By Barbara Ann Kelley,
monica culpepper1 Housewife Monica Culpepper Is Determinded To Survive CBS’s Survivor

Tampa Housewife Monica Culpepper joins the cast on this season's Survivor.(Photo Credit:

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (CBS Tampa) – Monica Culpepper, Tampa housewife and mother of three, will be taking her survival skills as a parent and wife to the small screen on the new season of the CBS TV show Survivor: One World.

In a news release the 41-year-old Culpepper says she believes she will survive on Survivor because “I’m like a chameleon, I can get along with all kinds of people. Culpepper adds she’s ” great at multitasking and am able to process and calculate clearly under stress.”

In “Survivor: One World,” the two competing tribes (men vs. women) will share the same beach. Tribes will have to decide whether to share their resources with each other or leave the opposing tribe to fend for themselves. Last man or woman standing wins one million dollars.

Culpepper’s husband Brad is no stranger to TV either. He played pro-football for nine years with the Minnesota Vikings (1992-93), Bucs (1994-99) and Chicago Bears (2000). Brad has been seen most recently on local television in commercials for his Culpepper Kurland law firm.

The twenty-fourth installment of the Emmy Award-winning reality series, SURVIVOR: ONE WORLD starts 8 p.m. Wednesday, February 15.

Meet Monica on survivor (video).

CBS promo for new season of SURVIVOR: ONE WORLD

Comments (2)
  1. Gerry says:

    That is one hot mama!! I hope she wins!!

  2. Mb says:

    “Determinded”? Really? CBS should be embarrassed.

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