DEBARY, Fla. (CBS Tampa) — Volusia County authorities say a homeless man used a stolen credit card to get himself a pedicure.

Jonah Lee Troutman, 27, was arrested last Saturday and charged with illegal use of a credit card and petty theft.

According to a police report obtained by CBS Tampa, Troutman went to Nancy’s Nails after he found a credit card lying on the ground.

When he went to pay for the pedicure he just received, the credit card declined the transaction.

When police arrived at the scene, Troutman informed them that he found the card lying near the road and that “finding it was a blessing from god,” the report stated.

Troutman is currently being held at Volusia County Corrections.

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  1. couch says:

    Not to be insensitive or something; but, 27 years old and homeless … if the government through Dept Human Services help this guy, money comes out of taxpayers’ pockets. Else, if he’s “blessed” with a credit card or commit a burglary / robbery, taxpayers end up paying for him too in the form of cost to keep him in prison. Poor taxpayers … one way or the other, we’re footing his bills no matter what happens to him.

    1. USArmyCombatMedic says:

      Until this man enlists or attempts to enlist in the military, I say let him starve. If a person doesn’t want to work, fine by me. But I have no compassion for people like that. If he is qualified, and simply cannot find a job, that would be different. Or if he is mentally handicapped – not ADD, not mild autism – type of handicap; I mean if he has severe Down syndrome or something. In that case, I would be happy that he receives money from taxpayers. This guy is likely a lazy, dumb (but mostly because he doesn’t bother to apply himself), and selfish. If he cleans up and joins the military, he wont be hungry, he will have insurance, he will be paid, he will be clothed, he will be healthy (usually), and he will be doing something worth all of that!

      When (young) people ask me for change on the corner of the intersection, I hand them an Army brochure.

      Oh, and race has nothing to do with it. Inevitably someone will use a race argument.. and that is just downright sad.

      1. realbad says:

        i love how your so fast to make comments about “mild autism ” and “add” as if they are not afflictions that effect peoples children who are “usarmycombatmedics” in real life at a higher rate than any other group of people in the world.

      2. Jamie W. says:

        Oh my gosh, the military doesn’t want or need people like that. Let him go down to the Salvation Army or Goodwill for job training assistance – if he wants to change, they’ll help him out. But for heaven’s sake, don’t curse the noncom officers who’d have to deal with this guy. The military is not an adult babysitting service! (signed, wife and sister of noncom officers)

        Also, as the mom of a young man with mild-to-moderate autism, I have to say first that autism should also disqualify for military service (omg, that would be awful!), and second that if there is no family support structure for someone like that, their chances of being on the street are pretty high.

      3. wolfgang says:

        This person is perfect fodder for the Army. I live near an Army base and can say he is right up their alley.

      4. max says:

        You cant smoke weed in the ARmy and this guy is obviously an habitual toker. Plus, he can qualify for SSi disability if he stays on the street for a year or two.

      5. Rushgroove says:

        Excellent post, Medic!!

    2. JOe Dutra says:

      He isn’t homeless! He just did not want to give an address that police could search for additional stolen items.

      1. wpg420 says:

        Spot on!

    3. Reality Check says:

      I had to burst your “he should join the Army” bubble, but the Army is about to cut 47,000 troops. In case you haven’t heard, we’ve pulled out of Iraq. We don’t need as many soliders as we used to. In fact, businesses are being given incentives to hire returning vets.

      1. Pete Gaughenba says:

        Not to worry! Obama and the Congress have more wars planned for us. Gotta keep the troops and the military industrial complex at full employment!

    4. Mike says:

      This case begs for the Chain Gang there is nothing like hard work to build character even i=for the brain dead.

    5. robp says:

      Jonah Lee is no doubt on the government payroll and you can bet who he voted for in 2008 (whether he did it in person or if his party voted for him).

      Jonah Lee is one of the 51% of Americans (prox 160 Million) who pay ZERO/no/nothing/notta Federal Income tax into the system because they do nothing – they don’t work or contribute to society. Social parasites – contributing nothing and taking all they can.

      Jonah Lee’s life is funded by discriminated against – the MINORITY.. the 49% who work and pay taxes so the 51% can be free-loaders. You’re spot-on with who pays for Jonah – taxpayers (ie: the Minority – the opressed).

  2. JRay says:

    Being homeless and even being young and homeless is going to become more consistent in the coming years. Poorly educated, even with a HS diploma, lack of personal initiative being accepted in the culture, and not understanding the need to carry your own weight, along with the impact of drugs and who knows what else, are all having their affect. You wouldn’t want to be this guy.

    1. LaVonte d'Ashawn Jackson IV says:

      We could all be that guy if we made the poor choices in life he continues to make. See, read and ABSORB what US Combat Medic eloquently described in the post above yours. This idiot is no victim. He is classic liberal democrat bait.

      1. glenp says:

        GREAT NAME!!!!! I am going to coopt it!!

    2. JOe Dutra says:

      I reject what you say. If I were illegal, didn’t speak English, and didn’t have a high school education I could get a job tomorrow doing any number of manually intensive labors.

    3. RobP says:

      I work with homeless people on a daily basis. I have 3 men who are age 45-50 who I ‘mentor’ trying to help them get off the streets long-term.,

      JRay, you are 100% spot on with ‘young and homeless is going to become more consistent in the coming years’. BINGO!! The Saul Alinsky plan of this administration is kicking in big-time. 1 in 6 Americans (15%) officially (20% including ‘in the shadow’ – illegals, others churches, etc feed) are on food stamps; 50% of young black innner-city men are unemployed; 21% of Americans are unemployed (see also 20% on food stamps).

      Drugs is 80-90% of the problem that got them to the streets – directly, or indirectly. The mentally ill, etc. who land on the streets as a result of genetic/pre-existing issues need our help. Many of the ‘new’ street people were and can be totally coherent, successful, etc. Yet, some hit the streets sane and after an extened time living on the streets doing drugs, crazy sex, crimes, and non-normal behavior almost self-inflict themselves into mental illness, depression, hopelessness, etc.

      This administration WANTS to have the Majority of Americans dependent upon ‘the government’ for help (see also Sol Alinsky’s ideas/bHo’s policies). They have gained great turf with their objective: 1 in 5 for food, 1 in 5 for unemployment, ObamaCare on it’s way…..headed for most Americans dependent upon the Government for food, jobs, healthcare… and their well being. Lick crack addicts looking for their next fix, Americans will be depending upon ‘the savior’ – Washington – to supply the crack – and lots of it. That’s where we are. Sadly, it’s by design to distroy and disrupt to the point that our streets and country will be fiilled with Jonah Lees of or country – creating the ‘need’ for the needy – like Jonah – to come to Poppa (Washington) for their fix and expecting a vote in return.

  3. FOOBOY says:

    Stealing is stealing. None of this matters, You can’t steal to get “Blessings from God”

    1. JOe Dutra says:

      Thank you!

    2. MorganGray says:

      And besides… if you are homeless and you “find a blessing from God” in the form of a lost credit card, you go buy food and clothing, and maybe rent a motel room. You don’t go get a pedicure.
      He’s a thief. Period.
      He should be made to work off the debt he tried to inflict on the real owner of the credit card – in addition to jail time.

  4. Steve says:


    1. RobP says:

      Yes, Jonah is PERFECT for ‘OWS’ or Occupy material!

      If he has head or body lice (Portland) or tuberculosis (Atlanta) or deals crack (Boston) or likes to rape (many cities) or is a thief (many cities) or is an arsonist (many cities) or foregoes public restrooms and defecates on police cars or in bank lobbies… if Jonah has ANY of those qualities, he’s a shoe-in for OCCUPY. He already has the: unemployed, unmotivated, unfocused, social parasite, criminal, and clueless qualities standard at OCCUPY.

  5. bob says:

    A pedicure? bet this flake just wants to look FABULOUS whilst napping in a dumpster

    1. bill the carpenter says:

      And the pedicure will give him something nice to look at in the county slammer while he’s bent over that bunk

      1. name says:

        you are not a christian. you are a hypocrit. a cruel, judgmental, holier than thou prick. not at all what jesus had in mind. shame on you.

  6. Steve says:

    Just a little wealth redistribution. Nothing to see here.

  7. SandyfromChesterfield says:

    A blessing from God so he could get a pedicure just because he is entitled to it.

  8. Intimate Inmates says:

    Ironic, given that his new bunkmate considers Jonah Lee Troutman a ‘blessing’ of sorts…

  9. Ben Dover says:

    That’s God. Not god.

    Actually proofread your articles. Don’t just depend on spell check.

    1. Unbent says:

      No, god is correct.

      Capitalizing the word would reinforce the false impression that there is an actual person/place/thing with that name or title.

      Actually think about reality: don’t just depend on Pavlovian Conditioning and cultural norms when living your life.

      1. quitcherbytchin says:

        So, if I think you are a whining atheist who can’t accept anyone different from his/her glorious self, and refuse to believe in you, I can uncapitalize your name, unbent?

        Ding ding ding- your dinner bell is ringing!

      2. MorganGray says:

        Pascal’s gambit

  10. JOe Dutra says:

    All stolen goods are found by the side of the road. I had a TV stolen. The thief told the police he found it by the side of the road. Jasper Leroy Troutman is a liar and a thief.

  11. neednewpresident says:

    Media has not released info. Yet; but this is another of Obumblers relatives. Being of Noble heritage he wanted to look good when he went out drunk driving. Poor fella had to steal credit card, as his uncle Obama was to cheap to help him out.

    1. name says:

      you are a poster child for the electoral college.

  12. Sumatra says:

    The minimum wage law is a contributing factor here. Since teenagers cannot be hired (no one will pay $8 to someone only worth $4) they get no work experience or work ethic. They don’t get to learn what it’s like having a real job and actually earning money for doing something valuable to someone else.

  13. Leo Dupree says:

    God shouldn’t have given this man a stolen credit card for his pedicure.

  14. fred dean says:

    This guy is a nice person deep down. He is just confused, I want to see any of these posters down on their luck. Thee is no sympathy at all. You are all heartless.

    1. Pete Gaughenba says:

      And reeeeal deep down he’d be a great person. I’m thinking about six feet down.

  15. Rev J. Jackson says:

    All of you are just RACIST. Give the kid a break.

    1. RobP says:

      Yes, we are all racists. The child of 27 is a victim of this society. When truth fails, bring on the race-baiting. These people don’t know that Black is Beautiful!

      Thank you Reverend Jackson.. we shall overcome. Is this Jesse Senior or the angry Jessie Junior? Me and Reverend Big Al Notso are lookin’ for some good tickets to the Super Bowl again this year. Can you check with ole Charlie and see if he’s shaken some down yet? Last year’s tickets from Charlie were fine.

  16. Grumpy says:

    Pedicures on Demand should be a basic human right. Live, Liberty, and the pursuit of pretty toes!

  17. Robin says:

    I knew it before I even saw the photo.

  18. The Bobster says:

    Wow, he doesn’t look like the typical Metrosexual.

  19. dareisay says:

    I’d bet he’s an illegal! Have you noticed many news articles never mentiion a perp is illegal?

    1. name says:

      you are an idiot.

  20. Fredx says:

    You couldn’t pay me enough to touch his feet or even look at them. Or smell them. OMG I need to think about something else.

  21. Badchoices says:

    Homessness is nearly always the result of a series of bad choices in life. Look at his choices in the article. He “found” a credit card but immedicately used it illegally instead of trying to return it. He used it to get a luxury instead of a necesity. All bad choices.

    1. Poo Man says:

      if you’re trying to find a job, looking prim and proper is a necesity….

      1. Badchoices says:

        True, but going barefoot on a job interview is bad choice #543.

  22. Snarky Malarkey says:

    “Homeless Man Used Stolen Credit Card For Pedicure”

    He must have really sharpened that sucker…

  23. jo65 says:

    Homeless needs pedicure also.
    This article is perfect for foot fetishs. So sexy.

  24. sj says:

    So let me get this straight God has so little to do now that he is using divine intervention to ensure the homeless has pretty toenails? Makes perfect sense to me whats the problem here?

  25. glenp says:

    c’mon CRACK SALES have plummeted he needed to get his game on somehow!!!

  26. That Turkey is DONE says:

    Maybe the obama’s will hire him as their dirty fingernail czar. He’ll have a hard time finding new victims in the WH since it’s already crawling with theives.

  27. Red Zone says:

    You are all missing the point, feet heath is very important and this man needed a pedicure.

  28. Coppington says:

    I wonder if Madge the pedicurist dipped his toes in Palmolive before doing the dirty deed?

  29. Dude sounds mentally ill. So the social loss from this theft is the pedicure, wow, real news here today boys.

  30. Daniel Morgan says:

    I saw his toe nails……he needed the pedicure really bad. In Obama’s America, even the most humble of the people will have the right to receive a pedicure.

  31. Bap says:

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