SAN DIEGO (AP) — An effort to free whales from SeaWorld by claiming they were enslaved made a splash in the news but flopped in court Wednesday.

A federal judge in San Diego dismissed an unprecedented lawsuit seeking to grant constitutional protection against slavery to a group of orcas that perform at SeaWorld parks, saying the 13th amendment applies only to humans.

U.S. District Judge Jeffrey Miller stopped the case from proceeding two days after he became the first judge in U.S. history to listen to arguments in court over the possibility of granting constitutional rights for members of an animal species.

“As ‘slavery’ and ‘involuntary servitude’ are uniquely human activities, as those terms have been historically and contemporaneously applied, there is simply no basis to construe the Thirteenth Amendment as applying to non-humans,” Miller wrote in his ruling.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals filed the lawsuit in October and named five whales as plaintiffs. PETA says the wild-captured orcas are enslaved by SeaWorld because they are held in concrete tanks against their will and forced to perform in shows at its parks in San Diego and Orlando, Fla.

SeaWorld called the lawsuit baseless and a waste of the court’s time and money.

“We cannot hope that this is PETA’s last publicity stunt but we can now refocus our energy in more positive and constructive ways: delivering high quality education experiences to our guests and providing the highest possible standard of care to our animals,” spokesman Dave Koontz wrote in a statement.

Legal experts say it opened an interesting debate about the expansion of animal rights.

PETA attorney Jeffrey Kerr says his organization does not plan to give up the fight to protect the orcas, but he did not specify the next action.

PETA is known for its provocative anti-fur and pro-vegan campaigns to engage the court of public opinion.

“Today’s decision does not change the fact that the orcas who once lived naturally wild and free, are today kept as slaves by SeaWorld,” Kerr said in a statement. “PETA will regroup and determine how to continue to work for the legal protection they deserve.”

SeaWorld denies any mistreatment of the animals and says its parks have raised awareness that has helped conservation efforts. It also says it has rescued orcas injured in the wild.

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Comments (149)
  1. robert g says:

    Make peta pay all the court and legal cost x100.

    1. Jewfromhell says:

      Peta is a bunch of commie slime!

      1. Ryan says:


        All you can do is prepare yourself for the decline of America and pray to God it doesn’t happen.

      2. Welcome Black Carter says:

        Glad this is over. I ran over a frog this morning… just knew I would end up in court over it.

    2. Barry the Fascist says:

      Unfortunately the government covers all PETA court costs with OUR $$$.

    3. JByrd42 says:

      I am sick and tired of PETA. I do love animals but these kooks push any rational thinking American away.

      1. LTCB says:

        I suppose they think the horse they rode in on needs “freed” also? Sick puppies all.

      2. Ansari says:

        ArmaninNa mez ognec haskanal bolor nytnbruuner@ internetum ashxatelis. Internetum haytni darnalu ev bisnes anelu hamar vochmiayn petqe imanal sayt stexcelu hmtutyunner@, ayl nayev ayn jisht matucel@, vorin menq qayl ar qayl tirapetel ev der tirapeteluenq das@ntacneri @ntacqum. Menq arajin ashkertnernenq, bayc mer kap@ erbeqel chenq korcni @nker Armani het qani vor na misht patraste patasxanel ir bolor ashakertnerin huzox harcerin. Bolorin xorhurdem talis grancvel ev masnakcel das@ntacnerin manavanq vor ayn dzez trvume anvjar, chapazanc harmaravet dzer isk tanic webinarneri mijocov ev amenakarevor@ kapvumenq mimianc ev uraxanum mer das@nkerneri araj@ntacnerov ev hajoxutyunnerov` @nker Armani glxavorutyamb. Es husovem vor ays dproc@ kunena erkar ev kanach janapar qani vor ayn uni azniv npatakner. MAXTUMEM AMENALAVN U BARIN.Dzer dproci arajin ashakertneric` Bagrat ^_^

    4. Who Cares says:

      They will collect more money from their followers and appeal to the 9th district court, and will have a much better chance of wining there. If they do next is horse racing,
      then the circus, pet ownership and finally the end game all meat, poultry and fish. Vegan here we come!

    5. Arch your back baby says:

      The only thing PETA is good for is as an outlet for hot chicks to take off their clothes.

    6. Ray says:

      Amen bro. Also jail the lawyers for contempt.

    7. James says:

      PETA members should be able to use insanity as a plea for any crimes they might commit. Clearly these wackos just aren’t all there.

  2. Dad says:

    Midge, cows are as intelligent as whales, but taste better.

    Neocommie whacknuts like you should be put on display for normal folks to see and laugh at.

    1. Canof Sand says:

      What a bitter little hypocrite you are.

    2. whatever says:

      SpuerDad, the disease you suffer from is projection. Fear not the cure is to sit in your car with the engine running and the garage door closed. Please, give it a try.

    3. Norbert G. Ginsel says:

      In this universe, you yourself are less than an atom. IS the universe paying you to make these comments? Did you ever graduate middle school? Can you even DEFINE the term “universe”? Child playing in sandbox and calling the sandbox “the world”. You call those who disagree “degenerate”. I call you BRAIN DEAD. You need help, guy.

    4. LTCB says:

      You seriously need to refocus your life. I’m an animal lover but, I still like them on my plate too. And, that will always be until Jesus rules the earth. We may or may not do something different then. But, for now, you and your crowd will be stuck with us meat eaters. Man will keep messing up the planet but, primarily through nuclear and chemical warfare which, by the way, could start this year. You should be more concerned about that than whether or not the whales like or don’t like doing lazy laps in a tank and getting all the food they want. Sounds a bit like most leftists sitting in their mom’s houses.

    5. Casper says:

      They have with their posts.

  3. dc says:

    Midge…. wake up and smell the coffee already. Where would this fiasco stop?

    Would people not be able to own pets next? no horses? no dogs/ no cats?

    how about snakes, hampsters, gerbils… the list could go on and on.

    The first time I see a “highly intelligent mammal as whales” do anything other than swim in the ocean… I will get behind PETA…. but what pray tell… do they do… that makes you think they are advanced in their intelligence?

    1. venice says:

      Trying to explain advanced subjects to a low grade moron as you is not my job. Obviously you are a product of the public schools, watch TV hours everyday and probably go to Hollywood movies. Ipso facto, you are the lower life form and about as contemplative as a door stop.

      1. Jim says:

        My, my, such hate and discontent from a pea-brained liberal. But what is one to expect?

      2. Spetsnatz says:

        @jim Not a liberal jim, in fact you’re so fricking uneducated that you have no idea about anything. You on the other hand probably went to public schools, watch TV and I bet you go to Hollywood movies. The definition of liberal is not the one that TV watching idiots as you think. It actually was the same word for book and has nothing to do with your distorted, uniformed opinion. Go look up the real definition … if you can really read.

      3. jncarlos007 says:

        @spetsnatz- Hi, I am, spetnutz, a college freshman who just discovered that the word liberal has been used before by other societies so, in my petulant college freshman way, I am going to mock and deride you for using it in the traditional American connotation, because that will serve my desire to both denigrate someone else and prove myself the superior intellect. Unfortunatley, because I am really only mentally 5 years old I will only end up making myself look petty, vulgar, and ignorant.
        Oh, I will also make fun of the public school system, even though they have been controlled by liberals for the past 40 years.

    2. LTCB says:

      Don’t you know they’re “intelligent” because they can “communicate”? That’s the lie anyway. Fact is, most EVERYTHING that is alive has a means of commuication. That includes single celled animals. So, stop stepping on my firends. Stop breathing in my friends. We’re trying to communicate here. (have you sensed the sarcasm yet?) Bottom line is, all the commenters to you are pretty much challenged mentally and do not understand much. Cows communicate, monkeys communicate, mice communicate, and the list goes on. God gave us this place to live in and to subdue. Not necessarily to exploit but, to head cheese (below Him). Just because something is living, it does not mean that it should be “free”. How would you PETA types like a lion wandering your house and eating on the kids? Don’t want the kids anyway? Well, how about if it ate “fluffy”? Bottom line is man is to dominate, not exploit, nature. I’ll agree we don’t need to be erradicating species intentionally. But, don’t get wrapped up around the axle if something “dies off”. Science often finds out, years later, that it didn’t REALLY die off. It just started hiding better.

  4. volt007 says:

    I love whale burgers!

  5. Kevin says:

    For the love of animals Midge, turn off your computer and go outside for some fresh air…

  6. Carl Parsons says:

    PETA needs to be treated as a domestic terrorist group, jailed and put away for life. The more we let these terrorists have access to our courts, the more resources they will take up.

    1. Carl Parsons says:

      Furthermore, by freezing thier assets, and the assets of their membership, we could use their money to pay down on the deficit. A win-win.

    2. LTCB says:

      I would have to agree. They’re seriously more of a “terrorist group” then are Christians or conservatives but, both are labled by DHS as “terrorists”. How about we start calling the real terrorists by their name, “TERRORIST”?

  7. Rick Gamache says:

    This was less about saving whales are more about setting precedent. Making use of a high-functioning mammal, Peta felt it could get support for their side. It goes like this; First a whale, then horses, then dogs, cats, etc. Before you know it, we have publicly payed universal healthcare for all domesticated animals.

    That said,I’m boycotting PETA until they stop their discriminative practices and hire a dog as their CEO.

    1. Momofthree says:

      Ummm, orcas are dolphins NOT whales. I think everyone here needs to do research and stop listening to what the lame stream medi areports!

      1. Casper says:


      2. Jay says:

        Ummm, actually, dolphins are a subcategory of a subcategory of a whale. This makes all dolphins whales. Maybe YOU should do some research.

  8. tiernanlaw says:

    The whales are PROPERTY, if the owners want to make burgers out of them they have a right to do so.

    Ergo, leftist nuts like you should either BUY the whales with YOUR money and do with them as you wish, or shut the H*ll up!

    1. Dave E. Dew says:

      Hello, fellow libertarian (at least, your response is very libertarian. He who owns it, controls it. )

  9. dn says:

    So if this would have stood then wouldn’t PETA need to be tried for genocide and crimes aganst humanity? They are the ones that always push for the mandatory sterilization of dogs and cats. Using this logic then the dog or cat would have to give consent before they could be spay or neutered.

    1. Erick Blair says:

      Pretty funny. But the People Eating Tasty Animals will be annoyed.

    2. Phil-351 says:

      It’s also called ‘Eugenics’, and being pushed by the UN and some very wealthy American liberals, like Ted Turner under the cover of over-population control.

      1. Hazmat77 says:

        Turner is a typical cattleman … he just wants to improve the breed.

    3. Hazmat77 says:

      Not only is your logic spot (no pun intended) on, but how did PETA discover that the Five Whale plaintiffs were being held against their will?

      PETA is a frivolous organization and they prove it with frivolous law suits … Time for the IRS to revoke their charitable status.

      1. Michael Baram says:

        “but how did PETA discover that the Five Whale plaintiffs were being held against their will? ”

        Seems one of the orcas managed to smuggle a note out between two license plates. At least that’s what Flipper told me.

  10. Pandora1998 says:

    They don’t seem to think they are prisoners, slaves, involuntary servants, or that their constitutional rights are being violated. They don’t seem to be staging a coup or trying to break out of Sea World to pursue their own hopes and dreams of a more natural, free life.


    1. Roger Dowd says:

      But, but… they have no Spartacus to lead them out of bondage!

      1. Fred Zarguna says:

        [I am Spartacus]

        [NO, I am Spartacus]

      2. mogar says:


  11. Not Sure says:

    Carl Parsons got it right. Well done sir.

  12. Factchecker says:

    Ridiculous waste of time – 60s hippies still trying to save the whales….get a life.

    1. whodat1 says:

      Save The Whales – Collect the entire set!

  13. Free Willy says:

    People Eating Tasty Animals

  14. jimmy coomer says:

    Kill the unborn babies and save the whales and sea cows. What a bunch of sickos.

  15. 7train1 says:

    Hi Midge! Remember, you cant hug your children with nuclear arms!!!!! Did you accidentally make yourself high; poking yourself with a needle while darning your hemp socks?

    1. Jim says:

      Does your mommy think you’re funny?

      1. lipreader says:

        Your mommy starts giggling as soon as she hears the zipper

  16. exbobbie says:

    Thank God this took place in San Diego and not San Francisco, those loony toon morons would have ruled in favor of PETA. This is another example of why many of us in Southern California want to split the State into Northern CA and Southeastern CA, the split starting at Los Angeles and up, you see,the majority of sane conservative people live to the East and South of LA. Not all of California and Californians are whacked out loony lefties.

    1. Hazmat77 says:

      Why not just petition to give San Diego County to Mexico?

  17. Libertarian Bass says:

    Sad part of all this is Peta has wasted Seaworld’s money. Seaworld uses that money, in part, to help wildlife. Seaworld has done more to help whales, wildlife and conservation than Peta ever has or will. Just Google ‘Peta kills dogs’. Just as typical libs believe abortion is somehow a humane form of birth control, Peta believes killing tens of thousands of dogs is somehow ‘The Ethical Treatment of Animals’. A crock of typical convoluted left-think, which is equivalent to a crock of something else…

  18. ILikeRush says:

    This should have never made it to court. This is one of the things in this country that is broken.

  19. John Clark says:

    This story is incomplete without details of the lawyer’s billable hours and fees. After all, we who donate to PETA do not wish to see our dollars go out the back door of the charity and into the back pockets of lawyers.

  20. Bob A says:

    Our country would be much better off if we deported all PETA members. Its time to track down these fringe radicals and start protesting in front of their houses.

  21. StevePA says:

    So if whales are slaves, then what are unborn babies? This group makes me sick. They don’t give two hoots about these animals. They demand everyone else follow their ridiculous demands while the same guidelines don’t apply to them. They are a bunch of selfish, disgruntled, angry and bitter people who just want to pass their misery on to everyone else. The whales in Sea World are far happier than any of these PETA whackos are, and they are free!

  22. LOBSTERMAN says:

    I don’t care what the PETA strategy is, here, nor do I care. The fact is this is nothing more than a gross example of a frivolous lawsuit. It not only wastes valuable time and finacial resources, but mocks our nation and it’s system of laws.

    With our nation drowning in debt and huge problems, the last thing the people need is such trivial and.s wasteful nonsense! What should follow is a punitive financial ruling against PETA that would serve as a message to it and others who engage in such frivolity.

  23. Charles says:

    What I find sad is that PETA isn’t trying to demonstrate how smart some animals can be, they’re just showing how stupid some humans can be.

  24. NYCwhalelover says:

    These whales are treated like slaves and should be freed.

    1. Momofthree says:

      Theyare not even whales. Orcas are dolphins. Understand this beore you jump on a bandwagon you know nothing about!

    2. Casper says:

      Not what the judge said.

  25. Bubba Johnson says:

    ANd who picks up the tab for this nonsense? Can you say “Taxpayers”? Sure you can.

  26. OklahomaBound says:

    I could use some whale oil for my lamps so I’m prepared for Obama’s “necessarily skyrocketing electricity rates.”

    1. Fred Zarguna says:

      The decaying plant matter used to make coal comes from “pre-enslaved stationary life forms.” Thank The One, or you’d be hearing from PETAL (People for the Ethical Treatment of All Life) very soon.

  27. Momofthree says:

    Orcas are not whales! They are dolphins. Boy we have a bunch of intelligent PETA morons and judges. Kind of like how everyone calls the USA a democracy when we are a Republic ( thank Goodness our founding fathers were intelligent enough to do that).

  28. The Grump says:

    Another activist Judge in action!

    1. exbobbie says:

      Why?, because he ruled against against a bunch of stupid people and their frivolous law suit, this Judge did the right thing, wish there were more like him.

  29. MDWhite says:

    Wow. Now it’s official. SAVE THE WHALES ! COLLECT THE WHOLE SET !

  30. Steve Adams says:

    It took TWO DAYS for the judge to dismiss the lawsuit?

    What is wrong with this picture???

    1. Casper says:

      Took too long.

    2. whodat1 says:

      Well, it takes a day to get whale meat shipped from Japan. Then you have to find a recipe and fire up the grill. I mean, you don’t want the judge to rule on this unwittingly, do you?

  31. Dave says:

    This is why I ignore PETA. If you want animals treated humanely but aren’t a nut-job…. give to the ASPCA.. these folks get the job done and don’t wear tin foil hats

  32. Dave says:

    Save the whales but kill all unwanted babies… amazing isn’t it.. we have shelters and rescues for dogs, cats etc when they are no longer wanted but human babies that are unwanted… they get murdered in the womb and now, under this vile President, I have to pay for it too

    oh yeah… a woman has right to kill the innocent human life she carries but if she kills a dog or bagful of puppies… she goes to jail or pays a fine

  33. beachjmpr says:

    What do you xpect when you have cASS Sunstein promoting the idea that anilams should be able to sue people.

  34. Joe Bidenn says:

    I am going to start a new food stand. I will call it EAT A PITA!

  35. beachjmpr says:

    What do you expect when cASS Sunstein is promoting animals being able to sue people in court.
    This is one of Obama’s czars.

  36. localsavage says:

    Because the 1% in Mexico does not want San Diegans moving there buying property and improving their country. They would rather live in seclusion on their ranches away from the slums of Tijuana and Ensenada etc.

  37. ForAmerica says:

    It’s not over yet. Notice the article said ““As ‘slavery’ and ‘involuntary servitude’ are uniquely human activities, as those terms have been historically and contemporaneously applied, there is simply no basis to construe the Thirteenth Amendment as applying to non-humans,” Miller wrote in his ruling.” Just like so many things, just because historically a word meant one thing, I can guarantee you someone in PETA will work to have the definitions of these words changed, then it can be brought before the court again. This is the way it works. The group will bring this up again and again until they find a judge who will agree. That is the current American way. Common sense and logic are not used. Rather the loudest and the longest voice wins.

  38. Joe Dutra says:

    I once had an ant farm. Was I a slave plantation owner?

    1. Dave Turner says:

      Were they black ants or red ants?

      1. lol says:

        must not have read that story

    2. Fred Zarguna says:

      Yes, you were. And in about a trillion years the creatures who evolve from ants will be back to sort you out. Start saving now, because the way our legal system is going, you’ll need some cash when the time comes.

  39. WilliamPenn says:

    Membership in PETA requires medical certification of brain damage.

  40. Bart_man says:

    The crazy thing is, in the modern US of A this could probably have gone either way. Probably woud’ve gone in the whale’s favour in San Fran…..

  41. ClearyJ says:

    God I wish we had a loser pays system. Because after Obama, there’s not a bigger bunch of losers than PETA. Well – OK – Pelosi is an even bigger loser than Obama, but that’s it. No… wait a minute… I forgot – Holder. We can’t leave him out since he’s not as bad as Pelosi, but quite a bit worse than Obama. I don’t know – maybe we could just feed the lot of them to the whales. No… that would be cruelty to animals. Darn it – what can we do with the losers? I’m open to suggestions.

  42. The Final Word says:

    As an attorney, I would like to know who are the “legal experts” who say that the suit “opened an interesting debate about the expansion of animal rights.” No frivolous lawsuit presents an “interesting debate.” PETA should be required to pay all attorney’s fees associated with Sea World’s defense of the case. Then we might eventually see an end to this abuse of the judicial system.

    1. Fred Zarguna says:

      As a person with common sense, I would like to know how attorneys allowed our legal system to get to the point where this judge — and dozens of others in cases brought by PETA — did not find this entire organization in indirect contempt of his court.

      It’s time for judges to stop tolerating this kind of nonsense. They have the means at their disposal to deal with abuse of process and they need to do so.

  43. Paul J Francis Jr says:

    Damn, I was raised on a farm where we ate our animals that didn’t perform a specific task. Good thing the whales have a specific task.

    1. Fred Zarguna says:

      That’s funny. I was also raised on a farm, and my mother often said to me, “It’s a good thing we need you around here in the summers…”

  44. For the sport of it says:

    I’m for hunting PETA members with dogs, who’s with me? Tally Ho!.

    1. Fred Zarguna says:

      That’s Enslaved Human Companions, chum.

      [Remember you have to dress and eat what you shoot.]

    2. "That Guy" says:

      Mmmm, long pig.

  45. DirtyDave777 says:

    Now fine PETA a few million dollars for wasting the courts time.

    1. Fred Zarguna says:

      Now fine PETA hundreds of millions of dollars for wasting EVERYBODY’S’ time on a routine basis.

  46. gimme a break! says:

    i am a member of PETA: People Eating Tasty Animals

  47. Fred Zarguna says:

    Here’s the real headline:

    Federal Judge West of the Sierra’s Actually Shows Common Sense in Ruling.

    But fear not. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals will no doubt soon weigh in…

    1. whodat1 says:

      Don’t you mean the Ninth Circus Court?

  48. Freeland Dave says:

    PETA, isn’t that the flat bread stuff you can stuff meat into and eat it? I wonder if they would use the same meat that troubled Jonah so much?

    I did like the comment that the lawsuit would be a waste of the Court’s time. But I would like to add that PETA is a total waste of everyone’s time.

  49. laffin'atcha says:

    “PETA attorney Jeffrey Kerr says his organization does not plan to give up the fight to protect the orcas, but he did not specify the next action.”

    As it appears they have WAY too much time on their hands, I’d suggest a circle jerk for the male members and a brain search for ALL members.

  50. J Wilkes says:

    Judge Miller……send a message to these frivolous attornies and
    organizations like PETA.

    They are responsible for court costs and defense cost of Seaworld.

    There is no free lunch….when you can be dragged thru the legal system
    and not have such groups pay the price.

  51. MJ says:

    I used to work with a guy who is married to the Comptroller for PETA. This poor PW SOB would wait until his wife left town to feed their dogs REAL dog food! And she always seemed to find out about it when she returned from her lavish junkets all over the world. Then this ex-Navy Nuc would catch hell! Refer back to PW. He came into work one day all stressed out and concerned that his wife might get naked and actually join in one of PETA’s demonstrations near their Norfolk HQ’s location. I told him that if there was a guy dressed as a kangaroo there, video camera in hand, well, that would be me! He refused to give me any more details…………these people are recognized as fools even on their own turf!

  52. steve says:

    “Legal experts say it opened an interesting debate about the expansion of animal rights.” Interesting? Really? Why?

  53. Hetch Hetchy says:

    Free the whales! PETA is right on this one.

  54. Tang says:

    Here is my take on PETA’s thinking. Blacks in the 1800’s were captured “in the wild” and were later deemed to have been slaves. So PETA says – look the same applies to whales.

    If I were a black, I would be outraged.

  55. Garry says:

    The moron judge that listened to 2 days worth of arguments should be removed from the bench.

  56. Mike says:

    Guess I shouldn’t make those 3 whales I captured pull my boat around anymore.

  57. Buck O'Fama says:

    Save the Whales, collect the whole set.

  58. mogar says:

    Wow am I glad they cleared that up for me.

  59. Jimmy not THAT jimmy says:

    It will be overturned by the ninth circuit on appeal

  60. Velvealta says:

    The only thing more useless than PETA is the UN.

  61. Matt says:

    I’m a member of PETA, People Eating Tastey Animals!!! As a lifelong hunter I feel there is a place for all Gods creatures, right next to the potatoes and gravey!!! Go eat some grass and hug a tree liberals idiots!!!

  62. Douglas Lynn says:

    Liberals get almost everything wrong. They believe 51% of a legislature or a judge can decide to make veritable slaves out of other humans for purposes of wealth redistribution, but 95% of us are wrong if we consider ourselves owners of the animals in our care. Liberals believe they have a right murder unborn children, but once they are born, it is child abuse to spank them.

  63. Tyrone Jubal says:

    I would love to see you insensitive morons locked in a cage on Zeta Reticuli unable to communicate to the locals who came to see you in a zoo that you were an intelligent being that wanted and deserved to be free. There is a very good chance this is how these orcas feel about their situation. I certainly would not just laugh off this PETA challenge in spite of some of their more ridiculous claims.

  64. tazman says:

    I perfer my verson of PETA better People Eating Tasty Animals

  65. Jasonn says:

    Good to see a lucid decision from the federal bench for a change!

    BTW – PETA is more violently opposed to fur than leather because it’s safer to harass rich women than it is motorcycle gangs.

    1. whodat1 says:

      BTW – PETA is more violently opposed to fur than leather because it’s safer to harass rich women than it is motorcycle gangs.

      +1 on this!!!

      1. Vitor says:

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  66. Socialist Pig says:

    First, we should grant constitutional rights to apes. Oh, wait….

  67. iExhalePoison says:

    I never got the whole PETA thing. They are called “People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.” I think it should be PFTETOA; pronounced ff-teh-toe-ah (the ‘p’ is silent).

  68. WatchinAndLaffin says:

    Once the whales were set free, Al Sharpton and the usual cast of clowns would have demanded 40 acres and a mule for reparations! What’s PETA’s stand on the rights of the mules?

  69. nobama says:

    They may not be slaves, but they ARE delicious!

  70. Finbar says:

    Isn’t jumping the shark also a form of animal cruelty? PETA = GUILTY!

  71. Dave says:

    I am going to McDonald’s and free a fish filet today!!

  72. Dave E. Dew says:

    How does PETA know the whales are there involuntarily? Did the whales say that? If not, then we should assume the whales are there of their own free will.
    (Special thanks to my monkey slave, who is taking down my dictation and typing this).

  73. jschultz says:

    In the article, it says that PETA is suing because the whales are “being held against their will”. My question is how does PETA know this? Did they depose, i.e. ask them?

  74. sharp_pain says:

    Every time PETA makes headlines, I go rabbit hunting.

  75. GozieBoy says:

    Despite this ruling, I would never ever have Michael Moore, Oprah, Rosie, Whoopie, Moochelle, Rosanne or John Goodman as my slaves…

  76. bo1921 says:

    The truth of the matter is this – peta and their ilk want to make the human race slave to BIG GOVERNMENT – preferably BIG WORLD GOVERNMENT, controlling our lives, telling us what to eat, what to think, how to live under their conception of living. The real slave masters are LEFTISTS. Fascism comes from the left. That’s the truth.

  77. Lucky says:

    SAVE THE WHALES! Collect the entire set.

  78. Owen says:

    PETA is a joke. I remember when they were trying to stop fishing because the fish were in pain. I’m all for chopping up a PETA member and using them for chum.

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