. and sick sick sick. Santorum is right, the left’s policies are satanic.

    46. sj says:

      i see nothing in this article talking about the administration not letting us drill in the gulf and the keystone pipeline being killed.. I wonder why?

      1. Blue says:

        The pipeline hasn’t been killed, just delayed.

    47. calvin says:

      He actually said ” With my cap and trade Energy prices will necessarily skyrocket” He did say he was in favor of a gradual increase in the cost of gas.

    48. YES WE CAN... AGAIN! says:


      I just reported you to

    49. Winkycat says:

      The article gives one reason for the spike in oil prices and it has to do with a foreign event, in this case Iran. We have enough of proven oil in the US alone to be free of foreign events dictating the cost of gas. It is not a shortage of oil in Iran or the US but a political decision that is driving the cost of gas to unprecedented levels. Alaska alone a state that is five hundred and fifty thousand square miles is basically unexplored. The oil fields of Texas to California to our off shore deposits to the shale content that are already proven surpass all the oil proven in the Middle East. It is easy for this administration to blame foreign events for our domestic oil crisis which seems the habit of this administration by the way, without lifting a finger to open up our domestic oil production.

    50. Zach says:

      “There is no magic pill”.

      Baloney… open the Alaskan oil deposits… even the THREAT of opening them will lower gas prices.. duh…

      They could also stop all speculation in the oil industry and not do business with any country that allows oil speculation…. duh.

      I’m just joe blow with a minimal education and even I know these things…

      Obama is the very Satan that Santorum warned us about.

      1. Duby says:

        Zach you are correct about obama being satan

    51. LTG says:

      Don’t forget that unemployment is good for us and higher taxes are great for us and the economy. If we don’t believe it we must be dunces. Convinced Yet? VOTE!!!!

    52. alio says:

      Hey, I heard that comment and was scared out of my sox.
      Didn’t anyone else hear it? They voted for him not me.

      THANK YOU OBAMA for more than doubling the gas prices.

      1. URAP-nis says:

        lol. moron.

    53. Pookie says:

      Drill baby, drill!

    54. Rusty Pietrzak says:

      It’s because you’re in Florida! I just paid $3.39 .gal in Dayton, OH Ha ha!

      1. Richard says:

        Yeah well, I’m in California and today paid $4.21 gal.

    55. Richard says:

      Obama was quoted (it’s on tape) that he “wouldn’t mind if gas prices rose as long as it happened slowly and over a long period of time.” Obviously his policies have contributed to the dramatic rise in prices. In December of 08 gas prices averaged $1.69 but by December of 2011 that average jumped to $3.42. (source: BLS)

    56. Americanius says:

      Remember though, Obummer said he gave us the largest middle class tax cut in history. Well there goes my $15 from the payroll tax cut. And the $40 from making work pay. Watch out his other hand is carrying a big hammer. Not the one redistributing the wealth.

    57. Falconexecs says:

      I only hope the Attorneys General are keeping an eye out for Price Gougers… if one place can be 2.79 and another 5.99 who is making the difference…. hmmmm and it all comes from basically the same place at the same price… follow the money…watch your local prices…and report.

    58. steve says:

      I like the part where they don’t mention the fact GOLDMAN SACHS admitted that the reason for high has prices was investment SPECULATION.

      Iran? Nope.
      Unemployment? Nope.
      Greece/EU? Absolutely nope.

      CBS must think everyone is an idiot.

    59. JohnDave says:

      Frankly, I don’t give a hoot what BHO – The Traitor/Liar/Poser/Socia
      ist-in-Chief says or thinks. He is worse than worthless as a leader.

    60. bosh says:

      Hey “Leaking the truth”…seek phychiatric care. Your ramblings look like a cry for help.

    61. bill says:

      I hope Florida chokes on their gas prices because they are part of the problem .They have oil all around south Florida and they want let them drill for it. People can’t afford to go down ther before the gas skyrocketed

    62. Robert says:

      The holiday & the illusion that we need to be going in to Iran for another war are also factors.

    63. URAP-nis says:

      How stupid can you people be? Do you really vote and possibly even breed??? The avg price in FL is $3.686. If you’re paying $6, you’re an idiot. This is just alarmist BS to make speculators richer. Seriously, how do people dress yourselves in the morning???

    64. john k says:

      song about gas cost,

    65. Fier Marshal says:

      This is for the author of the article, Matthew L. Higgins

      Please tell Angie Drobnic Holan and Bill Adair at PolitiFact Florida to remove their panties
      on fire rating for your truthful reporting

    66. Sue says:

      They had to find the dumbest person in the state to get a positive spin on high gas prices??

    67. LMurphy says:

      My question to america is …Since the people heard him say this..WHY would anyone in their right mind vote for someone that already put us under the bus without a fight and demanding the eco friendly groups to stuff it and drill our own oil. This country was blessed to abundantly provide for itself and have extra to give… NOT to buy, beg, borrow, credit or whatever from other nations…Or even take for that matter…

  2. Gunny G says:

    YEAH! How’s that HOPEY/CHANGEY treating you Obama voters in Floriduh!?

    1. Mark says:

      Any FL voter that voted for that Marxist, bigot, waste-of-blood is a complete fool.

      1. Ding Fries are Done says:

        I did.


    2. Zach says:

      The gas prices are just the tip of the iceberg. Read how Obama is letting companies replace American workers (high paying jobs)… so far, this year alone, 79,000 foreigners have been brought here on H1B Visas to replace US Citizens… and 400K H1B VIsas are already here…

      Read about it at:

      1. BDDD says:

        Until the booze, drugs, fast food and name brand sneakers get in short supply NOTHING will change.

        E-B-T! “Rome is the mob. The mob is Rome.”

    3. Obamadidn'tcausethis says:

      just fine Dummy, I mean Gunny G

    1. Omega 13 says:

      I hope you change..

      1. Yep says:

        Into something Sexier?

  3. END the FED says:

    Sheriff Mack Supreme Court ruling states rights up holds citizens rights against federal Government oppression .

    Obama is Wrong on economic and tax policy, and Obamacare is no different . We need more supply not Higher taxation which is without fair representation because the supply side markets are not expanding to bring down the Economic hardship price that a Lack of a Federal Policy is causing we the people then we need to employee the states rights to succeed the federal Governments lack of will to do Nothing !!!!! This is the Answer to USA Citizens Rights !!!!!

    1. Bill says:

      First of all, if we produced and refined more gas and oil here, prices would go down. Its basic economics. Oh yea – Just call people a dumb ass rather than have a conversation.
      Second, the problem is OPEC not the US is defining our prices, and our fed Obama Admisistration) is letting them do it. Why? because we have to go green (says the same fed). Look at history when we had strong Presidents and Leadership. Not like the Jimmy Carter or the Marxist that currently resides in the White house.
      Finallly, I agree with you that we should get rid of the Fed (Federal Reserve) Talk about stealing from us in daylight.

      1. PO'ed in Maryland says:

        Bill – I have a YouTube clip of Maxine Waters saying EXACTLY what she want to do – and that is have the Fed take over the oil companies. If the clip doesn’t make it, go to YouTube and search Maxine Waters Slip of the Tongue. She is a liberal socialist and admits it here.

        Remember that politics is ultimately about control at every level. The shame / sham is that Democratic politics is about getting and staying in power for the sake of staying in power – they usually do not have a plan for what they plan to do once they get there. Barry has no other plan than for trying to get elected, and if he does win 2012 then you will see his true nature really come out – just like our lovely governor in Maryland – he cannot get reelected, so you can now really see what he is all about, and that is for taxing Marylanders to death.

        Here is the Waters clip:

      2. daveca says:

        Heres another of Maxine Waters:

      3. stace says:


      4. New York Nick says:

        Watters should move to CU BA and be Fidel’s beeeeech…..she might not even make the cut she’s so naaaasty….

    2. END the FED says:

      I am sorry you feel I am a dumb a$$ but if the Monetary policy was back in the hands of we the people we would be directing all those Trillions of dollar they have spent towards Our USA productions to creat a expansion of supply and that would make more Jobs .

    3. W says:

      “. . .then why does the majority of all US oil produced end up being sold overseas at a higher price?”

      Because the “cleanness” of the oil isn’t up to snuff for our EPA standards. . .courtesy of Obama and his appointees. Compared to companies like Walmart, Apple or Microsoft, oil company profits are peanuts. Did you really state that more product sold would result in less profit? Wow. I’m. . . speechless at that one.

    4. Mike Bingham says:

      Since you are willing to beat up the oil and gas companies for their profits and call people idiots like a little child, are you willing to do the same for your government who gouges at the pump on the tax rate or are you not willing to take aim at your God Obama.

    5. TryReadingSometime says:

      Oil and gas companies are getting about 8% ROI, on average. Compare this to Apple’s much higher ROI and some other industries with higher profit margins that nobody ever chastises for making “record profits.” Oil and gas company profits are in big numbers because they spend hundreds of billions on exploration and production each year. If you want to learn something, look at Exxon’s annual SEC filings and see how much money they spend to make the profit they make.

      nerobama’s energy policies are designed to increase the cost of energy, he said as much himself so let’s not pretend that he isn’t using the federal bureaucracy to increase the cost of producing energy through regulatory action, red tape, fees, and unnecessary limitations on oil and gas producers.

      Oil and gas companies are always looking to increase production for several reasons. First, increasing reserves (discovered oil or gas which can be recovered) grows the value of the company. There’s only one way to discover producing areas: drill. 9 out of 10 exploratory wells are dry holes, so a lot of drilling is necessary to find new reserves. Second, oil and gas leases have a defined term, usually 5 years. If one does not drill and obtain production within the primary term, the lease expires and somebody else may lease the lands before you can obtain a new lease. Nobody wants to lose a lease, it’s expensive and unnecessary. Third, oil companies need to replace those depleted reserves. Because wells do not produce continuously at the same rate, it is necessary to replace the depleted production at a rate equal to the aggregate decline of production, in order for the company to grow. This takes a lot of drilling.

      A commodity or fungible good is sold for the same price everywhere. Transporting crude overseas will add to the cost of the crude delivered. Because it’s a commodity and the price cannot be increased above market price, one makes less profit by exporting crude. The only reason to do it is if there is not sufficient refining capacity in the US to handle it.

      Part of the high price component which was omitted by the writer here is that crude is priced in dollars, worldwide. As the federal government has pursued policies which are devaluing the dollar, crude becomes more expensive because it takes a larger number of depreciated dollars to buy a barrel. What we see at the pump is that it takes more depreciated dollars to buy a gallon of refined gasoline. Diesel is more expensive because the EPA mandated that its sulfur content had to be reduced 95% (glowbull warming nonsense). What was once a byproduct of refining gasoline now has to be refined itself. This increases the cost of diesel and reduces refining capacity for other petroleum goods like gasoline.

      The writer is dead wrong on his reasoning for the high cost of crude. The unemployment rate was artificially lowered because record numbers of unemployed people were scrubbed from the workforce and no longer counted in the statistics. The conflict in the Strait of Hormuz only popped up in the last couple weeks. How could it have caused the run-up in crude prices over the last 3 years? Easy, it couldn’t because it hadn’t happened yet. So there has to be another reason. Hint: it’s not the Greek bailout. The Greeks aren’t suddenly driving more because their country made a bond sale. It simply doesn’t work that way. If anything, their crude demand has softened under austerity measures and decreased governmental spending. Per the most recent figures I could find, Greece is ranked 33rd in the world (just above Pakistan) in crude consumption, ising 409,000 barrels/day, compared to the 18,810,000 barrels/day in the US. A country that consumes only 0.00454% of world crude consumption just doesn’t have the purchasing power to increase the price of a commodity by much.

      In short, The writer has no idea what he or she is talking about, and neither do you.

      1. I P Standing says:

        blow hard psuede

  4. oun temora says:

    Isn’t it Obama’s job to set the gas prices so we do not see pain at the pump? Oh wait, this is just the free market working.

    1. Reginald Winthorp says:

      It’s the free market working because of his misguided policies. Don’t forget when he campaigned he railed that higher gas prices were the basis of benefiting Bush’s pals in the oil industry. It seems he has some friends in the oil industry I guess.

      1. oun temora says:

        What misguided policies exactly? Oil prices are no higher than they were in 2008. These gas prices are a result of a recovering economy.

      2. WingNutJobs says:

        You idiots have no clue how this works. It is oil speculators and Big Oil sending prices through the roof with the over paranoid Fox news contributing with hand wringing over Iran. It is causing a non-issue event to be able to drive the prices. Do a little research and look at the recent speculator activity. We get over half of our oil from this continent and the real price should be about $75/b. Speculators are making a killing off of us. Historically, financial speculators accounted for about 30 percent of oil trading in commodity markets, while producers and end users made up about 70 percent. Today it’s almost the reverse.

      3. Phil says:

        @oun temora The policy of not increasing the supply of crude oil. See, even in your own tofu-eating, tree-hugging, and head-in-the-sand world, two principles govern the world: supply and demand. Because the supply of crude oil is low, the demand, according to 260+ years of economic theory, will rise, as will prices. This is not Fox News, this is not the “crazy, Christian Right,” these are facts, irrefutable facts. Had you taken the time to put down “The Audacity of Hope” and pick up an “Econ 101” book, you would have the cognitive ability to comprehend.

      4. Landowner says:

        There is no lack of oil. Tankers sit in the water waiting to unload to overstuffed storage facilities. Refineries shutdown to become storage facilities. Do you folks not read? We are net exporters of gas, sheesh it’s been all over the news. Open up another pipline, drill baby wahtever. Till you get the gamblers…I mean speculators out of it this is where we are.

      5. FinalIssue says:

        You’re all missing the point. If you print $2 trillion in “liquidity” you wind up devaluing the dollar and inflating the price of oil (which is priced in dollars). And because the fed has now become the largest buyer of treasuries due to an inability to address unsustainable spending levels, we can now expect oil prices to rise indefinitely. Wake up, this is what the erosion of your purchasing power looks like.

    2. Texashorseman says:

      That is correct except when prices rose during the bush admin.the stories ran on a daily basis that he was to blame. Yes it is Obama’s problem. Remember he stated “under my plan energy prices will skyrocket. His energy sec. his word not mine. “we need to get our gas prices more in line with Europe”. He doesn’t set prices just policies which affect prices.

      1. oun temora says:

        Which policies? I guess he could force high gas mileage requirements so less gasoline is purchased.

      2. PO'ed in Maryland says:

        He does want to make us look like Europe. How is that Euro thing and the EU doing? Not so good? Greece? Looking like it needs a bailout?

        This guy is a muslim shill that has no love for the US of A

      3. Chris Edens says:

        Oun Temora: How about killing the pipeline deal and the kowtowing he does to the environmental wacko’s and the EPA? Just 2 right off the top of my head. Yes, the pipeline deal doesn’t mean we would see lower prices because they would sell the oil at a higher price on the open market but that is a policy issue and one of his to fix.

        Americans are using less fuel than ever and we have a stockpile yet prices are climbing. We are outside of normal market conditions here and the rule of supply and demand as it applies to the US is broken. We have one of the largest oil deposits in the world and we sit on it while making the OPEC cartel billions.

      4. Chris says:

        What can a president, any president, do about gasoline prices?
        Quite a bit actually.
        The Obama administration has choked off deepwater drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. The Obama administration, and previous ones, have choked off shallow water drilling too. The Obama administration nixed the Keystone pipeline and has done nothing to open up America’s huge oil resources in ANWR. Do those policies immediately affect short term oil prices in a global oil market? Not much but, at the margins, they certainly can make a difference. And in the long term, they can make a big difference.
        More immediately, the White House can issue executive orders suspending or abolishing the ridiculous requirements for refiners to constantly retool and re-retool, at great expense, to make different recipes of gasoline depending on the state and the season. All that expense adds to the numbers at the pump too.
        “Drill baby drill” may sound simplistic, but the prospect of significantly increased amounts of crude coming to market soon or eventually can bring down prices overall. The fact that there’s no comprehensive committment to increasing America’s domestic oil production means there’s not expectation that there will be much more oil coming from the U.S. …which is part of the market process that pushes prices higher. Making such a committment would make a big difference and could do a lot to cool down a hot global oil market.
        Blaming speculators for the market’s direction is just silly. Speculators buy into commodities they EXPECT will go up in price. They’re like the stock market, responding to market forces already in play. No speculator has the market moving power of hundreds of millions of consumers around the world gassing up their cars. …or of a few Middle East kleptocrats with their hands on the shutoff valve.

    3. Dbblaine says:

      Get informed and stop drinking the cool aid

      1. oun temora says:

        I am trying to get informed, please inform.

      2. Dave says:

        tempora — read at; lots of perspectives there that you won’t get here, and it’s not about party politics. Puplava has excellent interviews and guest editorialists, all qualified in their fields. There is way too much to discuss in these noisy forums

    4. Skep41 says:

      The Free Market would have built the Keystone Pipeline, promoted offshore drilling and let coal and nuclear expand. We are headed for poverty because of the energy policies of the Democrats and Obama.

      1. oun temora says:

        Keystone may have a small impact, sure, but the cost of producing oil from oil sands is such that the prices of oil will always be this high. Plus, I don’t think the other big oil producers will let the oil prices drop—Saudi Arabia, Iran, Nigeria—you get the picture.

      2. krp says:

        @oun Keystone would enable oil to be purchased in US Dollars to people that would willing accept US Dollars – instead of people that would want to be converting them into Euros.
        Regardless of the high price of retrieving oil from oil sands, it would still provide an alternative source for oil which would indeed put downward pressure on oil prices globally.
        Producing oil closer to home would reduce the need to maintain good relationships with places like the Saudi Arabia and Nigeria, etc.
        We saw in December, when it seemed imminent that the pipeline would be approved, that gas prices dropped but as soon as the pipeline was nixed, gas prices started rising again. We have just experienced the impact of even the speculation of the pipeline on the price of, if not oil, the end product.

        You could cook dinner over an open fire, and it would be cheaper than buying a stove and installing it in your kitchen, but you still have a stove in your kitchen, right? Just because one option is cheaper, doesn’t always make it the best option.

    5. nmspoke says:

      I’m sure that’s exactly what you said when bush was in collusion with his oil buddies – hypocrite

      1. oun temora says:

        Well, Bush was trying to get oil prices lower—securing the middle east supply. It didn’t work out though.

    6. Alex Westland says:

      Actually, Obama explicitly stated that he WANTED gas prices to rise. Its part of his ridiculous utopian vision for the rest of us (ie, not his friends and allies, to whom tax payer money is shoveled).

      What, you didn’t believe him? How dare you ignorant twits get on here and try and deflect blame…

      Ever heard of supply and demand? 10 years ago, the Dems denounced opening up new drilling because it “would take to long to help.” Well, its now 10 years later…

      Unfortunately, you silly leftists never, ever learn…

    7. MAXIMUS says:

      No that is not his job, his job is to block pipleines and drilling in the Golf so the Free market is forced to raise the price..

    8. The system Stopped Woking says:

      100% BS! The frre market stopped working in the late 80’s, the system switched to price manipulation and it will never go back! Free market my ass!

    9. biff malibu says:

      We don ‘t have a free market in this country. That’s the problem. The oil industry and it’s allied industries are among the most heavily regulated industries in this country. Over taxed and over regulated from the well head to the gas pump.

    10. v. wheeler says:

      When G. W. Bush was president, you lie beruhl idjits blamed him for every penny increase in gasoline prices as if he was spending his mornings dictating the price. Now that your favored Marxist is in POWER, it is the free market. I suggest you butt out when the adults are in conversation, Junior.

    11. Jeff Trib says:

      Obama has shut down some of the free market. No drilling in the gulf. He closed down areas in the west for drilling, he shut down drilling research of the east coast unless it is 200 miles out, and he shut down the pipeline from Canada. Sometimes prices go up, and then they go down. Things in the middle east do cause prices to spike. But, they would not spike as high if we would drill here. If this administration, would stop always saying no to the things I mentioned above. To say Obama does not have something to do with this is just like you not blaming bush for the high prices when he was in there. Ohhh, and by the way, when Bush left office, I was paying $1.61… Hope and change?

    12. robert says:

      No, this is NOT the free market working. You can’t possibly be that stupid. If this were a ‘free market’, Obama would not be preventing us from meeting the demand with a more ample supply, which would absolutely result in lower prices. The gov’t, led by Obama, has stalled drilling and refining in the US since he got elected. We are now seeing the results of that. In a free market, businesses that want to address this problem by creating more supply would be allowed to do so.

    13. SerfCityHereWeCome says:

      Free market?? LOL! It’s primarily 3 factors. First, HIS policies are destroying domestic production, not to mention the EPA practically requiring a different blend for every freaking ZIP code, enormously increasing distribution costs (and pollution to deliver it, btw). Secondly, the part of the world where we’re forced to get it from is spiraling out of control due to HIS total lack of serious leadership. Third, with HIS insanely reckless fiscal policies we’re forced to PRINT UP OUT OF THIN AIR a large part of what we’re currently “paying” our bills with, destroying the purchasing power of the dollar. If we weren’t in such a severe DEPRESSION right now with incredibly weak demand it would actually be far WORSE.

    14. Gaffer says:

      But it was Obama who emptied the Gulf of oil rigs after neglecting the spill for 4-6 weeks, who continues to keep ANWR from development in less that .1% of its acreage, who refuses to allow the Canadian pipelines into the use to process shale oil, who continues the long-standard Democrat/Liberal treehugger process of denying new refineries, etc, and who encourages lawsuits over new and old nuclear plants? That Obama?

      If you mean “free market’, do you mean the oil market we are relegated to participate in in the mid-East now that Obama stopped all development here? The same mid-East where he fomented unrest in Egypt, Libya and now Syria (curiously ignoring the Iranian protests a year or so ago?)….

      Get YOUR facts straight, a$$hole.

    15. Just Goofin Off says:

      The energy market is not free, it is regulated by the EPA. A free market would not have multiple blends of gasoline. A free market would allow new refineries to be built. A free market would allow drilling. Free, my behind.

    16. devilpup says:

      Obama has done everything possible to ensure gas prices go through the roof. We have a proven filed in Montana called The Bakkan Field, it has more oil than ALL of the middle east combined. The environmentalists have congress by the short hairs and won’t let us get it. We could have gas at the pumps for a little over a dollar a gal. The middle east could go eat their sand.

      1. Still unemployed in FL says:

        Was supposed to go to the Bakkan and work. That area was paying huge..would have solved soo many different problems in this country. But now, here I sit..STILL unemployed. I’ve lost everything..houses, cars, you name it. This country is going to hell. If obama or romney get elected..I’m seriously considering leaving the country. I can’t take much more.

  5. tucsondon says:

    What a great time to throw a blues party at the White House! Impeccable timing Mr. President! How about following it up with 18 holes and a vacation?

    1. jubalante says:

      Michelle just got back from Hawaii and now is on the slopes in either Vail or Aspen (can’t remember which). I don’t think the Queen Bee is ever over vacations.

  6. Jimmy Danger says:

    get obama back in again we can pay $10 a gallon thanks dems i love you all

    1. George W. Axl Rosebush says:

      Or start siphoning from the tanks of cars with Obama stickers…heeheehee.

  7. Allie F. says:

    Thanksk Obama….you are succeeding in destroying our entire economy with your egregious and corrupt policies and agenda.

  8. Nothing says:

    Thank you King Obama for allowing us subject to pay more for the needs in our life.

  9. Just wait until we strike Iran. It will be $9 a gallon.

    1. Robert M says:

      Just imagine how high it could go if Iran kept their word, nuked Israel, and began a region-wide conflict involving the entire OPEC region, not to mention a military response from the rest of the world.
      That is a much bigger threat. No oil from Iran would be insignificant next to losing all supply from the entire Middle East.
      Also worth considering is that while Iran has large crude oil supplies, they have little to no refining capacity and import the majority of their gasoline, so much so that they have chronic shortages. The world can keep moving without crude from Iran, but Iran comes to a near halt without gasoline from the rest of the world.

      1. Bwahaha!!! Your comment sounds like a copy and paste job from Bill O’Reilly himself.

  10. JPG says:

    Useless photo – it also shows a price of $3.739 per gallon.

    1. Long Island Foodie says:

      Exactly my thought. Someone is asleep at the wheel.

    2. Meghan says:

      $3.73 is a more accurate depiction of gas prices in Orlando than $6.

  11. graz says:

    you can thank the food stamp prez for this one

  12. earllutz says:

    This is a red heiring by the MSM.

    These stations have huge costs because they are the only stations near rental car returns.

    They rape people trying to get to the airport on time. Frankly.. I like it!

    1. earllutz says:

      by costs I mean prices.. They dont post them and people just drive up and start pumping without checking the price (so they deserve the price)

      This is just an attempt to make you feel guilty about NOT paying $6 so you’ll not blame obama for gas prices

      Typical Liberals… Blame Bush not Iraq then blame Iran not Obama. When will the “redistrubtion” obama promised stop? Nov 2012…

  13. JStrange says:

    where are the daily news reports on the working man from the pump on the local morning news – we got to see those 24/7 when bush was in office, but since Obama is a stinking democrat, the press gives him a free pass! What a JOKE! Go have another party Barry or Go on vacation, spend and take all you can.

  14. Dbblaine says:

    Now, that’s Hope and Change that you can believe in. Barack Hussein Obama- MMM, MMM, MMM!

  15. Bob says:

    Hope, Change. Rinse Repeat all you sheep

  16. American Heretic says:

    Another reason for high prices is the stifling of supply. Canada is sitting on 1.5 trillion barrels of Oil and we cannot get it to the U.S. America has another 1.5 trillion barrels under the Green River Formation of Colorado, Utah and Wyoming. There is almost no oil production coming from there. Obama wants to drive up the price of gas to make his alternative energy, like Solyndra, affordable. Thank you President Zero.

  17. The Man from Scene 24 says:

    Obama cannot set pump prices, but he CAN create conditions favorable to less expensive gas and that’s what he doesn’t want to do. So yes, he IS responsible for these prices. His own energy sec. says that he wants our prices to match those in Europe. Kick tese %^*$#’s out in 2012!

  18. Gary says:

    obama seems to enjoy poking the American people with his stick. We are going to turn the tables on him 11/6/12 and EVICT him on 1/20/13.

    1. Dope and Chains says:

      And then the next corporate banker puppet steps in and continues the agenda, but perhaps at a slightly reduced pace in the hope you stop paying attention. These people think in generational time frames. The goal is control of all resources, including people by a brutal world government while getting rid of a few billion souls. They are pure evil.

  19. Srd says:

    When gas prices hit $4 a gallon in 2008, candidate Barack Obama said it was due to previous failed energy policies. Now that prices are heading still higher, President Obama calls it progress.

    1. O'Biden Ben Drinkin says:

      It is progress…..

      If you are an OPEC member.

  20. Joe S. says:

    Where is the outrage at Obama? I remember when gas inched up during the Bush administration, the Dems and media where throwing fits. Now you can hear crickets from the Dems and more noticeably, the main stream media. How predictable.

    1. Dave LCAC says:

      Thanks Joe, you are right on target. The Demorats screamed bloody murder about GWB being in bed w/ big oil and how we were paying for the fat cats lining their pockets. So now time to replace GWB with Obozo and see how it fits. Of course I know no prez can do this and in reality it is an international issue but failed domestic policy combined with failed foriegn policy equals $6.00 a gallon gas.

  21. Eric says:

    What BS…the price of gasoline has to be decoupled from the speculation buying of crude oil. Along with that, the speculation buyers should be mandated to take possession of the oil they purchase. These two ideas, if enacted, would lower the price of gasoline in half immediately. Gasoline should never be priced on the speculation market, it should only be priced on the actual cost to bring it to market. We need a one week moratorium from driving, then we can see the oil gougers swim in excess inventory. And why are we shuttering refineries?….

    1. B. Samuel Davis says:

      Good idea but impractical. You decouple it and you have what happened during Carter’s time – lines at the pump. The way to get cheap oil and gas is to have more of it – off California’s coast is five times the size of what’s in Alaska. And yes we need to build more refineries. Most important, we need to get rid of the idiot in the White House.

      1. krp says:

        Actually, the weak economy has reduced demand for gasoline that we are now exporting refined gasoline, because we have a surplus of it. But yes indeed, we need to get rid of the idiot in the White House, as well as a large number of the idiots that put him there.

  22. B. Samuel Davis says:

    If we had a Republican President the major media would be screaming for his head over this.

    Don’t be played by these people! Avoid major media and maybe it will go away. It is all poison anyway – ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC – major newspapers – look what these people have done to African Americans in this country. You want that happening in your community? AVOID DEMOCRATS!

  23. ErinF says:

    As I recall, Florida voted for obama. Elections have consequences.

  24. BPete says:

    The top three prices on that list are all tourist-raping pumps near Disney World.

    1. FLBusman says:

      It’s interesting that some gas stations NEAR Disney World are ripping off drivers, but the three Hess stations on Walt Disney World property are competitive with the Orlando area.

      1. RadioRoberto says:

        right you are FLBusman!! Hess is $3.63 today. AAA is wrong.

      2. Meghan says:

        Exactly – there is a Citgo station on 192 with a large sign boasting “Last Gas Before Disney!” There are 3 gas stations on Disney property, and they are always among the lowest prices in the area!

  25. Syd Chaden says:

    I would like to see everyone who voted for Obama pay the higher taxes that they love so much to protect the victims of their votes from these gas prices. The taxes should be put in a special fund and there could be a special price at the gas pumps for people who certify that they did not vote for Obama. The difference would be covered by the special fund. Of course, people who voted for Obama would be truthful, patriotic and law-abiding, and they wouldn’t lie about how they voted.

    1. chuck warner says:

      taxes are lower than ever moron. Your argument is baseless.

  26. Eric says:

    Keystone pipeline, DENIED!

  27. Ben says:

    I have yet to see any gas prices above $4 in florida, even look at the picture its under $4. This article has no grounds and the author needs to investigate more and write less…

    1. Spock says:

      DUH hes talking about one area in Florida, he even says that!!

      1. Meghan says:

        Actually he’s only talking about TWO gas stations in Florida, which are well known to locals for gouging, and have been for years. It’s incredibly irresponsible journalism to make it seem like this is the norm in this area.

    2. Boynton Beach says:


      Here in Boynton Beach, Florida the Citco station at Woolbright and Military & Woolbright has prenmium at 405.9 per gallon.

  28. Hank says:

    What about Obama’s crazy energy policies? Oh, I forgot, this is written by extention of Obama.

  29. Independent Conservative says:

    “Another reason for the high gas prices: positive economic news.”

    This has to be one of the most absurd talking points being bounced around the media right now.

    What positive economic news? Oh, you mean the unemployment drop that means nothing, because the participation rate in the employment market is steadily dropping, and true unemployment and underemployment is closer to 20%?

    Improved housing market numbers? Improved from what, near depression levels? The foreclosure rate is going back up rapidly, due to a hold on foreclosures being recently lifted across the country.

    It is the fault of the Obama economic, energy, and military policies that have gotten us to this point, and its only going to get worse. Gas prices have doubled since the President took office.

    With any other President, everyone would be asking themselves, “Are you better off than you were 4 years ago?” But how dare I question Dear Leader!

    Think about it the next time you go to fill up your tank. And get back to me when gas is $6 a gallon nationwide and try to tell me, and the rest of the conservatives in this country, that we were wrong. I dare you.

    1. edrog says:

      I should have read this post first. You nailed it. Let gas get above 4 dollars in some areas and see what will happen to this wonderful failing economy.

    2. Wheeler says:

      Not to mention Commerical Mortgages which are typically five years, will be coming due this year…with all the shuttered store fronts and strip malls I’ve seen, there are going to be thousands of defaults.

  30. Ronnie Honduras says:

    This is what happens when you also keep expanding the monetary base to bail out the big banks that borrowed and gorged themselves on mortgage debt with only a fraction of cash aside as collateral. This means you have to blame our corrupt central bank / banking system. More dollars in circulation = higher prices for those things we want the most. Gas. Healthcare. College. etc.

  31. Factchecker says:


  32. Spock says:

    Interesting, the iran thing only started recently but why did Gas prices double since BHO becames President?

    Lets see could it be is has stopped drilling and everything else?

    Let us drill here now, the minute he says he will allow drilling and mean it, gas prices will fall.

    Remember Bush puit through to open drilling in some areqs and Gas prices dropped like a stone overnight!!

    I thought this President wanted to help the elderly and poor!!

  33. edrog says:

    He forgot to mention that we are selling gas to China. WOW! Economy is better therefor gas prices go up? He is out of his mind.

  34. group09 says:

    Why are they using a picture where gas is $3.73? That’s still a lot, but a little misleading.

    1. Meghan says:

      The photo is not misleading. The article is misleading. $3.73 is a much better representation of gas prices in the Orlando area than $6. The two gas stations talked about in the article are well-known to locals for gouging, and we avoid them. If you are paying close to $6 for gas in Orlando, it’s only because you aren’t paying attention.

  35. ErinF says:

    Remember this? Pelosi et al b!tching about $3.05/gal gas when Bush was in office…

    Their silence is deafening now.

  36. Alex In Orlando says:

    Live in Orlando. Gas Stations in that area are notorious for jacking up prices as tourists usually never leave the area and even then it is still cheaper to pay 5 dollars than 4 pounds, or 5 euros, ect.. gas station by my house is 3.70 picture available upon request. they should be closed down for ripping people off.

  37. jetty says:

    Good luck with that re-election thing, Obama.

  38. SerfCityHereWeCome says:

    You’d think the regime would figure out that if you want to get prices to come down, drop this ridiculous charade of “seasonally adjusting” THREE MILLION extra nonexistent jobs into the January employment numbers and stop pretending this epic depression is a “recovery”. Oops, that’s right…election year…

  39. George says:

    The article neglects to include the recent reduction in production by the Saudis. This is probably the largest factor to consider.

  40. justavoter says:

    Gingrich promises $2.50 a gallon if he is elected. Gingrich is the only candidate that knows how to put money back in our pockets. Elect Santorum and we get more of th same. Vote Romney or Santorum and we will get Obama another four years. It would take Santorum two to three years to start making a difference. America needs somebody that can start making changes on day one and Gingrich is the only one that can do that. Gingrich is the only one that can beat Obama. Why else do you think the media has tried to destroy Gingrich just like they did Sarah Palin? Gingrich is not part of the establishment. Gingrich is the only candidate that can bring America back. The rest are more of the same and Obama is suicide for America.

  41. Dave says:

    How’s that “special relationship” with Israel working out for you?
    (this question is for dems & repubs)

    1. dave says:

      Hey we have dave here a anti semite. Hitler was a anti semite. Israel was the Jews before muslims were invented.

      1. Alex says:

        So I can convert and a Palestinian family will be kicked off their land even though I’ve never been there?

  42. Mark says:

    I’m voting just to get him out of office

  43. gene says:

    Obama wants you to buy the GM Govt motors Chevy volt. The prices of gas will rise till the volts start selling

    1. Joe Doakes says:

      The electric car needs to die . . .

      January 25, 2012

      Dear President and CEO of General Motors Mr. Obama,

      As an old life guard I wonder sometimes if a liberal were drowning, and I through them a jug, half filled with water to save them, would they, right before they were about to take their last breath, would they look for the recycle logo on the jug or would they just be happy that I was saving their life with it? If the electric car was drowning I would fill it with Quikrete and sink it. At least then it could not hurt anyone and it would become provide a home to some fish. I know all of you up their have a fetish for this thing. You think that it is a panacea to our use of oil or to clean the air, or whatever, but it’s all a lie. From production to delivery, to use, to disposal, it is a bad idea. The only way ideas like this come to be is a result of forcing people to invest in failed ideas, and the takeover of companies like General Motors by the federal government.

      In a sane world an entrepreneur would go to the public market or invest their own money and set out a few goals. Number one would be to build the lightest and coolest car possible. Number two would be to make a profit. Number three would be to sell as many of them as possible to the most people possible. Unfortunately, the car business has been decimated by over regulation. Good thing you people never got your hands on the cell phone industry. Apple Computer would still be making the Mac II. This mythical car company would hire people, build plants, and create a product that would get fantastic mileage. To do this it would use composites, high strength plastics and aluminum to reduce weight. The enemy in efficiency is weight and aerodynamics, not propulsion. In fact when one fixates on the that aspect they end up with too much weight and not enough bang for the buck; and like Elliot Spitzer Americans love a little extra bang for the buck:) In short, if any company took a four cylinder vehicle and used these light but strong materials a gasoline powered vehicle would do far better then a battery coal driven car from factory floor to disposal, but liberal auto executives like yourself don’t want the truth, they just want their fantasy, just like Elliot Spitzer, the problem here is all of us have to pay for it.

      I drive cars that are big and powerful. I love Corvettes. You can’t beat them for the buck. I drive them less now because I can no longer afford the gasoline. The reason I can’t afford the gasoline is because the government is making it so the refineries and energy companies cannot make enough product to allow the market to clear at a price that would induce me to consume. That is why America is dieing with you as President, that is also why, President Carter failed so miserably too, you are trying to deliver the same medicine to a patient that just wants to escape the hospital. President Reagan provided that escape, and one day President Gingrich or President Romney or some other fellow will do the same. Or you could continue to run this nation, and General Motors, for that matter into the ground.

      Thankfully, we get a say in that, and on November 6, 2012, we will be voting for the other guy.


      Joe Doakes

      1. Thomas Baker says:

        Poor baby, you can afford a Corvette, but you can’t afford the gas for it? My heart bleeds for you……

    2. Shepherd says:

      Yes, but does it come with a fire proof driving suit?

  44. Joe Doakes says:

    “To justify stupid electric cars we are going to have to destroy your lives.”

    – President Obama (parody)

  45. al says:

    To all those who defend our foreign policy of intervention and crackpot Keynesian economics your getting what you deserve. Sadly your dragging the rest of us down with you.

  46. Donlad Duck says:

    Communism is king! Long live the the principles of Chairman Mao and Josef Stalin!

    And if you do not like it, tough, The Obumunist is going to impose it upon you.

  47. OldNBroken says:

    How come the picture says it’s $3.73? I despise this administration with a passion but I also want fair, honest OBJECTIVE reporting

    1. Meghan says:

      Because gas really is more like $3.73 in Orlando.

      1. stace says:

        its those jagoffs near the airport that dont really show the price and they take advantage of rental car folks, this has been going on for over a year

  48. Paul Roth says:

    Anybody, anywhere who voted for this loser is a complete fool. Anyone who votes to reelect him is nothing short of a moron.

  49. red urinalism says:

    The author of this article blames everything and everyone but Ob*ma for the high gas prices. But then, it is C-BS.

  50. The People's Car says:

    When the messiah is re elected he promises free Chevy Volts for who ever votes for him!!!!

  51. Samans says:

    It would be nice if we could get some honest reporting from the CBS affiliate instead of just quoting the Obama talking points with regards to why the prices are high.

  52. Mark Simpson says:

    Quit whining and bust out your credit card at the pump! Obama, Gore, Clinton, and other Dems have all stated in he past that gas prices need to increase to reduce driving, “save the planet”, fund development of alternative fuels, and other non-sense like that. You people voted for these fools, what the hell did you expect? So shut up and deal with it.

  53. Shepherd says:

    It’s Obama’s fault.

  54. NonVettedCommunityOrganizer says:

    Hope and Change Economic Depression brought to you by King and Queen Hussein Obama.

    Keep drinking the Kool-Aid!!!

  55. Keith says:

    this is all bush’s fault – oh, and Cheny and Haliburton. The prices are going up because Cheney ows Haliburton favors and is paying them off. WAIT, bush is not in office – mmmmm. Well its his fault anyway.

  56. Pres Inflation says:

    If you would just put air in your tires the price will come down. LOL!

  57. Drill Baby says:

    Drill baby drill. The USA’s KNOWN oil reserves are not being tapped.Why???
    Don’t need electric cars.
    No wonder we are paying these prices and dependent on foreign oil.

  58. Jeremy Hall says:

    LIES.. I live in Tampa.. I just passed a gas station and its still in the high $3.. I hate reporters that LIE

    1. FAIRTV says:

      Read the article. The prices cited are in the Orlando area, not Tampa.

  59. Dantes says:

    Barrack Hussein Obama promised higher energy prices. It’s about the only promise he’s kept. Otherwise, ixnay on the smart diplomacy, jobs, decrease deficit spending, etc. etc.

  60. John says:

    Why is it that rising gas prices were bad news when Bush was in office, but it’s good news now?

  61. FAIRTV says:

    Jay Carney’s statement that Republicans forced Obama to veto the Keystone Pipeline project is laughable. Do these Democrats really think the American people are that stupid?

    1. rolandotx says:

      yes americans are that stupid. witness the current occupant of the White House. even with our country in free-fall decline Obama the Christ still has 45-50% approval. Just read that 49.5% of americans pay NO income tax. They will vote to keep it that way because Obama will BUY their votes with our money. send money to any and all republican candidates and vote, vote, vote to restore our country. it is the only chance we have

  62. Tim says:

    These particular gas stations have ALWAYS had prices way above the average. This has nothing to do with the current economic situation, Obama, Bush, or anything else. They simply go after tourists. Locals are well aware of these stations, and avoid them.

  63. Alex Winter NYC says:

    If this was happening under Bush the media would be screaming bloody murder every day about the price of gas. Obama gets yet another pass from the biased, clueless liberal media.

  64. Chris says:

    Change you can believe in!

  65. Teddy Novak says:

    Thanks Obama! Thank you for preventing domestic drilling! Thank you for preventing the Keystone pipeline! Thank you for preventing the construction of more refineries! Thank you for serving your environazi masters! Thank you, oh thank you for making everything (like food) that needs to be transported more expensive!

    I’m just overwhelmed with thanks. Friggin’ putz.

  66. Shepherd says:

    If you voted for Obama in 2008 to prove you’re not racist, please find someone else to vote for in 2012 to prove you’re not an idiot.

  67. jay says:

    These rising gas prices are the direct effect of the Republican’s in congress killing the gateway pipeline project on behalf of big oil.

  68. skyhook says:

    prices are high because people just keep driving. of course they are high around disney world because “we just HAVE to go to disney world” save that money and use it when your credit cards are maxed out. THATS the only time when people will wake up is when they hear “sorry youve been declined” people still have room on thier cards. wait till that ends. but thier solution will just be to call the card co.and extend thier limit

  69. Dope and Chains says:

    The plan is for America to resemble China. It will be accomplished through U.N. mandates, particularly Agenda 21, which the Obama regime fully embraces. The environment is to be worshiped while people (workers) are forced into high density cheap apartments next to rail lines. Energy prices will force mass transit, substitution of synthetic food (freedom rations) and eliminate personal travel. Anybody not in agreement will be identified and dealt with using drones, spy networks and the rising police state.

    A boot stomping on your face forever.

  70. Sport says:

    Can we vote now? I’d LOVE to get that sucker outta office!!! We need a recall!! And if I were you Floridians, I’d be turning in EVERY one of those stations that are that high for price gouging. Without a doubt.

  71. dam says:

    You forgot to mention the fourth culprit – Disney.

    1. Meghan says:

      What does Disney have to do with two gas station owners gouging customers? The Suncoast station mentioned is near the airport, and the Shell station mentioned is closer to an outlet mall and a large Catholic shrine than it is to Disney. There are three gas stations on Disney property, and all three are consistently among the cheapest in the area – $3.67 today.

  72. Dmac says:

    Maybe Floride should start drilling off its coast and build a refinery somewhere in Florida, you know, do your part to help meet the nations energy needs instead of relying on others to do your part for you. You reap what you sow.

    1. ABO says:

      The chinese and russians have already started drilling off the coast of Florida, for the cuban government.

  73. tankette says:

    That is the price we pay for almost 4 yeqars of the Obummer Administration…

  74. Gator says:

    What goes around comes around. Hope you people in Florida are happy. And, continue to not drill in your state. You and CA get what you deserve.

  75. John Walker says:

    People in the US should be thankful that gas prices are not as high as in the UK at nearly $9 a gallon. I guess you don’t appreciate subsidised gas over there lol

  76. Sam says:

    No matter what the issue, it’s always someone else’s fault. It’s good to be the King.

  77. Joe says:

    I work from home and I laugh at you idiot liberals who voted this jerkoff into office. Enjoy that CHANGE…oh wait you don’t have anymore change you’re spending it on gas. BAHAHAHAH!!!

  78. Dave says:

    This is suspect to me since there is a gas station near the Orlando airport that rapes rental car returns. I imagine that that is the station that is listed as $6. More than likely Obama is not involved.

  79. SPower says:


  80. mcozzy1 says:

    Liberals crack me up. Any time gas prices went up under George W Bush, they screamed, “Halliburton”, “Conspiracy”, and “Bush loves oil companies”. When gas prices go up under Obama, they give Obama no blame.

    They did the same thing with wars. With Bush, liberals were anti-war. With Obama, they’re completely silent about war.

    If liberals had any integrity at all, they’d be all over Obama for wars and gas prices just like they were with Bush.

    1. tim says:

      Nope, aint gonna happen. “if” is the opperative word in your last sentence.

  81. sb36695 says:

    This is what happens when you vote for “hope”. Maybe next time you will question the “change”. ABO

  82. Sam says:

    Gas is taxed at a very high rate. More $$ spent on Gas means more $$ to the tax man. Go figure.

  83. J says:

    All according to Obama’s plan. He said he wanted high gas prices in ’08 and his Energy Secretary said he wants high gas prices more recently than that. Liberals blamed Bush at every turn when gas prices were high then. At least Bush was trying to prevent high gas prices, not sing their praises.

  84. Barry Soetoro says:


  85. HansJurgen says:

    And Obummer is smiling knowing that “evil” America will soon go under – his radical plan all along. Can you say “Praise Allah”? If you don’t, then you’re an infidel and Obummer and his kind will put you 6 foot under.

  86. Meghan says:

    Those two gas stations are not normal for Orlando or for the Disney area. Besides the 5.89 Shell station, the next highest price for regular in Lake Buena Vista is 3.79 (and this is also from Gas Buddy). The three gas stations that are on Walt Disney World property are 3.67 for regular! If you are paying nearly $6 for gas in Orlando, it’s only because you aren’t paying attention. As for the quote, ““Prices over in the Disney World area are much higher than any other place in Florida,” Jessica Brady, AAA spokeswoman, told CBS Tampa,”someone needs to do a little more research and a little less fear-mongering.

  87. JD says:

    I’m sorry but that is the dumbest thing I have ever heard, how is Greece behind the rising gas prices. You might as well say shooting stars are to blame. Do some reporting next time. Maybe you should talk about how this doesn’t relate to inflation for the govt and that all the unemployed on food stamps cannot buy as much.

  88. JDS says:

    I recall a time in the not so distant past when liberals and the MSM were SREAMING when gas prices went up under Bush. Now, not a peep.

    1. MilitantCatholic says:

      The Liberals were also screaming about insane deficits, insane spending, having our troops in too many foreign conflicts, GTMO being open, the economy being ruined, government spying on us, and a corrupt administration.
      Every single thing the Liberals complained about has been made worse by this President. Hope and Change!

      1. Darnel says:

        I bet you and a lot of other Good Catholics voted for Obama to reinforce your Social Justice (code for legalizing illegals)agenda!

  89. Mr. Common Sense says:

    Idiot liberals will still line up and vote for Obama, even the ones that aren’t dead.

  90. Eric Gunther Oberhauser says:

    Nuke israel and gas will come down to $.50 a gallon ,maybe less.

    1. Shawn says:

      I wasn’t aware the Israel set the prices for Saudi oil

    2. AtlasObjectivist says:

      Oh, is that how it all works? Let me guess, you are looking for a position with the Obama administration.

  91. robert says:

    Inside Odumbos head…..(I love this…now they will have to buy my car).

  92. donpopione says:

    The drop in the unemployment rate, don’t me laugh they conveniently forget to add the people who are no longer getting benefits, but still don’t have a job.If the middle class don’t stand together on these gas prices, and start doing our own protesting and writing and calling our legislators, we the middle class will suffer not the rich and not so much the poor.

  93. FEDUP says:

    Change you can believe in…..

  94. larry says:

    You all do realized that 5.75 of that 5.99 is government taxes Right?

  95. Dan says:

    Well, waait until all the roads are foll roads, then it will be really expensive to drive anything.t

  96. Kelly says:

    Obviously will are still feeling the effects from the Japanese tsunami.

  97. Trajan Long says:

    ONly an imbecile thinks the economy is improving. Gallup has unemployment at over 9%. Stagflation, and falling wages are killing consumers. This year will not go well for the wild spending, insanely destructive Obama and his thugs.

  98. Henry says:

    All BS. re regulate oil prices again. re regulate the stock market re regulate everything deregulate every stupid deregulation legislation made in the last 20 years that was promised to make everything cheaper.
    PS Most of our oil comes from right here in the USA and not from the middle east.

  99. MilitantCatholic says:

    “Under my plan of a cap and trade system, electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket. ”
    Under Obama’s plan the price of everything will necessarily skyrocket.
    Ruined economy.
    US troops in multiple foreign conflicts.
    Skyrocketing deficits.
    Over half the states suing to get out of Obamacare.
    Lost over 600 seats for his own party last election.
    Hope and Change!

  100. daveb says:

    Can’t be King Barry’s fault! It is George Bush and the republicans fault. Didn’t you listen to Jay Carney. He said that it was the Republicans that didn’t pass the budget and the republicans that K.Oed the Keystone pipeline. It is also the republicans that caused Global Warming and all the Hurricanes and caused Iran to get Nuclear Warheads. Republicans caused every evil thing in the world and King Barry Hussein is The Annointed One. He knows all, He sees all.Unemployment stimulates the economy and all working people are bad!!! Unless you are a union worker who pays Barry kickback slush money. Then it is OK.
    ANY AMERICAN WHO VOTES FOR SATAN will be contributing to the END OF THE USA!!

  101. William in Orlando says:

    Those two gas stations do not represent the Disney area nor Orlando area for fuel price averages. I live within 5 min of one and 20 min of the other. They are already infamous with our local press for overcharging naive tourists. I am not defending their prices but this article is not objective. Those stations have ALWAYS charged ridiculous prices. This is not news.

    1. OrlandoRealityChecker says:

      Exactly. See my comment below.

  102. Ned Psycho says:

    They could have at least used a photo of a gas pump with the ~$6 price on it…doesn’t that pump indicate $3.73 for regular unleaded??

  103. Chris says:

    Hey America, how’s that Hope and Change working out for you!?

  104. Zorba says:

    Why iare gasoline prices the measure of everything? And why do we think that the price will never go up? And if it does that there is something terribly wrong? That’s the free market for you. If you want low gas prices, then think about socialism. Oh wait, you don’t want to do that either.

    1. Momofthree says:

      Oh really? You do NOT think Iran has ANYTHING to do with this… Nope not at all. You are so ignorant! Gas prices go up during PEAK TRAVEL SEASONS and that is what drives the market for the gas prices go up ( supply and demand). Ummm. February is NOT one of those peak seasons. May starts the season. PLUS Obummer could have gladly signed the keystone pipeline project to help the US out, nope he VETOED IT!

    2. nate says:

      If we drill our own trillions of barrels right at home we would have $2 a gallon gas. But wait Zorba, you don’t want that either.

  105. Craigmk1974 says:

    All Obama cares about is making his oil buddies rich. In the 2008 presidential election, Obama said he had no problems with $5 per gallon gas

    1. Momofthree says:

      PLUS his stupid GREEN Agenda that NO ONE WANTS! He is going to force it down our throats with the price of oil and gas.

  106. doc says:

    Since Obummer is a “former Muslim” it only stands to reason he would want his Muslim buddies to get more from the Christians. That’s what all that bowing was about. It’s part of the plan. Obummer is on the record saying he wants high gas prices. If Americans are dumb enough to reelect this Muslim sympathizer, there’s no telling what we will be paying in 5 more years.
    Never ever vote for a Democrat!!!!!

  107. Elwood says:

    I’m sure this is Bush’s fault somehow.

  108. beegee1970 says:

    First off, who is the biggest profiteer for the sale of gas? Gumbermint!

    Yes we can! Yes we can! Yes we can! Yes we can! Yes we can! Yes we can! Yes we can! Yes we can! Yes we can! Yes we can! Yes we can!

  109. Momofthree says:

    Time to start your Gas Pump Sticky Note Campaign ” How’s that Hope and Change thing working out for ya?” Add it to every pump you stop at. Obama could have allowed the Keystone Pipeline project and helped us become oil independent. Nope instead he purposely CRIPPLES our nation.

  110. Alan Hawk says:

    The line; “A third culprit behind the gas price boom is Greece. The EU’s bailout for the indebted country only adds to the global fuel demand.” doesn’t make any sense. How does the bailout increase fuel demand, especially from such a small country? A more likely explanation is the economic uncertainty over the future of the Euro over the sovereign debt crisis (Greece et. al.)

  111. dave_ct says:

    POUTS said this is just a sign that the economy improving. No worries!


  112. Lou says:

    We Americans are going to get exactly what is coming to us because of our general inability to identify and confront the NWO agenda unfolding before our very eyes. We are being shut down. The gullible who would not believe the warnings have allowed the madness to reign. There will be no recovery. There will only be more war and more debt to the bankers who own us.

  113. matt s says:

    i don’t like obama as much as the next guy

    but if you remind the blocks to late 2007/08, fuel cost cost about the same

    in fact it was about 4.25 around when the so called recession hit before obama got electied

    this goes far and beyond what potus is in the chair, it would be HIGH no matter who was prez, no matter what BS they say during a campaign to get elected

    wake up

  114. Captain Obvious says:

    Stick a fork in the US, we’re done.

  115. Michael Pelt says:

    Obama restricted oil leases on federal land, stopped, then started reduced oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, refused to drill in 1% of Alaska, stopped the XL pipeline, eliminated thousands of square miles of offshore drilling rights on both East and West Coasts that were permitted by George Bush, closed down coal power plants. What would you expect gas prices to do?
    Nevertheless, I’ll gladly pay $5 a gallon if this idiot is booted out of the White House.

  116. intrepidwarrior says:

    Two words sons and daughters of this Republic – Civil War.

  117. Get Rid of Obama says:

    If $6 per gallon oil, rids us of Obama, the consequences will be worth it.

    I’ll curtail my driving until he is gone. I;d rather suffer in the coming months

    than have to live with 4 more years of him.

  118. Raule says:

    Tax per gallon is 47 cents. Half of the refining cost is because of environmental regs. The rest is Crude costs, transportation and middle man.

  119. OrlandoRealityChecker says:

    This piece is a totally sensationalized distortion of the truth. Average pump prices in Central Florida are about $3.60 a gallon. The stations cited are either in Lake Buena Vista, e.g. right by Disney, or in the case of the Suncoast station, the last gas before Orlando International Airport, and they gouge tourists in a hurry who have to fill up their rental cars before catching flights home. They’ve been charging nearly double the prevailing market price for years, and I don’t know how they get away with it.

  120. rawheadrex says:

    6 Baracks a gallon! Just keep reminding yourself until November how many Baracks a gallon of gas costs compared to Jan, 2013.

  121. mitchrx7 says:

    $3, $4, $5 gas?
    Thank 0BAMA!

  122. John Galt says:

    Left wing dogooders always dreamed about having European gas prices here in the USA. Looks like Obama made their dreams come true.

  123. Matt says:

    What the hell are you talking about I live near Disney and gas everywhere is about $3.59 a gallon, where the hell are you getting your numbers?

    1. stace says:

      near MCO, they have been doing this for months and they try to hide the price from the street and rental car folks have gotten burned…these clowns have been going at it for months.

  124. Mark says:

    In 2002 when Bush tried to open ANWAR to drilling, libs blocked it saying that it would take 10 years for that oil to come on line. Well, it’s 10 years later and this is what we get when we listen to liberals.

  125. John says:

    This is it regarding the Obama regime and his close communist connections inside and outside of DC. This community organizer must be shown his way out of the White House or the USA would become the USSR.

  126. Jim says:

    Hope and Change baby Hope and Change.

  127. ReConUSMC says:

    The next time this President says he is for the Middle Class .
    Hit the Mute button or switch channels .
    Facts really do the matter the media want mention for obvious reasons .
    Gas has “Over Doubled ” in the last Three years .
    Food is up 24-37 % in the last Three years
    Meat is up 39 % in the last Three years
    Electricity is up 24-31 % in the last Three years
    real inflation rates are up over 6 % not the lie 3.1 because gas and food is not counted .
    And Cotton is up 200 % . in the last Three years
    Middle class Pay checks are down $ 3, 421.00 on average in the last Three years .
    The dollar has shrunk and is now worth 74.3 cent .
    Health care cost is up 17-34 % .
    Property taxes are up 12-16 % .
    College cost is up 12-18 % .

  128. Wiedawake says:

    IT WAS ALL PREDICTED ON THE ALEX JONES SHOW LAST YEAR….Not news for me, I knew it was coming. All part of the plan.

  129. Danny says:

    All of you idiots paying for gas $4 or over are total slaves and you need to wake up and stop acting like a bunch of indentured slaves that you are! How disgusting that americans are putting up with such ridiculous prices that we all know are inflated on purpose! STOP giving the elite what they want and go on STRIKE.

    $6 buck a gallon? REALLY? So you like getting 1 gallon per every $10 buck you spend you morons? Watch this VIDEO and WAKE UP for god sakes…


  130. skip says:

    Not a big fan of Obama, but if you are going to do a story on $6 gas in Tampa, why on earth would you illustrate it with a picture of a pump in Miami showing gas priced at below $4/gallon? Do you think we don’t know what a gas pump looks like? More rank incompetence from our news media. Without them, Obama would have been impeached by now or never elected. Hold them responsible too for their amateurishness and incompetence.

  131. nowswimback says:

    Enjoy your war with a country that hasn’t attacked us, and the perks that come with it, including $6 gas.

    1. SkunkPunk says:

      Let me guess, you are a 9-11 truther?

  132. gman says:

    Totally untrue!!! The current price in Disneyworld is $3.61. Get your heads out of Drudge’s ass and do some research!!!

    1. Meghan says:

      Drudge didn’t write this ridiculous story.

  133. lee says:

    What we need to do to drive gas and energy prices down is to severely restrict on and off shore drilling, shut down coal fired power plants, stop oil and gas fracking that would make us energy independent, prevent oil pipelines for Canadian shale oil from being built and let that oil go to the Chinese, pay lip service to nuclear power plants but tie them up for ever in studies, have the EPA pass hundreds of illegal regulations that ignore the constitution and to spend billions of dollars in taxpayer funded grants to cronies that start up “green” power companies that go bankrupt as soon as we give them the money and we get our campaign contributions. Oh wait, Obama has already been doing ALL of that! How is it working out?

  134. Maxx says:

    If this was the case…dont you think they could have at least found a picture with said gas prices????

    1. stace says:

      its a few stations around the airport that have been doing this for some time…they have fought against conspicous advertising, they are real tools…this is an old story…they have the prices very small and practically not advertised….

  135. stace says:

    are these the stations around the Orlando airport that have been charging this for some time now…if you get snagged on their little game of not showing the prices in a conspicuous manner, go into the bathroom and go “top shelf”, take a dump in the tank of the toilet and put the lid back on, a few days later and it is a bloody mess…or just take a dump on the floor and spread the love.

  136. Jones says:

    Clearly, this IS George W. Bush’s fault.

  137. AK47s per gallon says:

    Gas is going up when priced in dollars because the government is printing obscene amounts of dollars to postpone collapse. Gas is not going up in terms of gold, silver or AK-47’s/gallon.

    So hedge yourself against the coming price shock in gasoline and buy silver and AK-47’s today. Later on sell said items for greater paper dollars and then buy your gas.

  138. Smarter than Drudge says:

    Stupid. Three gas stations less than a mile away are selling gas for less that $4. You’re basing this off of one person’s report. And if it is true, which is feasible, the free market will dictate customers go elsewhere for gas.

    This is a non story.

    1. stace says:

      it is a nonstory, these clowns have been doing this for some time and fight the county over advertising the price, people returning rental cars pull in and dont realize it right away or do and leave, no news.

    2. AtlasObjectivist says:

      Obviously a non story for the Obama regime. Hope he enjoys his permanent vacation after the November elections.

      1. stace says:

        I am a staunch conservative but this is a nonstory, if you google orlando airport gas price gouging, you will see that these jagoffs have been duping people for months….

  139. NOT BOB says:


  140. Dan says:

    What a crock of s&*t! This has alll been promulgated by the Obama administration. He has opened up drilling rights in the US to lands that are known to have limited oil reserves. He then confiscates those that do have proven reserves. And then, where there are questions, he steps up the EPA regs. in places like the gulf. The article of the other day indicated that Americans in 2011 drove the least a,oount of miles since 2003. And yet AAA, as a spokesmouth for big business and the Obama administration would have you believe that rising gas prices are due to an improving economy? Give me a break! There’s no way that 2011 even comes close to comparing ti 2003. These prices are being artificially inflated by an administration that is bound and determined to get you to heat with solar and drive with a Volt!

  141. Der Jakl says:

    If in fact these price approach $6 nation wide you’ll start seeing a dance, to go along with the song, by the man-child in the Oval Office of the likes no one has seen. He has all the cover in the world when ABC News is stating the rise in gas prices is a good thing because there will be a reduction in auto accidents…could you imagine if this were Bush.

  142. Der Jakl says:

    Obama must be beaten

  143. Hiheels says:

    lmfao, the almighty election rides on the decision of the independants because they cant seem to make up their mind if they want socialism with freebees or freedom to move about the country safely. The absurd liberal mindset only works if it can generate friends as in misery loves company .
    Any one who wants a future for American Heritage will not re-elect obama, as well as anyone who obama has seduced into the country without regard of american heritage will vote for him

  144. Hiheels says:

    LMFAO. Sarah Palin ” told ya so”

  145. Barry says:

    What you people need to do is inflate your tires.
    Oh, and eat your peas!

  146. daveca says:


    “Another reason for the high gas prices: positive economic news. The drop in the unemployment rate and improved housing market numbers have caused gas and oil prices to rise.”

    Prove that. How have things with absolutely NO relation to gas prices had an effect? Except price gouging?

  147. Bacrack alPhoni says:

    You have the Environmental lobby and greedy politicians to blame for this continuing gas price mess we’re in.The Enviros say ‘No drilling for oil, mining for coal, building nuke plants or building oil refineries because the precious environment might be harmed’ The politicians say ‘OK, contribute to my reelection campaign and I’ll draft and pass the legislation to stop those things’. Add Kenyanomics to the mix and you kiss the free market in oil goodbye.

  148. bobby says:

    Don’t worry. This BOrons plan from the git go.

  149. NOT BOB says:


  150. New York Nick says:

    ““I know it frustrates quite a few consumers why positive news will lead to higher prices,” Brady told CBS Tampa. “It really just comes down to speculation.””

    Financial speculation on the oil market should be discontinued entirely except for businesses hedging for their off and on seasons, where speculators like George Soros just get rich plopping their billions on ‘red and black’ as Mahmoud moves the oil markets with a new threat each day.

    BOTH SHOULD BE NUKED….Iran and Oil speculators.

  151. FreeDubay says:

    I have no hope and no change.

  152. Jack says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the BED WETTERS (Liberals & Democrats) still BLAME Bush for this!
    The entire Liberal Media was up Bush’s ass when the prices went up during his Presidency. Now they are MUM! No wonder they are HYPOCRITES. I am sure when Rick Santorium said this country is being influenced by Satan, he meant the Liberal Media!

  153. Elizabeth Fisher says:

    As far as I’m concerned, no president was ever re-elected when gas cost $6.00 plus per gallon. I’ll suck it up and pay $6.00 per gallon if it means this worthless P.O.S. is kicked to the curb on November 6, 2012

    1. Frank A says:

      You’d have to be a stupid in bread cracker to believe Obama is gonna be ousted by anyone in the republican party.

  154. matt says:

    i got news for all of you.. the oil companies can have their way regardless of who’s in the white house. The own both parties. Good news and oil goes up, Bad news, oil goes up. They can do whatever they want

  155. Jen Khan says:

    It IS $5.89 for regular at the Shell gas station on 8788 Vineland Rd, Lake Buena Vista, FL. Across the street at the Mobile it is $4.69. In the surrounding area it is in the $3.69 range.

    The report is correct.

    1. Meghan says:

      The report is correct about the price at the Shell on Vineland, but incorrect in its insinuation that this is the norm for the area.

  156. templeknight says:

    To all the useful idiots that elected this communist, I hope your happy, because
    instead of”this is what democracy looks like” (a favorite chant of union stooges and progressives) “this is what the shared misery of communism and socialism
    looks like” It also translates into 20+% actual unemployment and a recession
    sliding into a depression, and we haven’t even experienced obamacares full
    implementation as yet.

  157. GuessT says:

    Too bad the picture referenced shows regular unleaded on that pump is $3.49!!!

    They always gouge tourists for gas, so this is not representative of the current price of gas, nor is it even close to average.

  158. Steve S says:

    As long as the public buys into whatever scare tactic environmental evangelicals are pushing then America’s vast energy resources will continue to go untapped. We could be satisfying far more of our energy demands or we could strengthen our weak dollar by selling it overseas, but we can’t because you, dear reader, buy into environmentalist fear-mongering without a second though. While you continue to dream of the day we’re saved by a magical resources just remember this: wood, water, wind, and hydro-electric are all renewable resources we use today and all of those are attacked by the very same environmentalists that want us to believe they’ll treat renewable energy resources differently.

  159. leonides says:

    washington dc is an enemy within and should be destroyed by the american military. communists (nee democrats) should be executed

  160. ash says:

    Gas prices are going up because of wall street. There is no shortage (gas or greed) We get most of our oil from Canada. Do a little research and you will find this out for yourself.

  161. Lee says:

    Your gas pump photo inset for this article shows a price of $3.74 per gallon. You can do better! The rising cost of gasoline is no fairy tale, but you need to check your copy before rushing to print.

  162. LydiaLydia says:

    Poor poor obots having to defend their loser messiah and his lies. We can only hope the indoctrinated poor realize that on hand obummer may give them a handout and with the other he rapes them in a million other ways by higher cost and taxes on everything. Those high gas prices will be passed on to the consumer in every product they buy. Only a country of filled idiots could have elected this Chicago thug community organizer.

  163. tonyl says:

    This notion pushed by the GOP wall street thugs, to let the free markets determined the actual price of oil is plain stupid and criminal. There is pure manipulation and collusion going on by the so call free markets. Israel is threatening Iran for the Jewish wall street traders and Jewish owners of oil companies to bet on the oil and buying on the paper for insane profits instead of actual demand

  164. Jeff says:



    The NEOCONS are eating the GOP from the inside out!!!


    AHAAHAHAHAHA You Neocons deserve to pay $50 a gallon!!!

  165. Eric says:

    Low Gas Prices = Easy to escape high crime (read: Majority Black cities)

    This made living in the suburbs easy and cheap, raising a family far from bad schools (majority Black) and free of crime.

    High Gas Prices = White People Can’t Escape high crime areas

  166. James Woods says:

    hahahaha; to all you obama voters. Yep bush sure was an oil president wasn’t he? What did it cost under bush and what’s it costing under obama?

    Im glad I have a very short commute everyday so even if gas was $20 a gallon it wouldn’t matter to me.

    Vote obama a second term and see what happens to your gas prices you morons.

    I rarely would blame the price of something on a president but this president we have is on record saying he had no problem with $4-5/gallon gas (before he was even elected).

    Sure; I don’t either Mr Obama.

  167. Dan L says:

    As long as Michelle has enough fuel for Air Force One for next weekend’s trip to Squaw Valley, Barry doesn’t care what the rest of us have to pay.

  168. Archon says:

    I know he said once that “energy prices would necessarily skyrocket”, but you just watch how quickly he blames this on someone else.

  169. Hussein says:

    Those prices are real, just not reflective of the true price in the area. There are several gas stations in proximity to the airport (MCO) that are also way out of line with pricing due to tourists returning rental cars.

    Having said the above, it is interesting that this is a CBS affiliate reporting this story, not the hated, “conservative” (LOL) FOX affiliate.

    For you Obama Kool*Aide drinkers (by the way, what is today’s flavor?) if the President in question was George W Bush we would hear an hourly drumbeat that this “Oilman” is driving up prices for his oil friends, etc., etc. just like Pelosi did when oild hit $150/barrel.

    Where is Pelosi and the left’s outrage now that we will see $5.00/gallon gas this summer?

    C’mon November 2012! Send this poseur back to Chicago!

    1. stace says:

      I saw this place and the trash that worked there in November…i am really surprised that Orange county cant do more to force them to post price…if an unsuspecting tourist gets nailed, it really is a bad taste to leave with from vacation which I am sure Orlando doesnt want.

  170. bob says:

    when will we as a country wake up to realize we are being taken advantage.of. If the cost of oil is going up then why are the oil companies making record profits. For so many years we have regulated the prices but so many companies are making so much profit now at the expences of the us. we need to wake up and send a message enough.

  171. Greedy Oil CEOs says:

    Price gouging in progress.Price gouging in progress.Price gouging in progress.Price gouging in progress.Price gouging in progress.Price gouging in progress.Price gouging in progress.Price gouging in progress.

  172. Lawrence says:

    Those that still believe in the devil Obama should be first to suffer the max penalty for treason

  173. jerome says:

    Have one question. When are we, Americans, going to say, ENOUGH!!!. Go and do something about this economy Washington is responsible for? I’m so sick of excuses from “you-know-who” I could regergitate. This empty suit knows absolutely zero about running a country. He will NEVER have to worry about gas prices, thanks to our system of taking care of president for life.

  174. John says:

    Did they just take a story about $5 gas and turn it into an Obama campaign commercial? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

    Obama banned Gulf drilling. Obama canceled oil pipelines. Obama’s Energy Secretary stated his goal is $8 a gallon. Obama promised to make energy prices “skyrocket.” Obama is sabre rattling with Iran.

    Ha ha ha ha ha! When Bush was president and gas went to $3 a gallon, the media shrieked that it was his fault. But Obama gives us $5 and hey, it’s those darn speculators.

  175. James says:

    Hopey Change! Hopey Change! Hope and chains for the loser-liberal base indeed. Thanks liberal trash – NICE going! This is what happens when you let the dregs of society who have nothing at stake other than to “take”, vote. If you don’t pay taxes and you don’t own property you are not “fully vested” and should not be allowed to vote, simple as that.

    1. Don says:

      Exactly, but why stop there? If you’re not productive enough, and earning $500,000 a year, you shouldn’t be able to vote either. Also, only people who live in productive states should vote. People living in states that are take in more in federal spending than they pay in federal taxes shouldn’t be able to vote. States like Mississippi, Alaska, Louisiana, Virginia, Arkansas, South and North Carolina, shouldn’t be able to vote until they start contributing. Only people who live in the District of Columbia, and states like Massachusetts, New York, California, Delaware, Illinois, Connecticut and New Jersey that contribute far more than they take in should be able to counted.

  176. Don says:

    I’ve been to this gas station. It’s right next to the Orlando International Airport and essentially serves as a tourist trap for people returning rental cars. Their prices are always $2-3 higher than any other station. Every once and a while, some reporter looking for a story manages to find this continuous and not at all new practice, and reports it as if it means something more than avoid this particular station when filling up on vacation. There’s nothing new here. Move along.

  177. RightStiuff says:

    It is sad that Barack Obama will never mature beyond adolescence because of his youthful drug abuse. We have to suffer because 63 million people were fooled into voting for him as president.

  178. carlb says:

    as always what the article did not point out is the epa has shut down to oil refineries . obama has also squelched new drilling and the whopper was the pipe line. whats funny is in 05 just before the elctions obama got on the floor of the senate and lambasted bush for 2 dollar gas. every thing out of this mans mouth means nothing and stands for nothing. whats sad is amerricans are probably going to put him back in. disgusting what america has become.what ever happens it will all be our fault whats coming!

  179. Joe Golfendude says:


    The future does not belong to the faint hearted it belongs to the BRAVE RWR 40.

  180. Real Journalism is Dead says:

    What an amazing piece of supposed journalism! When gas prices spiked during George W. Bush’s presidency, every single liberal, progressive, democrat and journalist screamed that there was one culprit and one culprit only for that $4-per-gallon gas — George W. Bush. And they also screamed that he’d better do something about this travesty. But in this sorry excuse for journalism, Mr. Higgins lists three reasons why we are experiencing gas prices even higher than they were under GWB — and not one of those three reasons listed includes the name Obama. Wow.

  181. Meghan says:

    I am a Republican and a Disney area local. I didn’t vote for Obama in 2008 and I will not vote for him in 2012. But this article has very little to do with Obama. This article actually has very little to do with fact. There are two gas stations in the Orlando area that are well-known for gouging. All a person has to do is go to themselves and look up gas prices in the Orlando area. You can see for yourself that gas is not close to $6 per gallon. These two gas stations have been gouging for years – here is an article from May 2008 about the Suncoast Energy near the airport, when they changed $4.99 for regular. They refuse to prominently display their price and have been fighting lawmakers to continue to not have to post the price. I doubt very much they care who is president.

    1. Meghan says:

      *charged $4.99 for regular.

  182. Ernie says:

    So then why does the picture show $361.9 for mid-grade?

  183. Frank says:

    Look at the photo of that gas pump. It’s $58.74 for 15.71 gallons. That comes out to $3.73 per gallon. so what are you talking about????
    your story is overdramatic and alarmist, and I’m no friggin liberal!
    Just get your story straight and honest, ok?

  184. Jon Waters says:

    Anyone here think Uncle Leo is a spitting image of Michelle Obama????

  185. Fart Blaster says:

    “Another reason” for high gas prices is not the recovering economy right now. There is plenty of oil available in the USA. The reason for high gas prices is that other countries like China and India are at break-neck paces and are using oil at levels never before seen. Oil companies in the US are EXPORTING their oil for a greater profit, therefore increasing the overall price per barrel.

  186. Larry Croft says:

    President Obama gets the blame for our rising pump prices whether he deserves it or not. As a “card-carrying” fiscal conservative, I tend to believe he does.

    Whatever, we got ourselves into this mess by our voting methods over the years. The American people are the 21st century sleeping giant. We vote for packaging, not contents.

    The United States is in bad shape. Will we recover as we did when the Japanese awakened the sleeping giant during the early days of WWII?

    Soon after the Japanese Navy executed the December 7, 1941 early morning attack on our U.S. Navy base at Pearl Harbor, Japanese Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto, worried that the triumph would be short lived as he spoke the now famous words, “I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.”

    The admiral was correct. We were awaken with a terrible resolve to successfully defend ourselves, something we did with Japan formally surrendering September 2, 1945, some 45 months after it made its earth-shattering raid.

    Here’s a question for your intellectual curiosity: At the 45th month of the Obama Presidency – November 2012 – will we awaken with resolve or will we continue the sleep?

    Somewhere there is a person who can bring us back to the land of the free and home of the brave and return our government to one of, by and for the people.
    See my Facebook page for a journey to where underground liberals hang out incognito.

  187. Bill Fangio says:

    $6.00 per gallon? Let’s see – silver is almost $35 per ounce. So a gallon of gasoline at $6.00 is about 0.17 oz of silver. A silver dollar contains 0.773 oz of pure silver. So in terms of real 1964 money that gallon of gasoline is about $0.22. Sounds like a bargain to me. Besides, would you walk 20 miles for $6.00 in Federal Reserve Notes?

    Will people ever wake up to what Ron Paul has been telling us? Our rulers and their elite friends have been stealing our wealth through their Federal Reserve counterfeiting machine for 100 years! Gasoline is not going up in price so much as the stupid Federal Reserve Note is going down in value. !!!!!

  188. Just Asking says:

    I thought the reasons for high gas prices were the policies of Bush and Cheney?

    Why now are Obama’s policies of closing down almost all offshore lease areas of the Atlantic, Pacific and Gullf Coast and his decision to toropedo the Keystone pipeline not the reasons for these high prices?

  189. Steve says:

    Why did they include that picture with this article? It only calculates out to $3.74 per gallon. Show me one of the $5 per gallon gas stations if you want to make your point.

    1. Edmund says:

      Steve you took the time to calculate the price of a gallon in that pic but you didn’t go to the link? WOW

  190. rcfjr says:

    There are a lot of things OBAMA is blamed for. Some earned and some not. The gas problem is all his.

  191. Achmed says:

    Achmed says……”Silence…….I Kill You”!!!

  192. ECH says:

    Welcome to Socialism, and its skewed logic about energy. Obama qibbles and panders to the left over a gas pipeline on our soil while Middle Eastern countries stick us with politicized restrictions.

  193. Kelvin says:

    Math problem:
    With Obama gas at nearly $6 gallon, and with Obama dividend tax of 44% hidden in his newest plan, and with Obama stealing from Social Security to give a payroll tax cut, how much will it cost seniors to drive to the store to buy a $.99 cent can of dog food?
    Hope and change baby, hope and change.

  194. Jim in Frankfort says:

    Primary culprit … speculative investment. Investors know that demand rises in the spring and consumers have very little ability to change buying habits so it creates quick profits for them. …how do we fix it? Two suggestions:
    1) require anyone trading in commodities to be physically capable of taking delivery
    2) gas stations could start selling gift cards denominated in gallons of gas so consumers could buy futures as well.

  195. dgor says:

    I hope gas hits $9/ gallon by election day.

  196. dv says:

    This story is a clear case of state sponsored fear mongering!

  197. Driven in Michigan says:

    In 2008 oil was trading at $149 a barrel and gasoline was abou $2 a gallon. We are stupid to listen to an AAA idiot espousing talking points. We now have a surplus of refined gasoline and are sending it overseas. We are using gasoline at the lowest level since 2003.The EPA has mandated additives which drives up the cost. States don’t care about the increase because they add sales tax to every gallon pumped. When will people stand up and blame the current administration’s energy policy for this. I know what’s coming in September. The great one will announce that all welfare folks will now have car insurance with a $200 gas card each month. We’ll have the oil companies pay for that.

  198. 1lumpsum says:

    No worries, with Obama do not have to worrya bout paying your mortgage or putting gas in your car. Of course this will be because your home was foreclosed and you were kicked out and your car was reposessed. but hey no worries and freedom is slavery. Right?

  199. Josey Wales says:

    Gas prices should be around $2.90 a gallon by election time. Obozo will bow to another King and we will get temporary relief at the pump. It is a political thing, we are the pawns.
    Blame Bush for higher gas prices even though gas was $1.87 when he left office.

  200. Alex says:

    Fighting wars for Israel will get very expensive – this is just the beginning.

  201. CSSteve says:

    This whole article is BS. They are talking about Disney. The same place that charges $4.75 for a Pepsi. The title of this article is nothing more than hype. FAIL.

    1. Meghan says:

      Disney doesn’t sell Pepsi products.

  202. NeoConVet says:

    OhOH must be time for the Pampered Poodle in the WH to take another vacation or make a daily speech that says nothing. If only his words were gas we would be independent of our Arab Friend(?) for any oil.

  203. driver says:

    Friday morning, 2/17, Jupiter Florida, $4.27/gallon unleaded. We’ll see $5 or more before Easter.

  204. Bearkat0501 says:

    “Another reason for the high gas prices: positive economic news. The drop in the unemployment rate and improved housing market numbers have caused gas and oil prices to rise.”

    Are you N U T S? Positive economic news? REALLY? High gas prices are not a POSITIVE sign. When Bush was president the media went nutso and blamed HIM for $4 gas. Bunch of hypocrites.

  205. d thornton says:

    Let me remind you that this means inflation in all areas. Most of our products are petroleum based such as plastic, medical supplies, asphalt, etc.. When they slow down the refineries, there is less slug at the bottom. It is the by product of making gasoline that is used to make all these products. So THANKS Obama for F_ _ King up the American economy in every way you can possibly imagine. Anyone who votes for him is for socialism and I hope you like your rations when they are handed out by the government. If you haven’t learned your lesson by watching these others countries fail from the same type policies. You deserve what you get.

  206. OdummaSux says:

    Hmm, Hmm, Hmm. Barack Hussein Obama!

  207. Mik says:

    Someone has to pay for Moo-chelle’s vacations… Welcome to Obamaville… Every liberal who voted for Obozo should be praising the high gas prices…

  208. A Concerned Citizen says:

    This is what “hope and change” look like. How DO you like it? If $6 gas is not your thing, support Rick Santorum this year!

  209. Elizabeth Fisher says:

    President Food Stamps would tell you the cost of gas is higher because the economy has been stimulated by all of the unemployed spending their unemployment checks. Everyone knows the unemployed create jobs.

  210. Justin says:

    THE REAL REASON gas prices are skyrocketing? Speculation! Read Matt Taibbi’s Griftopia. It’s all about Wall Street and nothing about Iran.

  211. fukuobma says:

    fukkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk you obama!

  212. LTG says:

    Hasn’t everyone been paying attention? Unemployment Is Good For The Economy As Well As High Fuel Prices. Also, Higher Taxes (Upwards toward 50% and above for investments causing older adults to be without), Higher Business Taxes All The Way Around and Higher “Death” taxes. You common people don’t know what’s good for you. Higher taxes are good for you. None of this is a surprise to the current administration. When they cripple our own energy production while heralding all of these benefits of a depressed economy YOU will believe anything. Convinced yet? VOTE!!!

  213. DGold says:

    Let’s see here:
    High demand = rising gas prices
    Low demand = rising gas prices
    High supplies = rising gas prices
    More miles driven = rising gas prices
    Less miles driven = rising gas prices
    Excess refinery capacity = rising gas prices
    Tight refinery capacity = rising gas prices

    All the above have been given for rising gas prices in recent years.
    Is it too much to ask what, exactly, makes gas prices fall?


  214. dfdlkj says:

    ATTN DRUDGE READERS: That link is misleading. $5+ gas stations are tourist traps in Orlando. Two of them are by the airport. They don’t post their prices on big signs, and their rationale for the price is that it is still cheaper than rental car company gas rates.

  215. Rancho Del Valkayrie says:

    Got some serious gouging going there in the citrus state. 2/3rds more than the national averrage according GASBUDDY.COM. yep you Floridians are getting gouged.

  216. Segeny says:

    How telling that cbslocal does not mention their hero as a significant part of the cause for high gas/oil prices. His promotion of ‘green energy’ to the detriment of Americans using oil, his energy sec’s desire to see our gas prices at European levels of 8 to 10 dollars a gallon, his rejection of the Canadian oil pipeline directly to our refineries – – all these have the futures market in oil skyrocketing. All part of his Master plan to bring America to her knees.

  217. Blue says:

    First of all, the idea that the president wants gas prices to increase, is ridiculous. He wants to be re-elected. High gas prices will hurt both the economy and his re-election chances. So to suggest that he wants high gas prices is simply silly.

    My question is, what happened to this- “Saudi Arabia Will Not Let Oil Go Above $100; Prince”

  218. Tessa says:

    Is it just me, or does that picture ACTUALLY show gas still at $3-something a gallon? I think it does!

  219. djw663 says:

    Gotta love the energy policy of this regime!!!! Tell Obama he can keep my $40.00 tax break, LOL. Get our energy prices in line and I will save $600.00 a month not $40.00 a month.

  220. george says:

    oil companies are earning record profits.

    they are economic terrorists.

  221. Halla says:

    Come to Canada to buy gas, then you are allowed to complain.

  222. mhichil says:

    Dear idiots coming here from Drudge, these stations have ALWAYS charged that much. They are the last ditch station before returning rental cars and are always close to twice the price of surrounding stations. In fact, you can currently get gas at the Magic Kingdom Hess for only $3.67

  223. jsmith says:

    Rememer – gas was $1.87 / gallon when Obama took office.

    Thanks Barack.

  224. michaelp says:

    Obama will not let us use our oil ! When he shut down our oil rigs last year, because of a leak. The very next day ! Obama and soros sent millions and millions of dollars to venezuela, so the communists can make money. Oil from Canada got transferred to China ! I guess he likes communists like Chavez. Plus the oil companies ship our oil to China ! Because they make more money. We have plenty of oil ! But it just gets shipped to other countries, because of more money. Obama isn’t doing anything about us, getting hosed.

  225. barney fife says:

    Just when unemployment is still over 8% for 37 consecutive months (highest since the Great Depression)…. then you find out you need to walk or ride a bike to put in your employment application.
    I’m gonna need a 3rd job to support the gas prices in my Civic.

  226. Mike P says:

    Boycott the oil companies like I did. Buy an american made chevy volt. Since June 2011 I have driven 8,000 urban commuting miles, and I have used zero Gasoline for my daily commute. I also got 40 mpg on several out of town highway trips totaling aprox. 1,800 miles. I charge the volt daily with american made solar panels manufactured by Schott solar in Albuquerque New Mexico. I will save $3,000 in fuel costs each year compared to the 2004 Cadillac Seville I traded in. The bonus that I receive is that my volt is smoother, quieter, more comfortable, handles better and has many more options and features than my Seville had.

  227. Me says:

    This is exactly what that Marxist, poverty-creating, anti-American, low-life parasite clown that currently infects the White House wants.

  228. GFWSR says:

    At $6 a gallon, we are still not at the level Obozo wants!

  229. Jo says:

    Maybe anyone who can should vote twice for Obama to make sure we continue to deteriorate …. loose money … go bankrupt.

    What a wonderful world it would be ,,,,, (feel free to add your own…)

  230. Harry says:

    BO always said our gas prices should be in line what Europe pays. So yes, he is to blame for working behind the scene on this…

  231. astralweeks says:

    Oh, so that’s why Obama’s latest lie is he didn’t close down the Keystone Pipeline.

  232. walter12 says:

    This is insane and it could be the end of the nation as we know it. It is the fault of the monster Obama, that is for sure. GD that creature Obama.

  233. William says:

    Between energy policy and prices and the desired tax increases he wants, can there be any doubt that Obama wants to wreck the country and get as many people on welfare and voting Democrat as possible in order for his party to have a permanent lock on power. That’s when the real wrecking will begin.

  234. Heres the Stupidity says:

    Ok,heres the stupidity of this whole arguement why gas should be this much.
    Water,thats right i said EFFING WATER!
    EVERYONE NEEDS IT! We have to pump it out of the ground and treat it and then sell it to customers…since i do this for a living,it always bothered me why? just take my city…a big city….i pay 1.04 cents for the FIRST 2,000 gallons and then a slight increase of every 1,000 why,pray tell me does water,something we all need to live is dirt effing cheap…while gas goes thru the roof? tell me please?

    1. SoCo Gal says:


      BETTER QUESTION? Why hasn’t someone designed some kind of H2O powered engine??? or have they???????

  235. RealistNews says:

    I find it interesting reading all of your uneducated comments. THE PRICE OF OIL IS SET EVERY DAY ON WALL STREET. It’s the the gas companies, it’s not the middle east, and it is NOT OPEC. The prices are rigged on Wallstreet since oil is traded as a commodity via a futures or options contract.

  236. Hopen4change says:

    Now thats some real hope and change right there…thanks Obama. Just think if he is re-elected gas will be $12+ a gallon by the end of his next term.

  237. John says:

    Thanks for the change Odumaz!

  238. Netshark says:

    Seems obvious a handful of Floridian tourist traps are gouging their customers.

    I’m not saying prices arent rising, but the places mentioned in this story are obviously gouging the hell out of people.

  239. john says:

    Remember to keep voting for liberal ideology to place more sanctions against the individual..AKA “YOURSELF”!

  240. Joe Doakes says:

    “We must eliminate “Obamacare!”

    February 22, 2022

    Dear President Obama,

    Apparently I was wrong. I had thought many years ago that this nation had had enough. I often thought that as an individual would at some point come to hit bottom we as a society would do something similar and then collectively say enough. Enough of spending money on those with two good hands and two good legs. Enough of spending money on a ponzi scheme like social security. Enough of having the government relive citizens of their responsibilities to their children or their parents. Enough of moving our faith from God to government. Enough with fighting for the same muslim/arab coin. Enough of calling each other racists and buying into the notion of rich verse poor and poor verse rich depending on the argument to be made. Enough never happened. And now since elections don’t matter any more. Now there is not enough to go around and I can hear the call to prayer from me bedroom window. So much for the separation of Church and State, I guess that only applies to Jews and Christians.

    Not enough food. Not enough fuel. Not enough doctors. Not enough nurses. Not enough medical care. Not enough hospital beds. Not enough housing. Not enough religious freedom. Not enough free speech. Not enough of anything. All we had to do was sign away our freedom and make you and your fellow liberal democrats and RINO Republicans in charge for life and you promised us we would have enough. Now we have lost our freedom and you people are unable to keep your promises to us. Where do we go now? Whom do we elect? Who can we sue? Who should we hold responsible for such a criminal act as destroying the last bastion of freedom on the face of the Earth? Even if we could what should be the penalty?

    Now that elections are about what party is going to try to get more from the rich, a diminishing supply of rich people considering we are running low on them since you passed that 99% tax rate, we are faced with what happens at the end of the road. A dark destination where we have run out of other peoples money and now we must eat each other financially to live. No matter! We will learn to live with less. We will learn to eat less we will learn to live without children and families! We will have more abortions. We must! If that State is to survive and you to remain dictator over it we must sacrifice.
    We must beat the global warming hoax with another version of the electric car!

    On November 6, 2012 . . . we will put an end to this before it has a chance at beginning.

    “We The People” have had enough.


    Citizen 86985326 (Formerly known as Joe Doakes)

  241. GregV says:

    First I want to clarify that I am a conservative republican, and will vote the party line in November to stop the chaos. That being said…I live and work in Orlando and there are 2 Hess stations INSIDE the “Disney Loop” that goes to all the hotels and Downtown Disney. Both of them are selling gas (as of yesterday when I bought gas from one) for $3.62/gallon for regular. And the Suncoast Gas they are speaking of in this article has had $5.85+ gas prices for the last 3 years because they are the LAST stop on the highway going to Orlando International Airport and all the rental car facilities (which charge higher than that). It’s not right, and locals for sure do not patronize the station, but has a market as a last resort if you forgot to fill up your rental car. Come on fellas. Get the facts straight before it hits the top story on Drudge!

    1. Meghan says:

      Three Hess stations – Downtown Disney, Epcot Resort area, and Magic Kingdom. But you are exactly right – it makes for great sensationalism, but it’s not a story. Yes, there are a few stations that take advantage of tourists, but gas is more expensive in Miami than it is in Orlando.

      1. GregV says:

        Right! I forgot about the third at the Magic Kingdom. The gas is really the only thing at Disney that is anything close to “regular” retail.

  242. Sick of this carp says:

    Now how do you spin this??? The economy is doing great so gas prices have jumped to $6.00/gallon but it’s Bush’s fault…. Me thinks they have themself in a bind on this one!

  243. T Clar says:

    For all of you that either failed Economics 101 or never signed up for the course here is the Crib Sheet: 1.)supply and demand determine prices unless the gov’t fixes them. 2.)supply of oil is short of world demand rego prices rise AND as one person noted the Saudis and Iran have cut back on oil production making the siuation worse. 3.)if you doubt my explanation why have natural gas prices cratered recently? Reason is the discovery of huge gas reserves that will go into production and thus the price goes down. 4.)Obama(Oblamer)says blah blah blah all lies when the bottom line he has done everything to CURB the discovery and production of oil thus prices are on the way up and will continue UP! 5.)gas is different as the discovery came under Bush and thus the POTENTIAL of the gas coming on the market has depressed prices. GET IT! OH and BTW I am a geologist and pet. economist. TC

  244. brace_for_impact says:

    Uh, I’m still going to get all my free stuff from Obama right? He still has his stash right?

  245. Rob says:

    It’s Bushes Fault.. Well I guess we could have built the pipeline, but ahh never mind.. That has nothing to do with it.. It’s still bushes fault..

    American is getting what it deserves for voting for the First Black President.
    Hope you are all happy. Can we now get back to electing someone that has a freaking clue? thank you.

  246. gonow says:


  247. Bob K says:

    If Obama would quit worrying about his reelection and start working for the people who voted him in in 2009 just maybe he might do something about gas prices. He’s done nothing to date to make our lives easier; Alls we get is a lot of promises of more freebees. sadly this is whats keeping a lot of people on his side. He’s about destroyed America. Wake up Dems we cant let this killing of america go on for another 4 years or he’ll complete the jpob.

  248. gonow says:


  249. ClearyJ says:

    Instead of aiming for the moon or to bring an asteroid into orbit to mine its minerals and fuel FULL EMPLOYMENT for the next 20 years, We The People are aiming to join the Third World. I was going to blame The Messiah, and he does share some of the blame. But the lion’s share of the blame goes to We the People, who elected – scratch that – coronated a Messiah who was no more than a flim-flam man and should be locked in jail for political malfeasance. Either that, or Third World status is actually a good thing, The Messiah IS a messiah, and I should be locked in a rubber room where I can have my delusions without fear of hurting myself or anyone else? I don’t see any middle ground here.

  250. Barry bin Inhalin says:

    Unelect him in November. After that, form a team of investigators to find out:

    Who he really is;
    Where he really comes from;
    Who runs him (Team Soros);
    Any illicit $’s in HIS offshore account(s) and then;
    Throw his skinny, sideways smiling arse in the pokey for treason.

  251. Midas2000 says:

    ‘Speculators’. Check.
    Improving Economy”. Check.

    Well, this ‘journalist’ has their lies – er, I mean talking points – down pat.

    Conspicuously absent from this ‘journalism’, of course, is any discussion about the wholesale effort by Democrats to destroy energy production, having stated routinely for years now that they *want* oil/gasoline prices to go up – to ‘necessarily skyrocket”, if you will.

  252. zbacku says:

    Anybody care to remember just how much the media was blaming Bush for the high cost of gas? Every day on the 6:30 news, there was a report about $4 gas.

    Now it’s there and on the way to $6 on a fast track and we see NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING about how Obama has refused to drill here for oil and how he is making Canada sell to CHINA.

  253. Ray Paul says:

    This article is so misleading, but then what did you expect! It comes from one of Odumbas propaganda papers!! I started laughing when I got to the part were it said ” its funny that good news on unemployment has driven up the price of gas” Odumba is lying through his teeth when he says that unemployment has gone down, I just read the other day that it went back to 9%

  254. phil Bloughman says:

    To voice my displeasure, I leave sticky next to the prices that says Thanks Obama and underneath that is a frowning face.

  255. John says:

    Like those prices?!!! Vote Obozo back in then!!

  256. Goofy says:

    What, you thought it would be cheap to go to Disney World?

  257. Sal says:

    If the Middle East cauldron boils over we are in trouble since Obama has stifled the transport of oil from Canada and Bakken and has not allowed drilling in ANWAR. It would be fitting to see $6-7 oil at the pump in October. Of course, he will try to blame others (as usual). This time it won’t work.
    Hope and Change

  258. Mike says:

    Good. I hope it goes to $8+ a gallon. Every increase means less votes for Obama.

  259. idgafkurt says:

    How about the real reason we have high gas prices – our weak dollar. Crude is bought and sold on the open market in dollars. When the dollar loses purchases power, thanks to our idiotic Monetary and Fiscal policy, it takes more dollars to buy the same thing. The trillions we are creating out of thin air on Fed balance sheets do have consequences. Another way to look at it is to pretend we buy our crude with gold instead of dollars. As the gold to oil ratio historically sits at 15 barrels to 1 ounce , it’s today at 17-1, meaning priced in gold, oil is very affordable, it’s actually cheap. It’s only when we price it in our debased currency that we believe its price is high. Thus, if we really want cheaper oil we need a strong dollar backed by gold.

  260. tom says:

    Gas prices up 80 percent since Obama took office. He wont allow the pipeline and wont allow drilling. Blame it on Bush..

    1. I P Standing says:

      gas went over 4 a gallon while your boy was in idiot

      1. yoodles says:

        …and Bush lifted the oil moratorium and then it went down, as all expected. Like the poster said, gas has gone up 80% since Obama was elected, facts are stubborn things.

        Heck, we were even at the peek of war during Bushes high gas prices..think about it.

  261. patches12 says:

    High gas prices… thanks to Mr. “I don’t mind if gas prices go to $4/gallon” Obama.

    Get used to it all you owners of pick-ups and SUVs… Obama wants you in his electric go carts.

  262. I P Standing says:

    its iran,,,the sky is falling tho nothing has happened,,its its,,your friends the speculators and the arabs on the corner,,but remember the oil frauds are closing refineries and we exprot gas ans jet fuel plus demand is down,,there is hope ,,the candidtaes are argueing contraception tonight

  263. yoodles says:

    Thank goodness Obama said no to the Keystone pipeline, who needs oil? Walking is good for people. .

  264. Herp McDerpington says:

    Too bad the picture shows gas for $3.73…. Can’t believe people are falling for this.

  265. Chuhyona says:

    “The danger to America is not Barack Obama but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the Presidency. It will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of an Obama presidency than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgment to a depraved electorate willing to have such a man for their president. The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Mr. Obama, who is a mere symptom of what ails America. Blaming the prince of fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince. The Republic can survive a Barack Obama, who is, after all, merely a fool. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who made him president.”

    The foregoing is attributed to an article published in the Czech Republic.

  266. maroonvee says:

    Blame Obama… the buck is stopping where it belongs..

  267. URAP-nis says:

    You morons crack me up. Nobody is paying $6 for gas. The avg price in FL is $3.686. If you’re paying $6, you’re an idiot. This is just alarmist BS to make speculators richer. Seriously, how do people dress yourselves in the morning???

  268. URAP-nis says:

    You morons crack me up. Nobody is paying $6 for gas. The avg price in FL is $3.686. If you’re paying $6, you’re an idiot. This is just alarmist BS to make speculators richer. Seriously, how do people dress yourselves in the morning???

    1. Fritz says:

      Couldn’t have said it better. If you are paying 6$ a gallon, you are stupid and deserve to be taken like that at the pumps.

  269. smart dude says:

    Obama’s Energy Czar Chu: “Somehow we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe.” ($9-$10 a gallon)

    Congratulations Florida! You at 60% of the democrat party goal!

  270. Mike says:

    This will be Obama’s response to high gas prices. It’s Bush’s fault and I am taking my family and moochie Michelle Obama to a fancy vacation. Bye bye!

  271. Blacque Jacques Shellacque says:

    “A third culprit behind the gas price boom is Greece. The EU’s bailout for the indebted country only adds to the global fuel demand.”


  272. Lgbpop says:

    I saw speculation on the part of the author, blaming Iran and Greece and an improving (?) economy – but didn’t see one mention of February 11, 2009 when Obams reimposed the ban on Gulf oil exploration and drilling or any of his subsequent actions to curtail American oil production and refining. This administrtion is largely responsible for the pain we are going to be experiencing very soon. Just wait until the idiotic annual season switch-over to summer formulation gas and winter inventory drops.

  273. K. Hjorth says:

    You Americans crack me up. Calling Obama a Marxist and a Communist.
    Face it, Obama is a right wing politician, just not quite as right wing as many of your other politicians.
    Hell, you only have right wing politicians!

  274. padutch says:

    How is all this hope and change working out for all you Barry voters? I do not care if atree is running against Obama in Nov. I will vote for it because it can not be any worse!!

  275. Gas This says:

    How about a fourth reason that you will never hear come out of the mouths of the in the back pocket of Obama jounalists…

    A failed Green Energy Policy and, in general, a Zero National Energy Policy from this Administration!

  276. K. Hjorth says:

    Btw, It kinda cracks me up when you call Obama a marxist and a communist.

    As far as we see over here, not one of your american politicians is even left wing.

  277. Paul Kronfield says:

    Florida and California do not want oil drilling off their shores. Fine. Give them $15 dollar gas. Let the profits pay for exploration somewhere where people want to be energy independent.

  278. SoCo Gal says:

    Better invest in solar and wind back-up systems now before the power grids collapse too. I’d hate to have to worry about that.

    As to the “electric” car advocates – where does that electricity come from to charge your car? If it is a standard grid plug in, it is more than likely from a dirty COAL BURNING facility. You only have my respect if you say you’re charging it up out of a solar energy system. Otherwise, you might as well be burning gas.

  279. Fritz says:

    The article is about 6$ Gas, yet the picture clearly shows gas at $3.49
    Is this new math? 3.50 is the new 6?

  280. Owen says:

    Disney World area gas stations price gouging. I’m “shocked”

  281. Brian S says:

    $3.67 that’s nothing, CA average around $4.15 … very deceptive article.

  282. Tina1111 says:

    I’m in Florida and I have seen hitting the $5 dollar gallon! so I believe this happened in that gas station close to Disneyland!

  283. Christopher says:

    In the last two days in northern California at a local truck stop the price of gas has shot up 28 cents. The regular gas is now hovering over $4.09/gal. I can imagine it is higher in the SF/Oakland area.
    How come our so illustrious president hasn’t come out said something about the spiraling cost of fuel? He doesn’t have an energy policy to deal with a crisis like this. He will say he is going to tap into our energy reserves and that will bring down the price of oil and gasoline. What a load of C**P that is! It is only temporary and there isn’t enough oil in the reserves to make a dent.
    Any president with big Cajones would say…tomorrow I am opening up the tracks off of the east and west coast to drilling. That will lower prices!
    We have the oil, we just can’t drill for it!
    What I don’t get is how the middle east controls the price of fuel on the west coast when we really don’t get much middle eastern oil over here.
    Time to change presidents is what I say!

  284. Pat says:

    I’m confused by the picture of $6/gallon gas. My public math says $58.74/15.711= $3.738/gallon. Nice sensational journalism.

  285. Jason Prather says:


  286. dooky says:

    Pitchforks and noose are coming for you man-child…

  287. Greg the Electrician says:

    Obama gave George Soros a $2 Billion Loan Guarantee that he would invest in Petrobra…Hugo Chavez controlled off shore drilling.

    Then made a Nat’l statement that the U.S.A. would be their prime customer and Hugo would be happy to be our Prime provider. The Keystone project and the B.P, OIperations would be competitors, so Obama hindered or stopped them.

    The mid-east crisis is therefore irrelevant.

  288. bonner83856 says:

    It always disappoints me that CBS is selectively forgetful but I believe all other reasons would fall apart if we had a strong-energy president who declared, and meant, publicly that we will begin domestic development hastily…no, not windmills and solar.

  289. Your Obamessiah says:

    I ran on this platform and you voted for me.

    I have a mandate and I’m taking gas prices much higher.

    Obama/Biden 2012

  290. Janice says:

    Isn’t there a law against spiking prices that high above the normal price? It is called PRICE GOUGING. I would blame Obama up to about 4.50 a gallon but those prices are CRAZY. And by the way, I will not be travelling to Disney World this summer, thanks for the tip!

  291. Gary says:

    To say that high gas prices in one area of Florida are the result of bad economic policies, or production rates in the Middle East, or production rates in the US is ludirous. When gas costs over $5.00/gallon around Orlando but is still just over $3.00 elsewhere in the state and in other states, the Orlando area is simply price gouging tourists. All states and all gas stations buy their supplies from the same commodity markets, Price variability at the pumps is driven by local taxes and profit margins the stations decide to tack on to their costs. Production issues have nothing to do with the outrageous prices around Orlando. I’ll be sure to avoid that area in my travels from now on.

  292. chuck warner says:

    Blind Hate is a very weak and petty emotion. It will eat you up!

    “Marxist” Socialist” “Muslim” “Terrorist” kinda takes anything intelligent out of the point the speaker is trying to make, and the ones who will agree with you, already agreed with you in the first place. Its like limiting yourself to watching shows that only affirm your own political leanings- to what end? How does that further YOUR base of intelligence. (FYI this “socialist” president and his policies just saw the DJIA reach 13,000 )

    The mind is like a parachute-it must be open to work.

    If you are limited to spitting out rhetorical soundbites you hear your party politicians say, then you are nothing more than a human parrot that has been tricked, by whatever party you belong to, into spewing their rhetoric. And believing it through and through. DO you know how much hyperbole and dis-information is repeated and emailed and posted around this country? A LOT!

    The angrier they get YOU at your fellow Americans (and this has been done for hundreds of years) the less you will focus on the policy makers tilting the rules to benefit themselves at your expense. Gas prices are just another example of this. It sells papers, riles up citizens and keeps lazy politicians in power while they really do very little to help out you and I.

    its like a cult and you have been brainwashed. Both parties serve their donors and Corporate Interests. You think one man, donating 100 million dollars to get someone elected, isn’t going to own that politician? Dangerous turf here gang. You have to see the fores through the trees.

    Ask your self, “Why do they want me to think this way? What’s in it for them?”

    Its a game and your playing into it.

  293. Mabel Rockwell says:

    Yes, it is $6.00 a gallon in Florida. With the unions, the blacks and college students voting, you know who will when in November.
    Poor USA!

  294. John says:

    Why is the article stating that gas prices are $5.89 per gallon, but the photo shows $3.73 per gallon? I also can’t find any place in Florida on that is at $5.89 per gallon. I really want to support the article but the facts need to be correct. I don’t want to be accused of stretching the truth by the lefties. So can anyone find proof of $5.89 per gallon gas?
    Mr. Higgins please respond where you found these prices.

  295. Neil Buchlein says:

    Hey for those of you who voted for “Change” you got it! Just wait until you see what is coming. . .you better get to know Jesus Christ and deepen your relationship with Him. . .He will save your soul!

  296. Dave F says:

    They forgot to mention the 5 trillion in liquidity that central banks have printed in to the markets.
    It’s inflation.
    Thanks Obama and Bernyankme.

  297. Frank says:

    Not a word for the real reason all commodities are escalating in price. The increase in Quantitative Easing, i.e. money-printing, TRILLIONS of it. Gold is going thru the roof to the moon. 90% of the increase in price is due to increase in money supply. Read and educate yourselves in economics. Not B.S. from banker-owned media.

  298. ruizsainz says:

    This is nothing. Wait for the war with Iran to start and it will be $20 a gallon, baby!

  299. Nam Marine says:

    The stupid oil company’s are doing it to themselves! People will just curtail all of their driving and cut the need for more gasoline.

  300. Vet says:

    The EU’s bailout for the indebted country only adds to the global fuel demand.

    how does this add to global demand for fuel. Sorry I used to work in commodities, oil is purchased in dollars, when the value of the dollar goes down, the price of oil goes up.

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