MIAMI (CBS Tampa) – An Army veteran who has lived the last 20 years of his life in a wheelchair had his car stolen with his prosthetic legs and wheelchair mount inside the car.

Armando Fontaine, 71, lost his legs about 20 years ago due to an infection, rendering him to full-time use of his wheelchair in order to get around. On Monday night, his 1996 Nissan Sentra, which was parked right outside his Miami home, was stolen. But the stolen car is even more devastating for Fontaine as his prosthetic legs and wheelchair mount were inside the car, making it impossible for him to leave his home

“We parked the car at night,” Fontaine told CBS Tampa. “When my wife woke up, the car had disappeared.

“Now, I have to pray they can find that car.”

Blind in one eye, Fontaine is taken to the hospital every week for treatment by his wife, Marta. Fontaine said that with his condition, he can’t afford to miss hospital appointments.

Additional information on the case has yet to be made available by Miami-Dade Police.

While the Fontaines remain hopeful that the car will be returned, the wait is unbearable.

“I am frightened,” the Army veteran said. “They need to find that car. I need it very badly because I cannot move.”

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  1. Midge Martien says:

    There is no cure for degenerates other than the permanent removal from society.

    1. Rev Right says:

      But Obama needs those votes.

      1. matt2717 says:

        Great! Thanks. I needed a good laugh.

      2. carl says:

        eric holder will make sure that the thief is treated kindly and released.

  2. Predator says:

    When they find that thief, someone needs to rip his lungs out and stuff them up his nose with a sharp stick.

    1. Snarky Malarkey says:

      Better: A dull stick…

  3. PowerPC says:

    Unfortunately I do not hold out much hope that this man will get his car and other items back. It was obviously taken by a psychopath with no empathy at all for his victims. How hard would it have been to drop the items off somewhere and called the man and told him where he could pick up his prosthetic and wheelchair. What a pathetic society we live in.

  4. John M says:

    If that thief is caught and the prosecutor does not try to convict him or her for mayhem, then I agree we live in pathetic society. On the other hand, if the thief is found dead by any cause in the car along with the prostheses and wheelchair/mount, then I propose there is hope for society.

  5. Buck O'Fama says:

    Would the writer of this story please try to set up a fund for this person through the paper that we can help this Vet out. I would also like to start up a fund for a wood chipper to feed the the thief through….feet first and with 2 plug wires pulled off.

    1. John says:

      Posted on Great to hear from you. Our creative gncaey Evolved Digital ( know all the secrets and I am sure they’ll be happy to give you some quick guidance if you need any

  6. Phillep Harding says:

    How often do we hear “Thieves only want property, just let them take what they want. Property can be replaced…” ?

    1. Lazybum says:

      Give the thief precious metals- copper covered lead.

  7. Cheryl says:

    We have to kill the entitlement mentality. It’s destroying us.

    1. Big Bear says:

      Thieves need only one thing: A mass grave.

  8. geronimo says:

    This hideous crime is the equivalent of what Obama is doing to the country.

  9. Jim says:

    What a despicable act for a thief to commit. Vet should contact local Veterans service for help with his transportation for docs visits. Surely someone can help him.

  10. Andrea says:

    Absolutely despicable – I work at a company where we fit/fabricate prosthetic limbs for amputees, including many veterans. This gentleman should contact his local VA to have his wheelchair and legs replaced immediately. Even Medicare replaces these items if stolen. A police report is required. I wish Mr. Fontaine the best in getting back to achieving mobility and thank him for his service. Lastly, the picture they chose to accompany the article must be from 30 years ago – prosthetic limbs and the technology has come along so much further than what is represented there.

  11. lag says:

    Never underestimate the human animal’s capacity for evil. The thief ir thieves should be beaten with Mr. Fontaine’s artificail limb.

  12. Jessica Nasib says:

    Hello Everyone,

    I thank you so much for your concern. I am Armando’s eldest granddaughter and I thank you all for your warm wishes and thoughtfulness.

    The V.A. has indeed reached out and promised to replace the items in the car. They also offered free transportation to and from the hospital until April, which gives us time to get my grandparents a decent vehicle. Moreover, thanks to donations that are being made by the public, we are collecting enough so that this nightmare can end quickly for my grandfather.

    I cannot express how thankful I am that there is MORE GOOD than EVIL in this world. Otherwise, we would all be lost. Not only is my family blessed to have only lost materialistic items and not each other, but we are blessed with all the warmth and kindness we have received from strangers.

    Thank you all!


    Jess Nasib

  13. walter12 says:

    What do you expect nowadays, it is Tampa? The number of lowlife from all the races, is incredible now in Tampa. I bet the thief cannot read English.

  14. bubbles says:

    If you really want to find out how pathetic this country is becoming read Victor David Hanson’s essay in NRO :

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