CBS Radio Personalities Talk About Their Great Pets

CBS Radio stations Play 98.7, WiLD 94.1, 92.5 MAXIMA, Q105, and 99.5 WQYK are all proud to be involved in this year’s Pet-A-Palooza March 11, 2012 at Coachman Park in Clearwater! Tickets are on sale now!

Many of our CBS air personalities are proud owners of adopted pets and wanted to share their stories:

bailey Our Adopted PetsV-Girl from 99.5 WQYK:

Bailey is our American Bulldog. She’s a year and five months old. Growing up, our family never had a dog because of allergies. So, as an adult, I’ve wanted to have a dog for a long time! I always pictured myself with a smaller-sized dog… maybe a terrier… nothing too big. On Saturdays, I would visit the rescue groups outside of PetSmart looking for that perfect pup to give a home to. I loved searching through all the cute faces on

However, through a twist of fate, Bailey came into our lives in a way I didn’t expect. She was a leftover of a litter born at a farm. A friend of ours was looking for a good home for this little “leftover” they simply dubbed “Big Mac.” We met “Big Mac” for the first time at a family get-together and knew there was something different about her. She was so incredibly lovable and had the most expressive eyes!

After conversations about whether or not we could accommodate time and space for a bigger-sized dog than we planned for, Rob and I decided that she had already stolen our hearts. We took “Big Mac” in, and renamed her Bailey. (Yes, after the Irish Cream. LOL) It was the best decision ever. She is as sweet and lovable as we knew she’d be.

When I sit in front of the TV, she leans into me to cuddle. When I’m taking a nap, Bailey likes to do “drive-by lickings” to gently wake me up to play. She hates the vacuum! I swear, she gives the thing dirty looks! But, she LOVES people and other dogs. I can’t imagine our lives without that adorable, drooling face.

While we didn’t adopt Bailey at a shelter, we are so happy that we were able to give a dog who needed a home a place to live.

432136 162694997179088 100003157666915 232508 1075955550 n Our Adopted PetsJessica Reyes from 92.5 MAXIMA:

Meet “Lucky” I found her a month before I moved to Tampa roaming our parking lot. She was so friendly and cuddly I couldn’t imagine leaving her there and coming back the next day to find her hit by a car so I took her home. We posted her info for weeks on craigslist ect in case someone had lost this precious little gift I had come upon and NADA,ZIP ZERO. I know how over populated the SPCA already is and what her fate would be so I kept her and named her “Lucky” because that’s exactly how I feel about having her in my life. She has so much personality. She actually acts like a dog to be honest. Give a pet a chance to live today by adopting. They are desperate to find a loving family and the SPCA is packed. Contact yours today!

Aquí les presento “Lucky” la encontre un mes antes de mudarme a Tampa mientras rondaba nuestro estacionamiento. Esta gatita es tan dulce y cariñosa que no tuve el valor de abandonarla. Solo pensar en que un auto la atropellara me llenaba de tristeza y por eso la monte en mi auto y me la lleve a casita. Después de varias semanas buscando su dueño atravez de Craiglist y SPCA nada ni nadie aparecio para reclamarla. Yo sabiendo el gran problema que sufre el SPCA por tantos animales abandonados decidi quedarme con ella y bautizarla como “Suerte” o “Lucky” ya que asi es como me siento por tener a esta juguetona que llena mis dias y noches de felicidad.

dsc 00301 Our Adopted PetsKevin Ebel from 99.5 WQYK
He is a Lab Mix
Name: Indy
Adopted from: Hillsborough County Animal Services
We (Kevin and his wife, Jenny) searched over a weekend
We’ve had him 1 year
He is a medium sized dog, he got along with the other dogs in the shelter and when got to play with him at the shelter we knew he was the right dog for us.


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