TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) — A new poll taken among likely Florida Republican voters shows former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney heading into Tuesday’s presidential preference primary in the Sunshine State with a 14-point lead over former House Speaker Newt Gingrich.

The Quinnipiac University Polling Institute survey conducted Friday through Sunday among 539 likely GOP voters in Florida had Romney favored by 43 percent of the respondents compared to 29 percent who preferred Gingrich. The poll, which has a margin of error of plus or minus 4.2 percentage points, showed U.S. Rep. Ron Paul and former Pennsylvania U.S. Sen. Rick Santorum each at 11 percent.

Romney also was favored by a 40-31 margin over Gingrich among self-described conservatives.

Romney built on a lead of 9 percentage points over Gingrich in a Quinnipiac poll released on Friday.


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  1. Paul Garbutt says:

    I’m 50 yrs old, married, 1 daughter, grand daughter and another grand child on the way. I have NEVER been so concerned over an election in my life time until NOW! I’m not very knowledgable on politics, this is just why I have chosen my candidate.

    I have watched nearly all debates, have researched and read up as much as I can on all candidates. For me I need to see a person’s facial expressions, body language and watch their eyes as they speak to the audience. Through out the debates, town halls and various speeches, I have noticed most all candidates have taken bits and pieces, political stances, and answers to questions from just ONE MAN, Newt Gingrich.

    Mr. Speaker is my choice because of many reasons. For he is a man that speaks with depth, experience and true conviction. All others sound like they’re reading from some pre-written political pamphlet! To me, the POTUS is a job, and that job requires skills, experience, maturity, knowledge, character, honor, moral courage, righteousness, patriotism and sacrifice. As I read about Newt, he demonstrates the willingness to fight for promises made. His personal life is no concern to me. His company’s work with Freddie Mac is also no concern to me, its capitalism. His ethics charges while working as speaker were all found without merit and dropped. Anyone on the fence about Newt I would suggest reading several articles in the December 1998 issue of TIME magazine and others. Personally, I want someone as POTUS who is experienced in Washington D.C. and who clearly understands the workings within Washington. We’re at a time in America that can not afford to place someone of NO experience in DC. Newt is clearly a SME (Subject Matter Expert), and no other candidate exudes his knowledge, experience and sincerity. My candidate must be able to address the House and Senate to bring them together and solve our nation’s problems quickly. We have no time for a learning curve. We have no time for the Washington establishment to play games and totally overwhelm an inexperienced candidate. My candidate must have experience working to cut costs, balance budgets, allow businesses to grow and thus get America working again. My candidate must be able to speak clearly and with truths to America. He must be able to rally people to a common cause. I personally believe that part of America’s economy problems stems from the lack of trust businesses have on our government and president. My president must get businesses back into trusting government. When a man fights for a righteous cause, he tends to be out front and a target for many. My president must not be for business as usual as it pertains to the wheelings and dealings within Washington. He must fight for a national movement for reducing the scope and intrusiveness of the federal government, holding government accountable and changing at a fundamental level the way the federal government does business and interacts with citizens.

    Also important to me is how my candidate will act and speak to foreign dignitaries and government officials. He must be a leader and represent America strongly! I want a smart and knowledgable president to represent America.

    Newt has demonstrated his commitment to America with Our 21st Century Contract With America. What other candidate is willing to call their platform a contract? I trust Mr. Gingrich, and I trust him with my grandchildrens future.

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